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Slave Escort [D/Assignment/Solo]

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1Slave Escort [D/Assignment/Solo] Empty Slave Escort [D/Assignment/Solo] on 09/09/15, 11:49 pm

Farid Issah

Farid Issah
Assignment Name:Slave Escort
Assignment Rank:D
Assignment Location:Heliohapt
Assignment Rewards:50 XP, 3000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites:Slaver
Assignment Overview:You have just decided to become a slaver, and are learning from someone more experienced. Your first assignment is to escort a slave within the confines of Heliohapt, if you do succeed, your new trainer will give you more work.

Chimera had decided perhaps it was time to start working more closely along with slavers, perhaps as experience or perhaps as networking. She wasn't quite sure how it would be best to pursue her ambition of having her own slave trading company. When she came travelling with the slave caravan, the destination was Heliohapt, the slave trading capital of the world. Chimera had already heard about places outlawing slavery and such, but perhaps her job might be to make slavery acceptable to the masses.

Chimera's steps slowed down and her brow furled as she tried to get a hint at what would be truly important in a mass economy. Perhaps the university where she had taken her first job could play a key role in furthering her education about the world, the economy and history of slaves. It was a bit confusing, as she had very limited time with education despite it being rather high-quality.

She retraced her path to the market hub where the slave traders had left her off as she worked for them keeping an eye on the slaves, in exchange for safe travelling, and she probably would've gotten lost anyway. Chimera now had more time to look around the market place and with a bit of money in her pocket to spend... perhaps she could buy her first slave in fact, and sell it for a profit. Ideas kept running through Chimera's mind. She finally managed to find a kind enough slave tamer to take advantage of via employment.


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Farid Issah

Farid Issah
This man was definitely a Heliohapt native, his tan skin and nearly black hair was similar to that of most of the people around here. Her lips pursed together for a moment, slowly leading into a sly grin as she crossed her arms to give a more solid posture, almost a bit defensive. "So, I'm here for the job." speaking brashly as she normally would.

The slaver looked at her, almost inquisitive as she spoke, then letting out a light scoff. "Where are you from, I can't tell where you're from. I've travelled a long time and I can tell you're not from Helio." Chimera and as she soon found out, Geb exchanged pleasantries as she beat around the bush of her circumstances.

Chimera had given Geb a small demonstration of her abilities, clearly shocking the slaver initially, but he quickly saw the value in what people would label a 'monster'. "Well, we're gonna be bringing the unsold slaves to a warehouse, and get them work to offset the costs of feeding them, so if you could just help me keep them in line, everything should be fine. We lost a few hands, and we've been managing but extra set will be pretty useful.

All the slaves were lined up on a special harness of sorts where all their feet were shackled together, in a line, to make it harder to escape. Chimera lead the pack with Geb, and her only job was to maintain at least one visible transformation up through most of the walk. When the slaves first saw her... 'deformities' they stumbled, some actually terrified, and even though some were unaffected by her appearance, they were still chained together, and they fell down as a team.

Chimera was a bit more focused on observing on how the slaves reacted to her and how the handlers were controlling and corralling them to the warehouse, learning for the future, while still maintaining a fear-inspiring act. It was a simple walk, but it was quite an experience to actually have more experience as a slaver. She bowed gratefully for the experience, not expecting much for her work, but she made an honest day's coin.


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