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Think of the Animals [Job Chain/Solo]

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Amatus Laertes

Amatus Laertes
There was a gaggle of men and beasts alike lingering on the very fringe of the town. They were awaiting the last of the stragglers to assist them in their daunting task: help corral animals on near extinction to a new home. Truth be told, it wasn't a job that Amatus was considering taking on at first.

But, he had avoided the coliseums on account of his new body. He had yet to experiment on what it could do and what it took to shatter the crystal that he was now made from. It would be humiliating if he arrived in the ring, only to have his body shatter from the barest tap of metal.

Surely this was a job that he could do? At least, until he had more time to figure out the ups and downs of this new body.

"Are you here to help out?" The voice snapped him out of his thoughts. The speaker, a woman nearing the grasp of middle age with snow-white hair, wore a doubtful expression. There was no telling what thoughts rattled about in that old head, but Amatus offered a thin-lipped smile regardless.

"I hope that's no problem, ma'am~" Even with his new body, his voice hasn't changed. The words still dripped like honey as he spoke, though it only served to cause the other to eye him even more. Regardless, Amatus slipped past. Well, that's what he tried to do.

A hand gripped him by the shoulder, but a flinch revealed her surprise. She hadn't expected to touch firm gemstone, but alas, his skin was painted to hide just how sparkling his body was. "I, ahem," she floundered before clearing her throat. "Make sure you stick to the back. It'd be easier for you to... attract animals."

Amatus couldn't help but perk an eyebrow at the order, albeit he surrendered nevertheless. She stood, stuck to the spot before turning and heading towards the front of the group. Seems like it was time to head off into the wilderness.

Leaves and sticks crunched beneath foot as the group ventured further down the trail. The canopy above allowed the light to stream through only in dapples, allowing the shadows to dance beneath their steps. Even though he was in the back, several of the others couldn't help but turn their head to catch a glimpse.

Unsurprisingly, really. Even with the limited sunlight, his hair sparkled and glimmered. It even changed the light, tinting the area around him with red. But the stares came to a stop as the woman from before paused, hand in air.

"Alright, we're almost there! There's only a small few of them left, so here's the plan. Grab one around the neck and lift. They're fairly small, so that should be easy." As she spoke, her eyes landed on Amatus. "If you think you're too weak, or afraid to get hurt, then simply run them into someone else's grasp. Don't try to hold more than one. Afterward, we'll group up and take them towards the west."

With the directions given, the troupe broke up. Some scattered to the left, others to the right. Some partnered up with others, some simply stuck to their animal companions. Amatus? He was left on his lonesome - perhaps they were hesitant to go with a man whose body seemed as if it'd crumple beneath the animals' horns. Just because they're weak, doesn't mean they're the weakest, right?

No matter, he can handle a solo.

Crouching low to the earth, the crystals in his hair dimmed in shade. The ferocity of its glimmer weakened to mere sparkles in the light. Now all that was left was to find one of the beasts, deer-like creatures if he remembered correctly.

Luckily for them, ever since their predators had begun to die out, the herd has grown even closer together. It was like shooting fish in a barrel - they were all grouped up together. Once one man shot out from the right, they all scattered towards the left.

'Come on, Amatus. You can catch one measly deer!' His lips twisted into a grimace, crystal fingers curling into claws. If he had muscles, would he feel tensed now? Red eyes narrowed in solace. No longer could he rely on his previous speed. Now he was no faster than a human - perhaps slower due to his heavy body.

Seconds past before the opportunity revealed itself. One of the bigger ones darted by the very bush he was hiding in. Thorns and bristles scratched at powder as he leaped out. Arms hooked around the neck, causing the creature to cry loudly. Then its legs began to thrash out, but it was useless - from the way he held it, they only kicked at the air.

It took some angling, but dragging the deer over to the others was just as easy as catching it was. Even with his back turned, he could feel the eyes watching him. Eyeing the veins of bright red that crisscrossed his arms and face from where the underbrush had scratched his 'skin' away.

Once the animals were caged up, his job was nearly over with. All that was left was to safeguard the transport west. Considering their only cargo were animals, ones whose properties weren't useful in medicine or craft, it went unbothered. But that was a blessing, considering the long trip ahead of them.

"It's good to see that you're still in one piece." A glance to his left confirmed that the head of the group, that woman, had dropped back to talk to him. There was a sheepish look as she offered him a smile. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but what are you exactly?"

"I'm told Crystal Kin, though it is a rather unoriginal name, hm?" He lifted his hands, thumb rubbing away the powder in the middle of the other's palm. He then turned it, revealing the red gem that sparkled beneath the layer. "I'm not quite as gentle as I appear. Amatus, by the way."

"Pleasure, I'm Alba."

The time spent walking melted away during their conversation. Looks like the job went just as well as he had hoped.


WC: 1,031/500
Magoi: 50/50
Stamina: 170/170

Job Name: Unexpected Consequences Pt I/III [Chain]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview:
The creation of the latest port city, Portsmouth, has displaced many beasts and has deforested a portion of the area around the coast. This displacement has caused several beasts to come close to extinction, as those that hunted its predators have died. Help a group of traveling Beast Tamers save these various weaker groups of species by bringing them into a more stable environment to the west, near the mountains.


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