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Noir vs Blair

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1Noir vs Blair Empty Noir vs Blair on 29/03/16, 02:03 pm

Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola

Noir vs Blair Z8RI3iw
Enemy Name: Blair
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B-tier to borg, B-tier damage
Description: This gentle healer was raised in a family of gladiators and received constant ribbing from her older brothers about her gentle nature and kind heart. In secret, she began to train before secretly entering into a Coliseum match to prove to them they were wrong, that she could defend herself and even beat stronger men. This will be her first match revealed to her father and brothers after winning her past 4 matches under another name
Abilities: This life mage can move at 6m/s and fly at 5m/s. She carries a combination of a staff and spear, the spear capable of inflicting C-tier damage.

Jabbing Hit ~ Blair uses her spear to jab at an opponent at 15 m/s, inflicting B-tier damage.

Flower Construct ~ Blair uses her life magic to summon a two meter tall construct in the form of a large flower with teeth. The construct can move at 15m/s and inflicts B-tier damage with its teeth.

Ring of Roses ~ Blair uses her life magic to summon a ten meter wide field of flowers that inspires happy feelings and disorientation. This disorientation lasts for two posts, doubles reaction times and halves movement speeds.

Sweet Blossom ~ Blair encourages a vine to sprout at the feet of an opponent to grow at 20m/s. The vine wraps around the opponent and crushes them, inflicting A-tier damage.

Child Killer ~ Blair uses the bottom of her spear to come up at 15 m/s between an opponent’s legs, inflicting B-tier damage.

Noir and Haku was just finished fighting with Mardowlin and his beast, Koronoe as they were stepping out from the gate and were heading towards the barracks. On their way there, Noir noticed a woman with a dazzling golden lock was standing right beside the door to the barracks. The black haired girl could notice the spear on her hand but it didn’t look like that she used spear as her main weapon, white rukh was fluttering around the blonde girl and some of it had purple color hinted. However Noir gave her a respectful bow before she entered the barracks, knowing that there was no need to question or start conversation with the woman. Perhaps it is the time where she should not really rely on Haku for this fight, she wanted to fight alone for some battles so she could try to train herself with it. Her liger was already strong enough and his training session was already fulfilled by doing lots of coliseum match so it was her turn to do the battle. She wondered what kind of opponent that she might face or her next match, would it be another beast tamer coming up as her enemy? She didn’t really hope for that but if it was really another beast tamer, she knew she could handle it only by giving more effort for the battle.

Haku would lie down on the floor while letting Noir to sit beside him while doing another meditation, she liked how it was useful to calm herself and also to empty her mind. It was very useful if she wanted to get new idea for abilities; it made her focused to think about one certain thing. In her mind, she had an item that she got from the antique shop near Remano perfectly pictured there. The element that she knew from this scepter was using the formula of life magic, something that was similar like what Solomon had as his life magic. Life magic was the sixth type of eight magic types known commonly in the academy, it could be used to convert rukh and create life forms like the little green creature that she encountered near the marketplace of Magnostadt before. It could be used to detect other life forms and also to heal others, something that Noir think as a very powerful magic. She would then open her eyes and looked at her bracelet that Ari made for her before, something that contain the power of healing and she wondered if she could activate a similar and stronger healing ability in that scepter. It could be something that would be able to heal people but would be stronger that she had currently, she knew she was capable to do it at the moment judging from her development. In her head, she already had some kind of formula being structured due to her eidetic memory that allowed her to remember how Solomon used his rukh to create that beautiful dryad. Perhaps she could try it later at the fight…

WC: 509/1125 (using 25% reduction from profession perks)


Noir vs Blair GONhvwv

2Noir vs Blair Empty Re: Noir vs Blair on 30/03/16, 11:40 am

Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola
Noir’s opponent was someone that she saw before as the golden haired woman stepped into the arena through the gate while holding her spear tightly, the woman’s smile was graceful and she looked very fragile due to her innocent face. “Greetings, fellow fighter… How are you?” Blair bowed towards the black haired girl, showing her respect and kept showing her kind smile when the yellow magician tilted her head in confusion. “Never get respectful greetings like this in the battle?” She chuckled, her voice was angelic and her little laugh was soothing. If the black haired girl could say, this lady must be an angel disguising in human form since she never saw a woman like this before. Noir would shake her head and said, “Yes, I never receive it before, Miss Blair.” Then the said woman laughed again, amused by Noir’s innocent answer before she looked at the spectators seat and waved her hand to certain group of audience. The golden eyed girl could see a group of young men with an older man sitting there with pale face and surprised expression. Noir could only guess that perhaps this lady, her enemy, was not supposed to fight but she wanted to show her acquaintances that she was more than capable to handle a fight in the coliseum.

