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A Walk Around The Market [Open/Social]

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Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah laid on the ground and groans slightly as she held her eyes closed since her mask was off her face. She laid there with her arms and legs spread out, she had been really tired from all of her working lately but it was all very much worth it since hopefully soon she would be able to use the money she got to set off on her journey.

Though at the moment things were a bit dull since she could do nothing by stay n one place with her eyes closed until the guy she lived with was finished with her mask. So she did the first thing to come to mind, which was groan again but slightly louder. "Stop it..." A man said annoyed in the other room to her.

"But you're taking so long...." She said as she crossed her arms. "Look I may not be as good at cleaning off masks as some others but just be glad that I'm doing this for you since you're to scared to possibly see your reflection in the water." She narrowed her eyebrows in annoyance and sat up then.

"I'm not afraid..." She said in a frustrated tone as he walked in and grabbed her hand and placed the mask in it. "Whatever..." He grumbled as she put it back on and opened her eyes. "How did you get that thing so dirty already anyways...?" She looked off and shrugged. ".... You fell face first in dirt again didn't you...?"

He said with a straight face making her jump as he called her out. "I-I" She quickly got up and grabbed her staff and went for the door. "I'm going out for a while thank you for your help!" she said avoiding the question making his eyebrow twitch. "How does that girl manage to fall on her face so much....?"

Jumanah left the building and looked around, She should actually probably check out prices of food and caravan prices to see what would be best to take on her trip while she was out. She then nodded as if mentally agreeing with herself and made her way over to the market to check the prices of the food and supplies, she would go and check caravans later.

She walked over to a man selling some common foods who seemed a bit put off by her mask but clearly was getting a bit used to it since Jumunah had walked around this area plenty of times before now. She looked from the food to the seller and curiously asked. "How much are you goods sir?"


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