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An Electrifying Experience [Training/Solo]

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Lance Knighthunter

Lance Knighthunter
Lance sat inside of the Warehouse that Amber had found for him after the fall of his Dad. A lot of things had happened that day and in truth it sort of caused him a lot of pain and suffering. He leaned up against the wall and was fiddling with his staff a bit when Rose walked in and walked towards him “Hey Lance, maybe you should use your little break from the orphans to train and study a little. I bet it would help you get your mind off of certain events.” she said with a smile as she handed him a book she got from the market place. It was a brown hardcover book with a pentagram on it. He opened it and was met with a table of Contents. The Table of Contents talked about controlling Ruhk and Using it to your advantage, How to utilize your Magoi to be the best mage you can be. All of these chapters sounded really boring except for one that caught his eye “Attaining a second element…” he muttered as he flipped through the book and found the page where it talked about how to obtain another element to your magic.

He sat down on his cot and stared at the book in thought. “Once a mage is strong enough they will have enough power to learn how to use a second of the eight elements.” He muttered underneath his breath. As he stared at the book he thought about all the different types of things he could achieve. With strength he could make meteors fall from the sky. With water he could make steam. All of the ideas in his mind seemed interesting but one made all his thoughts focus on it “Lighting…” he muttered as he flipped through the book and found a page that talked about lighting magic. “The Fourth type magician magic…” he muttered under his breath “I could paralyze people with this but more importantly when used along with fire I could make....” He licked his lips and smiled. He had not used this in a long time and it got him weirdly excited “Explosions!” he said in a dark tone as he laughed “Yes I think that's what I will do.” He set the book down and walked over to Rose, hugging her. “Thank you for finding me this book.” he said as he started to head out of the Warehouse. Rose turned around to face him “W-Where are you going?” she asked, worried that he might hurt himself alone. He turned around and saluted “To train.” he put it simply as he closed the door and headed off into the wilderness of the tropics to train his magic skills to become stronger as a magician.

It took a day but once he finally reached a place in the tropics he was set and stone because it was perfect. It was a small little cove in the middle of a forest. No one around for miles would be able to find him. He picked a stick up off of the ground and gently drew a diagram into the ground. “Alright so if I channel energy into this spell and shoot it… it should go boom…” he said with a smile as he nodded and grabbed his staff. He cast Sunny Day and watched as a giant ball of fire lit the area but soon faded away. It didn’t explode. He sighed “I guess I saw that coming... “ he said as he put the stick down “Just face it Lance… this is as strong as you will become.” he laughed to himself as he shook his head “You’re weak and not powerful enough to do anything good or right…” he muttered as he placed his head in his hands and sighed again. Just then he heard a voice from behind him “Then change that.” He looked up and saw a boy with green hair and a cloak on. The boy was the wind mage from the other day. Lance hopped up and grabbed his staff, orb flashing red as he did. The boy put his hands up “Calm down… I am just repaying you for helping free me the other day.” he said with a smile “My name is James.” he said, extending a hand. Lance hesitantly leaned his staff up against the tree and shook the boy's hand “Lance.” he said with a smile.

James smiled and shook Lance’s hand “Well Lance, I was walking by when I heard and saw what you are trying to achieve. It doesn’t work like that. You won’t achieve anything by what you think is right.” he had a more stern tone now as he used his foot to wipe the diagram out of the dirt. Lance stared down “Then what should I do?” he asked, scratching his head in confusion. The white haired mage chuckled a bit in order to make himself seem less stupid. James shook his head and laced his fingers through his hair “Well first of all. You have to stop thinking that you’re weak. Doubting yourself will get you in more trouble with strength than failing at doing a spell the first time will.” James leaned up against a tree and smirked “I mean you only tried to do it once… keep trying but put more faith in yourself.” he said with a smile as he lay down on a log “We will sleep here tonight. I will train you tomorrow.” Lance nodded and smiled as he lay down on another log “Yeah…”. James chuckled a bit “Don’t worry it will take you one day.” he said as he turned over and went to sleep. Lance turned over as well and went to sleep.

The scene changed to a rainy, stormy night. He sat with his head in his hands. He was a little boy and let his hair get drenched as he sat in the rain and cried. His mom came up to him, her beautiful blonde hair flowing in the breeze “What's wrong my child?” she asked with a calm and sweet tone. He looked up “I will never be as strong as Dad or you…” he said as his mom hugged him “I think you will my son… You have to unlock your true potential…” she said as she stood up “Become the person that people look at and say “I want to be as strong as him”” Lance stood up and took his mom's hand “but how do I do that?” he asked in tears “Focus.” his mom smiled as she disappeared into glitters.

Lance’s eyes shot open to see James standing over him “Morning sleepy head~” he said with a laugh as Lance sat up on his log as rubbed his eyes “It's not even morning yet…” he looked up at the sky to see the moon still shining bright in the sky. James placed his hands on his hips “If you want to learn quickly you must start your day quickly.” he said as he took Lance’s hand and pulled him up onto his feet. Lance grabbed his staff and shook his head “Alright…” he muttered as he looked at James “What should I do?” he said as he looked at him. James nodded “Cast that spell again but this time focus more.”. Lance stared at his staff “Focus…” he muttered as he closed his eyes and cast Sunny Day again. This time a small glint of lighting appeared in it. Lance got excited and the spell faded. “Good job do it again.” James said. This continued like this for a few more times before Lance got mad “NO! NO MORE! IT WON'T WORK!” James stared calmly at him “Try again. It will work this time.” he winked at Lance and Lance sighed “Whatever”. He closed his eyes and cast Sunny day for a final time. A glint of lighting flew through the ball of fire. Then another one. And another. Soon he heard a rumbling noise and a big burst of fire exploded into the opening in the forest. Lance laughed “I did it!” he said as he looked over to where James was standing only to find that he was gone.

Lance headed home that day with a new power in his hands. He opened the Warehouse doors to be met with Amber tackling him with a hug “I was worried sick about you when you were gone for so long!” she said. Lance rubbed the back of his head and sighed “Sorry…” he muttered as he slowly got up. Amber nodded at him “Just don’t do it again you jerk.” she punched him in his side causing him to coil in pain “Owe that kind of hurt!” he said as he opened one eye to see Amber sticking her tongue out at him “Drake’s been training me~” she said as she walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Lance smiled a little. He had a new power now and he would use it to protect the people closest to him. He still had more training to do however and he would continue training for weeks until it was time for him to head out of Balbadd and off to Reim.

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An Electrifying Experience [Training/Solo] Lance%20Sigs_zpsnurfpyvo

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