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Amara [work in progress]

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Amara [work in progress] Large


[Country Affiliation:]


D-Tier [Novice]

Intelligence, Fifth-Type Wind Magic

[Age + Birthdate:]
17 years old; June 21



On first glance, anyone would be able to come to the conclusion that she holds a cute, naive personality, seen as able of being taken advantage of. And that's true, that is a part of it. The young lass prefers solitude rather than being in the company of others and takes the silence as an opportunity to think, which may come as a surprise. However, she is able to easily get along with others, with her easygoing, childish exterior. She is said to be usually extremely optimistic, and even a little stubborn and hotheaded. She can be loudest, most talkative person in the group, a sensitive crybaby, and she is able to easily form bonds, seeing as she is one who seeks friendship. She is the type of person who will never leave another behind, and strives to protect all those close to her; being one of those who would gladly put their life on the line for one she truly cares for. Although she isn't exactly the strongest person, she is easily able to admit her weaknesses with a carefree attitude.
Going into her interior personality, it differs immensely from her exterior. She is surprisingly intelligent and a great strategist. She has the ability to be serious when necessary although she doesn't prefer it. She cracks joke which aren't funny nor good at times just to lighten the mood. Despite her mind not being all that broad, she always attempts to go for that mindset, from just trying to understand their emotions or maybe hypothetically putting herself in their situations.  Her emotions are a pain for her to control, but she does well with being in control of her own actions.


  • Devotion - The act of showing love and loyalty for another. Amara is especially fond of this act because she is one who will show devotion to the ones she cares about, and she wants to know they will do the same if possible. She adores the idea of it, and believes it to be a beautiful way of telling someone you love them.

  • Food - You know, that edible thing you eat that fills your stomach? Yeah, that's it. Amara likes food because she understands the importance of it, and simply likes the taste.


  • Betrayal - Amara dislikes betrayal worse than almost anything; she dislikes it when others betray their friends, most of all. Easily put, she won't make a fuss, get riled up, or the sort, however, her impression of whoever the traitor happens to be will change immensely and it will be a difficult task to get a second chance from this lass.

  • Ignorance - She dislikes those who are ignorant to the sufferings, pains, and dangers of the world; those who spend there time idly without a care nor knowledge of the world; those who waste their days oblivious of affairs and sadness around them. "It is disrespectful to those brave enough to deal with them." She would say.

Amara had a guardian/bodyguard who always tried his best to protect her, but died from ending up defeated by an enemy too powerful. She was always a spoiled and bratty child from birth, but Sage's sacrifice and the events thereafter somehow changed her. However, after she became aware of what was happening to her when she was young, she was bloodthirsty for the death of his murderer. Then, knowing that Sage definitely wouldn't want it, and from that fact alone, she also tried her best to live nobly and contain her anger - something she still is hesitant over, the decision of revenge or honor.


  • Death - She is particularly afraid of death, because what is life? She is one who is scared of things she doesn't know and death happens to be on the list. Thus, being on the verge of death or just thinking seriously about this subject will strike immense fear in her.

  • Insanity - When her protector died, she started getting hallucinations and was on the verge of going insane due to her inability to comprehend the reality of what was happening. After she got some help, she eventually got better but still gets nightmares at times.

  • Frogs/Toads - She never understood exactly what it was about these creatures that spooked her, but she tries her best to stay away from them.

Asako Natsume - My Little Monster

[Hair Color:]
Mahogany Brown

[Eye Color:]
Honey Brown

157 cm (5'2")

44.4521 kg (98 lb)

Amara is of average height for her age with light brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears her hair loose. Her daily outfit consists of a traditional strapless tunic which reaches just down to her knees and a mere pair of sandals. Something one might or might not notice right away is that she wears a pair of blue earrings, one on each of her ears. Usually, she is brimming with enthusiasm and energy, with a posture that looks slightly slumped[but when acting proud/prideful, it straightens up]. She is not the best at using words to express herself, so she tends to use body gestures to emphasize her point.

[Rukh Alignment:]
White Rukh

[Special Traits:]


[Role-Play Sample:]

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