The ring finally rang, signaling start of the battle but neither one of the magician moved. Their eyes were locked to each other, observing each other and anticipating for something that each other might do. However it looked like that no one would want to take the first step so Noir casually walked towards the blonde haired woman, wanting to make sure she got the right maximum range between them right now. Blair smiled again and she used the chance to cast her magic, summoning ten meter wide field of flowers to give a disorientation effect for her opponent. Noir was right, this woman was a life magician, one who could control and construct nature. However the black haired girl already prepared her crystal key that was hanging on her neck to cast fifteen meters large crystal of ice to  trap the field of flowers as she knew the flowers would definitely do something. Right after that, Noir used her crystal key again to cast another ability, she would command the rukh to produce a web of ice formed before it would travel towards Blair to deal damage. The life magician was not slow as she would cast Flower construct, summoning a construct in the form of large flower with teeth to take the damage from the ice web.

When Noir was going to cast another spell, it seemed that Blair was quicker as suddenly a vine sprout at Noir’s feet before growing and wrapped around the black haired girl to crush her. Her borg was not activated at that time, she was too late to realize this and the moment she blinked, she could only feel pain all over her body. Luckily she was quick enough to protect herself by forming a fetal position to prevent the vine from crushing her to a pulp even though it did giving her a severe damage. Her helpless body was on the ground of the arena at the moment and she could see Blair was approaching her with the wand-spear in her grip. She needed to be quick, she needed to heal herself but the bracelet wouldn’t help her to be fully recovered instantly, so she need to find the way. Her Nature’s scepter was right inside her pocket and the moment Noir’s eyes became red, the scepter glowed before gathering the rukh to create a 5 meters ball of magoi and covered Noir’s body, healing her severe injuries instantly. But Blair quickened her pace towards Noir as she knew it was a powerful healing abilities and it would be bad if Noir managed to be healed, she was so close. The spear soon was used to jab at Noir’s stomach but this time, the other magician activated her borg and it cracked due to the jab but thankfully it was not shattered. “Fulmine Frusta…” Her wand was covered with a lightning, creating a whip and she used it to shatter Blair’s borg before casting another lightning, a crimson colored one and it would descend downwards towards the golden haired girl before knocking her out. Noir was glad that she already thought the formula to the healing ability she used before or she would be dead now… Once the emcee announced the black haired girl’s victory, the bunch of men who was watching at the audience seat was surprised and they ran towards the blonde woman before carefully bringing her to the medic. But Noir halted them and used her healing bracelet to heal the fellow magician, knowing that they wouldn’t be worry anymore if she was healed.

WC: 1322/1125 (using 25% reduction from profession perks)
Magoi : 125/300
Borg took B-tier damage

Ability Used:

By paying 15 magoi, the user can create a ten to fifteen meter large crystal of ice that moves at 20m/s within thirty meters of them. Anyone trapped inside will have three limbs frozen for four posts. Five Post Cooldown.

Name: Icy Finger of Death
Cost: 30|15
Element: Water
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description:Noir could produce a web of ice formed from water that will discharge in a 15 meters area within 30 meters at 20m/s and froze everything it touches in its path, dealing B-Tier damage if its hits.

Name: Fulmine Frusta
Tier: B
Cost: 30
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The user creates a lightning whip around it which is 15 meters long and 10 centimeters in diameter that can be moved at 30m/s to inflict B-Tier damage on impact when the target being hit by the lightning whip directly.

Name: Parafulmine
Tier: B-Tier
Cost: 30 | 15
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The caster will produce a 1 cm in diameter and 15 meters long lightning strike that descend downwards to the target up to 30 meters away at 20m/s inflicting B-Tier damage.

Heal All – By paying 30 magoi, the user summons a 5 meter sphere of magoi that travels at 20 m/s within 30 meters of the user, healing up to B-tier damage oer 3 posts.

Trained Ability:

Name: Soma
Tier: A-tier
Cost: 40|20
Element: Life
Class: Supplementary
Range: 40 meters
Cool-Down: 7 posts
Description:The user would create a 5m diameter ball of magoi that would travel at 25m/s up to 40 meters away to heal up to A-tier damage instantly at whoever it touches. Noir could freely control the ball of magoi’s direction.

Profession perk:

Eidetic Memory – By doing some training to enhance her sight and memory back, Noir is able to recall visual information in a great detail after only seeing it briefly that will help her in doing her research. This perks helps her to memorize other people's learning of the Rukh as well, allowing her ability training word count to be reduced by 25% for her Intelligence specialization.


Noir vs Blair GONhvwv

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