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Speeding Up [Haku's D->C Training]

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Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola
Time goes really fast since both of them meet and now the small liger had grown a lot compared to when Noir found him. It has been around two months now and the beasts showed a very significant growth. The magician could no longer hold him in her arms again nor letting him climb on her back, but she was more than grateful to be the witness of such fine growth. Noir hummed at the liger, letting him to run around the forest while she thought of some training they would do today. She read in the book she found at the El Nagi village before and it said that a Thermal Liger could have a quicker speed so she aimed to train Haku to be able to do so. “Haku…” She called while the Liger was busy chasing butterflies and he turned his head obediently, quickly approached his companion when Noir motioning him to come. The girl was delighted, turned out that her effort to teach him so he can understand her words in the past two months worked out, even though he still couldn’t understand all human’s words. “Let’s double up your speed…” She looked directly in those ruby orbs with her usual emotionless face and almost blank stare, “Run… around this forest for 50 times.” She commanded and the white beasts growled happily, he loved to train and he trusted the girl enough, having enough understanding to know that she would lead him to be a stronger beast. Noir lifted her right hand and showing her palm to the beast, signaling him to let her mount him.

Noir loved the feeling, letting the wind blowing softly on her face as the beasts running free, she gripped some of Haku’s white fur softly, trying to not fall while her beasts run in 5 m/s. She would slowly lean down and whispered to the liger, telling him to run faster, letting him feel all the freedom he had. “Nice… clever little Haku…” She pet him, “Run faster… let yourself to be free.” She would feel that the speed of the running pace would be increasing and she pet him once more, telling to be faster than before. They would do this for around three days, just wasting the day to run around the forest, enjoying the freedom they had and training themselves. The yellow magician could feel the happiness from the beasts, it seemed that he loves to be free and it made Noir gave him a little smile, amused knowing that the beasts had a little similarity with her. While she sat on the beasts, letting him run wildly around the forest again, she thought about something. She was a magician and had borg protecting her from malicious intent, but if the borg shattered, she wouldn’t have any defense and need to clash the incoming attack with her own spells. But no, she wouldn’t make Haku train to defense right now, she just need to do it step by step, slowly training Haku to see his growth. She raised an eyebrow, couldn’t keep up with her surrounding as now she felt Haku was running very fast. Her heart beat fast as it filled with excitement and she petted the beasts again, feeling proud that he was able to successfully make himself quicker. “Aren’t you an intelligence one, little Haku…?” She smiled while petting the beasts.

WC: 567/500


Speeding Up [Haku's D->C Training] GONhvwv

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