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Shuri Elflaine (in progress)

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1Shuri Elflaine (in progress) Empty Shuri Elflaine (in progress) on 19/09/14, 03:37 am


Shuri Elflaine (in progress) Iego5h

Name: Shuri Elflaine
Tier: D-Tier [Novice].
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Undecided
Age + Birthdate: March 19th (Age: 20)
Nationality: Reim
Race: Human
Specialization: Dexterity (Alchemy)

Personality: Explain everything about the way your character reacts to his or her surroundings. How do they act on a normal basis? How do they treat other people? This should be at least 200 words in length.

Likes: What does your character like? Include at least 2. There should be about 1 sentence for each, expanding on the like and stating why he or she likes it.

Dislikes: What does your character dislike? Include at least 2. There should be about 1 sentence for each, expanding on the dislike and stating why he or she dislikes it.

Phobias: Phobias are basically what your character fears. You need at least one well explained one, or three smaller ones. Must be at least 75 words in length.

Aspirations: What drives your character? What are his or her goals? You need at least one well explained one, or three smaller ones. Needs to be at least 75 words minimum

Face-Claim: Saver, from Fate//Prototype
Weight: How much does your character weigh? Please keep it in either pounds or kilograms.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: How tall are you? Please keep it in feet/ inches.
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: Is there anything strange about your character? Do they have a tail for some reason even though they're human? Is there some strange condition he or she has, like multiple personalities or voices speaking in his or her head?
Appearance: Shuri has a short blonde hair that is spiky, and a pair of green eyes. He has 7'9" for his height, and he has 156 lbs for his weight. At least 100 words on what your character looks like, what they wear, their body language, or even their fighting stances in battle.

History: Shuri born twenty years ago. He is the second child of the family. He has one older brother and one younger twin sister. Write a background for your character. Where'd he or she come from? What happened in their life to bring them to where they are now? This should be a minimum of 350 words in length.

Role-Play Sample: This is where you get to show us your role playing skills. We're looking for something AT LEAST 100 words long. You can go over that amount as much as you wish! Keep in mind that nothing you put in your rp sample is considered "Canon" meaning it never happen in-character.

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I know this is still a WIP but I figured I'd make a couple mentions before you get started on the idea of this character.

-This is what county your character is a citizen of. "Currently lives in Reim" isn't acceptable because there are citizens of Zou currently living in Reim. That doesn't really tell us what your nationality is.

-Intelligence is a specialization focused on casting magic. As of right now the use of potions and the like is sort of in Dexterity territory but they are not magical in nature. In the near future a new specialization(Stealth) will take over the concoction creation role for the most part.


Thank you all, for everything.

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