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Kou Dayz: Part I (Investigating the Flow)

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Azix Niraj

Azix Niraj
After a jog around the Palace grounds, Azix returned to the guest room he shared with Ariella.  The orange magician wanted to ensure that he didn't fall off his training, so he had gotten in the habit of working out in the mornings. As he collapsed into bed, Azix noticed a large package on the bedside table. It was addressed to him, from Yoshiro, so he opened it up.

Inside, he found a beautifully crafted sword, an ornate pendant and a note from his cousin. Azix stood up and swiped the air with the sword to test out the weight. He found it slightly unwieldy, but that was mostly due to being out of practice with a sword. He set it aside to study the pendant, sensing magic stored within it. Afterwards, he picked up the letter and read it over.

Kou Dayz: Part I (Investigating the Flow) Kitty__s_Pendant_by_Aikurisu
Kou Dayz: Part I (Investigating the Flow) Dd6f5575-1d78-4494-87be-b167cd576b5a_zps0cf93548

Dear Cousin,
I'm sorry I haven't gotten a chance to give you these items in person, but the duties of an Emperor fill most of my time. I hope you can find a use for them. Think of them as a thank you for your help in Reim. I know the history between us isn't the best, but I hope one day we can put that past us.

Also, I've received words that something odd is going on in the mines where a recent eruption occurred. If you have the time, do you mind checking it out for me? I would be very grateful if you were to do so.


Azix smiled as he set the letter in a drawer and looked back over the gifts. He had to admit Yoshiro was making up for their issues in the past. Of course, out of Yoshiro's siblings, Yoshi hadn't been that bad. He mostly ignored the things they did to Azix and didn't try to interfere. But, if Yoshi was going to make up for it with flashy items, then Azix didn't mind.

The magician took a quick bath to wash the sweat from himself and changed into some fresh clothes. After gathering his gear, but leaving the sword behind, Azix headed out to meet with the Overseer of the mines. It sounded like an easy favor, but if it was something that he'd need help with, Azix could always ask Ariella or Ayero to help out later.

When he arrived at the Overseer's office, Azix was informed that strange creatures had been appearing at the mines. They were used to small animals finding refuge in the caves, but these beasts were vicious and killed a few of the miners. They started to show up after the volcano erupted and it was near impossible to mine anymore. The orange magician wondered if it had anything to do with the dungeon, perhaps some of the beasts had escaped.

Knowing that Kou depended on the metals and minerals found in those mines for their army and industry, Azix agreed to help. He inquired about the beasts some more, learning that they spewed magma which certainly remind him of the dungeon. He got the location of the mines and told the Overseer that he would look into the problem immediately. Grateful, the Overseer wished him luck, happy that his profits would be returning soon.



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