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What is Love?(Job/Solo)

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Job Name:Love Affair??
Job Rank:C-Tier
Job Location:Heliohapt
Job Rewards:100 XP, 7.000 Huang
Job Overview: An important member of society has requested you to follow their spouse because of rumors about the spouse having an affair. Find the truth about the love affair, but be careful as they are with some guards. Report the information, whether the affair is true or not, and be rewarded.

Enemy Name: Guards (3x)
Rank: C-tier
Needed damage to take down:C-tier
Description: All the guards have bulky body and tall height, around 190cm. They also wear a full body armor that are made of steel.
Abilities: Saber deal C-Tier damage
Parry : The guards deflects an attack that deals up to C-Tier damage at 10m/s
Pierce : Piercing his saber forward at 10m/s, the guards deals C-Tier damage
Stab : The guards stabs at his opponent at 10 m/s for C-Tier damage

Guards! Guard me!” was the first phrase Natalia heard as she recovered from the fall she had just endured. She slowly stood up as three tall men burst into the room and quickly surrounded her. “I don’t know who you think you are lady, but you got some nerve to enter Mister Bak’s quarters." “In my defense!” the imuchakk was quick to say in a bubbly tone as the men stared her down. “I am guilty of entering this guy’s quarters, but have you seen the notes this man writes to a certain individual? It is obvious that he wants someone to entering his quarters, or rather enter a bunch of other things if his writing is to be believed, to be honest there were a few words I didn't know.” The imuchakk would say fully aware of every detail the man’s messages actually meant.

As the guard began to close in, Natalia’s mind would review how she got herself into this situation.


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The commerce and chatter is a common sight in the country of Heliohaapt and today was no different. This ambient temperature was higher than usual, causing shimmers to dance in the air above one of the market places.It was in such a area that Natalia was enjoying the nap in the sun having found no better way to pass the time. Where most people would have find it hard to enjoy a brief respite directly under a blazing,years of living in the harsh desert climate outside the wall of Heliohapt has given her plenty of experience.

"Slow days are another part of life." the imuchakk thought to herself, as she began to yawn.At that moment, a gust of wind knocked over a stack of containers causing them to roll across the street.As the noise roused Natalia from her rest she witnessed the containers crashing towards a well dressed woman at suprisingly high speeds.Before she could say a word the containers collided with the woman directly causing her fall flat on her face.


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While the fall was trival, the worse possible injuries the unfortunate soul could have sustained being those to her pride,she stayed on the ground for a suprising amount of time long time.The common people of Heliohapt busy with their lives as they were,saw no need to help girl the seperate herself from the ground as,nobody seemed hurt and there was a skilled bard playing further away.Having nothing better to do, Natalia moved closer to the women until she was roughly two meters away and proceeded to sit and observe her as she had started to sob in a hushed matter.This continued for 30 minutes before the woman went silent.Intrigued by the situation Natalia decided to act, walking away from the scene before returning with a rough cast iron stick that she slowly moved closer and closer to the fallen girl's face eventually poking her with it.Not one to leave an inquistion half-way, Natalia poked the womans's face relentlessly causing her victim to stand up and and ask "What is wrong with you?" after the 83rd transgression.


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Not missing a beat, the imuchakk answered by saying "Well I didn't get to eat my favorite meal for lunch". Tossing the now useless stick to the side blonde girl would rise from her sitting position, readjusting her sight line as the irritated woman's head dipped slightly below eye level. Natalia would then say while skipping towards her "Anywho, I'm happy that your okay!" in an elated tone before decisively pulling for a firm hug.

"Mrmph!" would be all the sound the woman could make as Natalia's superior strength smothered her. Escaping after 20 seconds of struggling, the woman said in frustration "That's not wha- Who ar-why woul- how can you b-, I can't deal with this right now. Hello, thank you for your concerns. Don't come near me again. Goodbye."


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Natalia, satisfied with the amount of entertainment she got from annoying the woman, watched as her victim began to walk away. In order to end the encounter on a lighthearted tone, she yelled in a playful manner "Be careful! You might fall head over heels in love next time." The woman took a few more steps before before coming to a complete stop. The Imuchakk watched as the face that had shown clear signs of irritation slowly turned to reveal added streams of tears and mucus.

