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On the Hunt! (Job)

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@Solomon's Proxy wrote:Job Name: The Hunt
Job Rank: D
Job Location: The Tundra
Job Rewards: 50 XP + 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Food is needed for your tribe. You must hunt down at least two wolves that you kill and bring back to your tribe.

Enemy Name: White Wolf (x2)
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: A white wolf about .5m tall with glowing yellow eyes and perfect white fangs. The wolf deals passive D-tier damage and moves at 10 m/s.
Bite: The wolf bites down on its prey at 15m/s, dealing C-Tier damage.

Koko walked into her village elders tent upon request. There was a mission she was to recieve one that affected the welfare of the entire tribe. A food shortage. Food had been running scarce as of late and seeing as how Koko proved herself in the last mission, the village elder had seemed to be okay sending her on a small mission such as this. Koko did a couple stretches and warm ups before heading of on her long trek into the cold. The wind blew violently, blasting cold air and chunks of ice into her face. Thanks to her heritage the cold had not affected her.

After the long trek, Koko came upon a large exspanse of water. Without thinking she dove into the icy blue liquid and kicked off the glacier to get to the other side. It was good for her that Imuchakk's were excellent swimmers. Koko kicked past the fish that scattered when she neared, and a couple other marine mammals until she arrived to another Ice berg. She was making good time. If she hustled she would be able to make it back by dinner. She climbed up the ice berg and continued her treck to find food for her village.

Looking back she remembered that she would need to bring back at least 2 wolves for her village to eat. Koko however wasn't one to do the minimum. She would continue until her village would no longer starve. Koko had found a pack of wolves retreat towards a nearby cave made of pure ice. She tailed the beasts from a distance, and followed them to their den. After following them for a couple minutes the wolves lay down at a dead end and she cracked her knuckles. Their ears perked up at the sound and they growled as she walked out of her hiding place. There were only 3 adult Wolves. The other wolves were probably in another part of the cave because all the space in the cave seemed too small for just 3 wolves. She Sighed and looked to the corner. There were bones, whether they wer of intruders of of wild animals it didn't matter, the circle of life had taken it's course. "Now you can Either come the easy way or the hard way."

The wolves barked and one lunged at her with it's Bite attack. One of them bit her shoulder while the other bit her foot. They both jumped back while the third lunged at her. She took a knee and put her head down. As the third wolf attacked she extended her hand out and grabbed the feral thing by it's neck. She clenched her hand tighter, she was pissed! She threw the wolf against the icy wall and ran to the other 2.  She stopped in front of one of them. "TEKKEN KICK!" She brought her foot back and brought it forward with such force that it killed the wolf on impact. The next wolf lunged at her but she moved to the side. She brought her foot back unleashed the power of of her steel boots onto the wolf's stomach. As the wolf flew she took a running start and extended her knee into the air. "Vacuum Flying Knee Kick." with 2 D-tier attacks they would inflict C-tier Damage onto the enemy wolf. The C-Tier damage killed the second wolf. Koko looked around for the third wolf but... it was gone. "Shit, that last one escaped." She gathered the two Wolves and walked out the cave to get the food to her village. 2 wolves was better than no wolves.

Magoi: 70/100

Abilities Used:

Name: Tekken Kick
Tier: C-Tier
Weapon Type:Steel Boots
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 3 posts (Sustain +1)
Description: Koko brings her foot back 90 degrees and she brings it foreward at 15 m/s dealing C-tier damage.

Name: Vacuum Flying Knee Kick
Tier: D-Tier
Cost: 10/5
Weapon Type: Steel Boots
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 2 posts (Sustain +1)
Description: Koko takes a running start moving at 10 m/s and extends her knee forward. This attack deals D tier Damage.

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