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Serious Business p2 [Job/Private]

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Zadi got the help he needed in order to start his trading company. It would be stationed in Heliohapt and attempt to expand further as time ages, but the most important aspect of the company was it's business; underground stock trading. Items that are illegal throughout most of the world and are only able to be attained from the black market at an expensive price. Rather vague at the moment, but Zadi's help would come a long way for the magician. Anyway, Zadi was given a pool of employees that would gladly work for anyone so long as they can provide for their respective households and families. However, Zadi was not given funds to start his company. Not only that, Zadi would have a earn the funds himself rather than get loans. A loan can be traced, in a way, so Zadi would need to earn all the monetary needs to start his company. The fees would include generous starting payments for his employees in order to keep them all happy, payments for the starting merchandise to be sold, payments for discrete marketing, and a plethora of other needs and wants to satisfy Zadi's needs to step into the underground with his trading company by the name of Meridian! Zadi wanted his company to be so great that it would be the center of the world, similar to the meridian of the world, more or less. Anyway, name or not, Zadi needed to get those funds as fast and efficiently as he could. Zadi's new adviser advised the magician to go underground, to the gambling scene of Heliohapt.

Arriving in the underground world isn't what you may believe it to be. Zadi certainly thought differently than he was seeing right now. Before starting this new endeavor, Zadi thought the black market was a physical place where people would secretly exchange elicit goods and services. However, taking a look at how things work now, Zadi could tell that he may have been within the underground world all along! The average vendor at the bazaar couldn't live solely off of the legal selling of goods, so form time to time, illegal goods come into the vendor's hands. What else to do but sell, right? And so the underground is born. Legal on the surface, illegal underneath. Not all vendors are shady. In fact, most try to stay away from illegal trading for their own reasons. Zadi not being a good 'citizen of the world' that he is could not help but try and dip his toes into the underground world. That being said, Zadi was currently gambling in order to get things done. Being a magician, formulas and card counting came easy to him so much so that Zadi felt like he was cheating. He could read the playing field like reading the flow of the rukh! Why Zadi didn't do this before was a mystery even to the cheeky witch. Granted, Zadi stayed cautious and didn't flaunt his skills like an amateur or rookie. He knew that if he were to be caught, he'd be beaten to death.

Anyway, Zadi gambled all that he had in order to get more than he had. With his memorization skills and magician-like skills in reading patterns, Zadi was able to easily attain the money that he needed. He changed tables several times, not to mention games and slot machines. So many things were available to Zadi and he made sure to use them all. In order to keep from getting caught, he also accumulated his monetary needs over the course of several weeks. He spent only enough to LOOK like a rich prick but not enough to arouse suspicion from fellow rich pricks. After enough time, Zadi got what he needed and became acquainted to other rich folks, possibly future customers, too. Zadi now had the funds necessary to start his new trading company!

WC 500+/500


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