She then watched as the woman began to sprint away at max speed.Natalia had no time to give chase as the woman's footwear caught on her own loose clothing, causing her to fall with an audible thud.Her previous restraint shattered, the woman's continuous sobs were barely drowned out by the ambient noise of the town.

"... That was unexpected" Natalia said under her breath as she watched the event unfold, weary that her earlier behavior could come back to haunt her, the imuchakk walked over to the defeated woman.

Having listened to young citizen’s love troubles well into the evening, Natalia was planning a daring escape until she noticed the woman's demeanor change as she got to the heart of her woes.

Sniffling, she said "I don't what to do anymore. I thought Tunjai was the one for me you know. It really seemed like he cared about me as a person and not just about my body or status." Tears started to well up in the woman's eyes as she continued " I thought it was going so well and that he and I would commit to one another, b-but lately he has been avoiding me and spending time with other girls or in the red-light district (Using this term because I do not know the word for these types of areas in the earlier time periods), hell especially the red-light district even though I've dropped not so subtle signs I'm ready to give him all I am. I won't be able to handle the ... t-the heartache of another f-failed lo...*hic* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" bawling she continued " A-and in the time I take to visit him in his study he is always feverishly writing notes that he takes to these seedy places, my heart can't take this anymore.

Natalia, who had barely been paying enough attention to remember who the woman was talking about said “If you’re that bothered by it just hire someone to relay the contents of the notes” in a disinterested tone.… That’s not a bad idea. Okay you’re hired, do you prefer coins or bars.” The woman replied.

It’s been a pleasure but I mus-“ Natalia said before processing the woman words, slipping back into her natural way of speaking due to mental exhaustion. “I have no reason to accept, however I have no reason to refuse either, the extra money could be used to repair my attire as well.” The imuchakk thought as she recollected herself. “Ummmmm… Okay, I’ll do it. Oh and I prefer cactus juice!” Natalia said in the bubbly demeanor she had shown before. “Right… coins it is. Either way, let me tell you the details you’ll need to succeed … Actually before ,that do your best not to arouse suspicion. His father is constantly worried about his safety so there are a few guards around at all times."

Having successfully followed the woman’s instructions Natalia found located and infiltrated Tunjai’s study the next day. “This seems promising” the imuchakk thought having found a peculiarly placed manuscript as she rummaged through various parchments. The paper was titled My Desert Flower. “I have enough time to confirm the contents” Natalia thought as she began to read.

Having finished reading the document, Natalia was mildly exasperated by the piece. “The composition and penmanship are top notch, I had not thought it possible to write a romantic poem that is simultaneously raunchy, elegant, and personal. The author has most likely been refining this piece for some time." "I've come to understand the situation.” She thought to herself.

As the imuchakk was preparing to leave, she heard the clank of armor and faint speech-like sounds.She hurriedly climbed a support beam and carefully perched herself on the rafters in an attempt to hide. As a dark-haired man entered the room, she started to inch towards an exit.

I assure you, I will be fine alone in my study. Think logically about this, If my life was in serious danger I would be before we arrived here. You all have heard to many stories about Kou assassins. Nobody is hiding in the raft-

At that moment Natalia attempted a feat of dexterity she had no chance of pulling off and feel through the rafters, chest first, landing in the middle of Tunjai Bak and his guards.


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"Properly fighting may complicate future business. A small amount of force should be enough to allow me to say a few words to Bak." The Imuchakk noticed that while the guards considered her a threat, her fall from the rafters and frame gave no hints about her capabilities.

There was an awkward tension in the room as everyone stood still in silence. Eventually a single guard gestured towards Natalia. "Tell us who employed you then surrender yourself and you might enjoy a light sentence for your crimes".

"Hmmm... I dunno, she might yell at me if I tell you." The imuchakk would make an exaggerated gesture to feign contemplation and another one to show she had "just realized" she was trespassing.

"Please don't tell anyone I was here, Daddy always told me eats the bad girls when night falls. I read that guys letters so I already have what I need. Wait while I find the lady who hired me, she can tell you i'm a good person." Natalia said in the most clueless tone she could manage.

