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Moving Forward [Training/ Invite Only]

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Kaveh Issa

Kaveh Issa
After returning from his trip to the port with Hiro, Kaveh made his way to his research hut. The magician constructed the area after his run in with the cultists so that he could do a bit of llooking in to the symbol that he found. Since then, the magician has used it as a testing ground for new magical abilities and spells that he would come up with. Today would be no different. He was going to spend his free time from the Historical society to hone his craft. At least, that's what he hoped to do. His plans, however, were quickly thrown to the side once he arrived at his secret place.

He had come to find that his secret place wasn't so secret anymore. His mother and his mentor, Akmet, were sitting together on his work bench. They were enjoying a cup of tea, seemingly waiting on Kaveh's return. The magician made his presence known and the two elderly people jumped out of surprise. They looked over to the man with surprise, which was quickly replaced with welcome. "Kaveh! I'm glad to see that you made it back safely. I'm assuming that Kou woman made it to the port?" Kaveh couldn't help but to chuckle at his mother's concern. He nodded and went over to give his mother a kiss on the top of her head. "Yes. She is safe and on her way back to the Kou mainland."

"That's wonderful to hear. Your mother and I were talking about your magic, actually Kaveh. She informed me that she used to be a magician in Magnostadt and that she was guiding your tutelage here in Heliohapt. I was quite intrigued. I may not be on the level of the reputable sorcerers of Magnostadt, but I have quite a bit of confidence. I would like to assist as well!" Kaveh looked at his mentor for a moment with a blank expression. What the man was saying was finally starting to click with him. Akmet's a magician?! Kaveh's eyes widened for only a moment at the light of this information. Akmet was one of the people in the historical society that seemed to be least capable of magic. How was this man able to hide such a thing from a fellow magician for so long?

However he did it... Kaveh wanted nothing more than to be able to disguise himself that well. FOr the reason, the red magician smiled and nodded. "I would be honored! You have already mentored me in the ways of the archaeologist and researcher. For you to extend my path of knowledge ieven into the magical realm would be a great honor." Kaveh put his hands together and bowed to the elderly man formally. Akmet stood from his seat, the air around him beginning to change to that of a much more serious notion. "Very well. I will further your knowledge of magic, and in doing so, I will teach you the waysof my magic type. I hope you are ready. This will be no easy task. You may break."

The man's choice of words threw Kaveh off for a moment. He wasn't very sure by what the man meant by "break", but the magician couldn't help but be curious and want to find out. Just what kind of magician is Akmet, anyway? He probably isn't another heat magician like me. Perhaps Life? Maybe wind? Kaveh wached Akmet pull out a book from his satchel and the book began to levitate. This caused Kaveh to raise his eyebrow, curious as to what was about to happen. "You look confused? Heh. This is my conduit. Just as your pipe acts as a special wand for you, this does so for me."

Before Kaveh knew it, he was floating in the air. The red magician looked back and forth and then back to Akmet, noticing the black hue surrounding the floating tome. ..>Wait... so he's a "My magic is of the seventh type. Strength." As Akmet finished his explanation, Kaveh was forced to the ground. He felt a few of his ribs crack from the impact and noticed that he left an indention in the ground. The red magician struggled to his knees before Akmet's voice filled his ears again. "You must always be aware of what is happening when facing a strength magician. You must pay attention to the subtle cues of the rukh, or you will find yourself at the mercy of their magic." Before Kaveh knew it, there was a wall of black energy speeding towards him. Upon impact, Kaveh lost consciousness.

When the magician awoke, he waws met by his mother sitting next to him. Kaveh looked around and slowly noticed that he was back in his home. "Akmet went back to the Historical Society office to retrieve a few books. How are you feeling?" Kaveh grouned in a bout of frustration. How did he get wiped out so easily and so quickly?! "Does... Does strength magic have the ability to bypass the borg? Kaveh's mother smiled sympathetically and shook her head slowly. "Not at all... but... He didn't hold back on you. When he slammed you into the ground, your borg shattered trying to protect you. That is the only reason why your injuries aren't more severe than they are."

Kaveh blinked and stared at his mother with his mouth agape. The pain that he felt from being drove into the ground was even after the protective efforts of his borg?! Just how strong was Akmet?! As Kaveh's mind boggled over the idea of Akmet's strength, the old magician came walking into the house. "Ah! You're back with us! Good."] Akmet set five books down onto the table and sat across from Kaveh. "I apologize for holding nothing back, but I needed you to experience the full force of such magic and fully recognize its power and potential. As you may or may not know, the seventh type of magic, strength magic, embodies the forces of this world. It can manipulate a vast amount of things and is the hardest of the elements to explain. Thankfully, I've done a bit of extensive research into my magic. Even to the point of learning from the Torran texts that you have brought back for us." Akmet turned and grabbed the books. He held them towards Kaveh, offering them to him. "And now so will you. We will begin by teaching you the basics and I will be here to supervise your learning."

Kaveh sat in silence for a moment before nodding and taking one of the books. He immediately began sifting through the pages, registering the information within the pages. Every few hours, Akmet would interject from Kaveh's reading and lecture the man on the finer points of using the magic. The seventh type of magic didn't seem to be one that Kaveh could pick up as easily as he picked up the basis of heat magic.

The two men continued on for this for a month and a half. Easing Kaveh into the basics of using strength magic. As the time passed by, Akmet walked Kaveh into using more complicated commands and formulas for the rukh. They explored the realm of strength magic from basic gravitational lifts, to creating projectiles, to using the magic to mold the earth into a new shape or form. Kaveh stood in the back of his home, creating statues of dirt with his mentor watching him. The sculptures slowly began to move and walk about which received an accepting, satisfied sound from Akmet. "Good, Good! Now, I hope you will do me proud and not throw this magic around willy nilly... or I will have to come and find you." While Kaveh perceived this to be a joke, the tone of Akmet's voice towards the end of the "warning" resembled that of the magician that displayed the seventh type to him a little over a month ago.

Kaveh nodded and smiled to his mentor, "Thank you for teaching me all that you have. I promise I will put this to good use." And with that, Akmet left the house, returning to his office.
Word Count (Specialization Training): 1300/1000


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