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Serious Business p1 [Job/Private]

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Zadi finally got the time and motivation to visit the Purple Dragon and get the help he needs in order to set foot into the underworld! Hopefully things wouldn't go awry as Zadi would probably have explain how he came across the special coins in the first place. The person that Zadi will likely speak to may be the old man from before, yet Zadi felt as though the old man wouldn't ever be seen again by the blonde haired mage. Perhaps the old man wasn't even real to begin with. Only someone or something created by Zadi's psyche in order to further develop his understanding of this war-torn world. Granted, this world isn't all that war-torn, but war has ravaged nearly every land mass and ocean at one point in time or another. Anyway, Zadi made his way towards the Purple Dragon with confidence and motivation in his steps!

Zadi eventually arrived at the specified location as told to him by the old man, who may or may not be real at this point. However, the existence of the location could either prove that the old man was real or that Zadi was making stuff up as his unreal story continued. Either which way, the Purple Dragon was a place to enter and come out with more than you had, hopefully. In Zadi's case, he came in with only the items and clothes on his person and confidence in his step. What he would come out with is still unknown at this point.

Zadi entered and made his way to the barkeep and spoke the special phrase that may or may not mean anything at this point, "Black Birds of Wonder set us free...and I'd also like something to drink if that's possible. Do you have some whiskey?"

The barkeep glared at Zadi, but not in a menacing way. More so an observant glare than a judgmental glare, "Follow me."

The barkeep allowed Zadi to go behind the counter and enter the backroom, most likely where the extra booze was hanging out. However, Zadi ended up being surprised by what was actually going on behind the scenes of this bar; menacing thugs ready to kill in an instant! "Where did you get that pass code?" questioned the barkeep, "answer quickly or I'll have my men end your existence."

Zadi wasn't in a position to fight back. One twitch and the thugs would likely slit Zadi's throat whist confiscating his belongings. Therefore, Zadi just answer to the best of his ability under these stressful situation, "An old man gave me a pouch with coins and a note after I destroyed Black Pyramid- please don't kill me!" Zadi's eyes were pinched tight in order in case something gruesome came his way. On the contrary as the barkeep had the thugs lower their weapons and gave Zadi his whiskey.

"Take a seat. Let's chat," calmly said the barkeep, keeping his thugs behind him in case Zadi turned out to be dangerous, "but keep your belongings over there."

Zadi complied, sat down, and started the conversation, "I was told that I could get help with any future endeavor."

"That is correct. I presume you need help destroying the other pyramids, but with enough power to destroy the Black Pyramid, I now doubt that you have come with such intentions in mind."

"Um...yeah. I was actually hoping to start an black market business."

"Mhm, then you have certainly come to the right place."

WC 500+/500


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