"Y-you were mentioning the contents of those?!" Bak exclaimed as his face flushed red with embarrassment.

Before he could collect himself, the guard who was the first to express hostility towards her yelled "I won't let you weasel your way out of this!" He then proceeded to Stab the right side of Natalia's torso.

A relatively minuscule stream of blood tricked down Natalia's side as the blade barely pierced her skin, dealing D-tier damage due to her Imuchakk Physiology.

"Ouch. That hurts you big meanie!" The imuchakk said before making use of the guard's flabbergasted reaction to slap his face with D-tier strength on each cheek for a total of C-tier damage, toppling him.

The guard who suggested she surrender sprung into action by attempting to Pierce her left knee, and experienced a similar shock when his blade barely scraped it dealing
D-tier damage to the knee.

"Ow! Why are you guys so violent!" Natalia exclamied before pushing the guard with
D-tier force in both hands dealing a total of C-tier damage and toppling him as well.

"Two down, If the last guard allow me to speak with Bak I should be able t-" before the woman could finish her thought she noticed the last guard had positioned himself in front of his charge and also that he was shaking so much that his armor was making audible noises.

"B-Begone Evil Spirit!" The guard shouted. "Kafban please, let me inquire about her purpose."

"Yay! Thanks mister." Natalia said as she skipped towards them with her arm outstretched.

"Don't touch him!" The guard said just as Natalia was closing in, Parrying her arms and shifting her center of gravity causing her to lose balance and hit the guard's leg with her own for D-tier damage. As they both the guard fell backwards the imuchakk fell with him and inadvertently slamming his head on the floor dealing D-tier damage for a total of C-tier damage.

Stamina: 190/190
Magoi: 110/100


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Standing with little trouble due to the trivial nature of her injuries, The imuchakk would carefully step over the fallen guard and face the visibly exasperated Bak.

"Ahem. I'll be blunt, my writing is of little value even if it is used in an attempt to defame my family.You also don't seem skilled enough to be an assassin.Did...did one of the men at the tavern send you?"

"Um, she was dressed fancy so I think she doesn't know what a tavern is ... Oh!"

Feigning surprise about letting information slip the imuchakk would drop another "hint" by saying

"I totally wasn't hired by a worried desert flower,nope not at all.Ack! I mean I wasn't hired by anyone at all. I saw your home and thought it be fun to take a nap in your room, gave the attendants candy to let me in, and read your letters for a nap-time story. Yep for real."  

Natalia watched as Bak's face took on a flat neutral appearance and hypothesized that he either saw through her terrible acting or,more amusingly, thought she was actually scatterbrained enough to accidentally reveal her employer for free.

"...Let's go speak with your boss" he said after sighing. "Okay! I'll lead the way."

"Hold down the fort you three."
Bak said as they left the premise.

"..." "..." "..."

"Really Kafban? An Evil Spirit?"
"Shut it."

"...If you had been more patient we would be in much less pain right now Palmar."

"Oh spare me the lecture Jake, how in Ra's name was I supposed to know she was that tough? She fell off the damn rafters and landed on her rear!"

"She stood up from at least a 5 meter drop, Kafban broke his wrist falling wrong."

"Kafban is a klutz."

"I'll have you know I haven't tripped in the last three days!"

"The same can be said for most of the  population, Kaf."      

"..." "..." "..."

"You guys think we should tell Bak's dad were defeated by one woman?"
"Are you stupid?"
"I'd rather not."

"..." "..." "..."

"About the girl... Her chest was huge,Like ridiculously huge."
"Sure was."

Natalia led Tunjai Bak to the current location of the woman who hired her and watched him personally read the contents of the letter to its intended recipient.

"I-I s-s-see, I feel the same. Ah!The same a-about you I mean. andIguesswecantryanddoeverythingyoulearnedaboutinthebrothel."
The woman said with a blush so strong it was apparent through her tan skin.

The couple embraced as Natalia left with her payment.Though any investment she had in the their relationship left when she got her reward,there was still a question on her mind.

"Is it truly possible to use a whole cactus in that manner?"

Word Count: 1000+/1000


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