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Hunting the Animals Real Quick

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Yuurei was out in the Tundra as he was looking for the next thing to do on jobs. He was waiting on Ren, so it was why he was doing this on his own. He had to go after three of the things that were on the job. He just kept moving as he could feel the cold around him. He didn’t like how it felt, but he learned how to except the cold as he made his way through the snow right now. He just looked around as he just blew hot air into his hand. He was looking for the first animal right now.

It wasn’t that hard to find the first animal, and he could only smile when he saw it. It was just moving around, and it looked like it was trying to mind its business. ”Sorry man they want you dead for some reason,” he thought to himself as he took his bow out, and moved an arrow out. He could pull the arrow back, and launched it towards the beast. It didn’t even see it coming as an arrow had hit it across the back of its head. The beast made a sad noise, and he shook his head as it dropped to the ground.

Yuurei quickly moved towards the beast, and struggled to take a tusk off, which he was able to do so after a pulling game between him and the dead animal. He needed to go after his next target, and he knew he could use this walrus to get to it.

Word Count: 261/500



Yuurei had hidden himself away from the area as he was looking at the dead animal, and waiting for something to come get it. He waited, but what he saw was not a fox, but a huge bear. He was surprised that it was the thing that would come out to eat the dead body. He got up from where he was, and smiled because he knew that something this big would need something strong to take out. He took another one of his arrows, and smiled. It wasn’t going to be hard to take this guy out either.

He had used the walrus as bait, and it was going to be nice to kill it without a fight. Yuurei let go of the arrow, and it was sent flying towards the beast. ”Boom,” was all he could say as the arrow landed on the bear’s back, and then an explosion occurred right there. The beast dropped to the ground, and Yuurei looked at it as the body was not moving. He decided to cut off one of its claws as proof that he took care of it. He just needed the fox, and it seemed like it was waiting for him to arrive. He turned around as he could hear its howling. The howl, it being different than a wolf, made him shivered a bit.

Yuurei noticed that the fox was running towards him quickly, and he could only look at it running around. It was quick on its feet, and he took one his regular arrows, and shot at it. he missed the first time, but he noticed its movement once he missed. He shot yet another arrow, and this time he had caught it right there on its forehead. The beast dropped right there, and he sighed as it had gotten really close to him.

He took one of the fox’s fangs, and he headed back to the village. It didn’t take long for him to get to the village, and when he did he had handed his client the three pieces that had come from the animals. The client was happy, and gave Yuurei the reward for the job. It only made Yuurei happy as he walked out of this place.

Stamina: 20/150
Word Count: 500+/500

Name: Boom
Tier: C
Cost: 20
Weapon Type: Bow
Class Offensive
Range: 40 Meters
Duration: 1 Post
Cool-Down: 3 Post
Description: The user is quick to take out an arrow and shoot it towards their target. The arrow is embedded with explosive powder that is set off on impact with anything its hit against. If one just grabs it would not explode due to the fact that there needs to be force and velocity on the arrow. The arrow moves at 20 meters per second and goes as far as 40 meters. When the arrow impacts on their target it will do C-tier damage, and explode as well. Anything within the 10 meter radius will be caught in the blast, and suffer 2nd degree burn from the attack. The arrows being used are about 30 inches long from the shaft. The fetching on the back of the arrow is that of a crimson color.


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