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The Derby Race part 1 [Lagi/solo]

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1The Derby Race part 1 [Lagi/solo] Empty The Derby Race part 1 [Lagi/solo] on 09/01/16, 12:12 pm


Lagi had to do a few things in order to make sure that he lightens up the people of Reim and newcomers of all tones to text their might against each other in the races. Lagi was pretty much in costume, wearing his unity corps hood while browsing the competition. “I think I should do this without the big old dragon this time around. “Lagi would mumble to himself as he looked at the beasts, plenty of them were something that Lagi took an interest in. “Who should I go with today….hmmm…” Lagi would mumble to himself as if he was browsing a merchants wares. “I think that I will go with the froggy this time around, people aren’t betting on the good ol frog to do some work, it’ll be a surprise if he wins the derby over a flying type, right?” Lagi would then walk over to the receptionist and give her a solid nod. “My name is Dragun, I’ll be applying for the western front derby that’s happening a few days from now. They couldn’t see his face, but Lagi gave a charming smile and nod as he said that. “And what beast will you be using sir? Do you have a beast of your own or will you be using one of the mounts that will be provided to you from the courtesy of the el nagi clan?” Lagi made a humming sound as if he was thinking about it, but he already had an idea what he will go with. “I’ll be using Froggy!”


Abilities used
Emerald of ashanti, 50% wc reduction to missions at omega tier


The Derby Race part 1 [Lagi/solo] CrChE3t

The Derby Race part 1 [Lagi/solo] LBbFjDO

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