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Eligos: Main Hall [Merrze/Lagi KILL VIABLE]

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"I'll let you off this one time, but also trust me, I've learned the hard way that not communicating can lead to downfall. If I have specific plans I'll tell you so we can both act accordingly. Now let's hurry up and get moving, I don't wanna know what happens if we stay here any longer."

The fanalis walked side by side with her pet as they followed the LavaToms and drank the potion Lagi handed her, they seemed to be leading them to the exit which was nice. The creatures might want to eat them but they mostly seemed harmless and they provided entertainment to the girl, normally she would like to stay serious and focused but in something as dangerous as this the humour would let the white haired girl stay calm if something frustrating were to happen. and another upside to it was that she hadn't laughed in awhile so it was refreshing.

"You know with an offer like that I bet you melt all the ladies hearts but I have to say no thanks, sounds to hot and I like to stay coal."

She had made her own jokes to the pair so that they could provide some more friendly chatter, well friendly enough for two creatures that wanted to eat her. As the group approached the guard the fanalis got prepared for combat once again. He was bigger and there were two of them but hopefully they would be able to provide a challenge to him. Merrze had saw her teammate had attacks with overwhelming power. If needed she would stomp her foot like from before using Earthen Force to hit the guard and his pet but she would only do it if her attack was needed to finish them off.

Magoi: 150/250 or 135/250

Potion Used:
Item Name: Potion of Rejuvenation (B-Tier)
Type: Potion
A potion that can restore 30 Magoi/Stamina. You cannot regenerate more magoi/stamina than you have in total. Only one of these potions can be used per thread. Once this potion is used, it is gone.
abilty used:
Name: Miathios Art 1: Earthen Force
Tier: B
Cost: 30 | 15 sustained
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Offensive
Range: 15m
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Merrze slams her foot on the ground  creating a 15m long and 2m wide shock wave that starts .5m in front of her at 20m/s dealing B-tier damage.

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Eligos: Main Hall [Merrze/Lagi KILL VIABLE] - Page 2 BB2kzwq
Eligos: Main Hall [Merrze/Lagi KILL VIABLE] - Page 2 TXTx1qB
Merrze's Vault of Wonders

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Drago’s Dragonic Parry was effective at protecting everyone, as they were behind him, making the Crush useless. When Lagi used Snap Shockwave, the Guard did not hesitate to use Guard, protecting him from the devastating effects of the attack, though the Hound did not fare so well, destroyed by the attack. Lagi’s Vertigo Inducement would render the Guard immobile and defenseless, though, the man unable to combat the nausea washing over him in waves.

Merrze’s Earthen Force would be highly effective, though for all her lecturing of her partner, she had not bothered to move out from Drago’s shadow before using the ability, once again leaving Lagi and Drago in the line of fire. Luckily, the damage would not be fatal to either Lagi or Drago, but it would destroy the Guard, leaving the way open for the portal.

“Tam, I am beginning to think our dinner has something against the man with her.”

“Tem, she is certainly not wife material. She would hurt us on accident.”

“Oh well, at least as dinner, she should be delicious.”

Lagi and Merrze were welcome to approach the portal now, the two stone constructs leading the way. If they did not hurry, though, more creatures might appear.

Combat Details:

Any time spent in the mist above the ground will result in D-tier damage and being unable to cast abilities, due to pain/coughing

Lagi and Merrze may touch the portal this post but may not appear in the Necropolis for one round.

Guard – Deceased
Hound - Deceased

Enemy Name: LavaToms
Rank: A
Needed damage to take down: ???
Description: LavaToms are 1 meter tall and wide stone constructs. LavaToms are immune to any and all damage and cannot be destroyed but will also not attack.
Burning Pun: Using sharp wit and a sharper tongue, LavaTom will begin spewing puns intended to bring laughter or irritation.
Rolling Laughter: LavaTom rolls at 25 m/s in any direction for up to 30 meters, laughing maniacally the entire time.

[PROXY NOTE: Any distances not established by the player will be assumed by Proxy. Please post within 48 hours.]


The combined teamwork was a success, Lagi played his part in effectively as el drago took ride in his defender role, protecting both him, merrze and fluffy as lagi went for the follow up attack and Merrze went in for the kill. However, for the second time, merrze managed to gravely wound lagi and El Drago, even though it killed the guard in the process. However, gravely wounding el drago was an exaggerated statement. El drago was alot more bulkier than your average beast , being able to take up to omega damage+ A rank damage,  His bulk and scales protected him from breaking any bones, but for the standards of b rank damage, el drago did sustain internal wounds.  However, Lagi was not so lucky. The shock wave  earthen force starts at .5 meters  from in front of merrze and extends at 2 meters of width,  mostly unluckily aiming at his lower part and shattering the bones in  his left leg, sending him flying into the air before landing with a thud. ". Lagi!!!!" El drago would say as he coughed out a   of bit blood and growled at merrze with frustration, This was the second time she messed up, and she gravely injured lagi, and made him waste that potion. He knew lagi, he was saving the last health potion for merrze, he wasn't going to use it.

Lagi was in alot of pain as he looked down on his leg in agony and grunted  in extreme pain, basically trying to quickly cut into himself with his duality scythe   before he passed out due to blood loss. "ugahhhh!! Ufff.... *huff, puff*." Even though  it did the reverse and wll heal lagi over time,there was still the pain that he had to go through, unnecessarily.  "......" Lagi was breathing and sweating as he looked at el drago with concern, flashing his angelic brace,But El drago promptly refused. "No! That's enough, save your stamina, a wound like this isn't enough to kill me....." The reason why this took out alot in him was because Orie's instincts were basically flaring up against merrze this time around, it was  noticeable that something was wrong as lagi's body jerked unnaturally for a few moments, even though he healed.  Regardless of the relationship,  she attacked the host body twice  it was taking some will owe to stop the symbiotic from acting on instinct defensively.  even as a beast master it was a loop hole in the symbiotic class that was hard to control, not when they consider  the host body as their home and mean of survival. He latched on to el dragos tail, still cant walk, due to his shattered leg, and decided to ride on it while entering the portal. Orie was upset, and lagi had to keep her under control.

entering the portal

Damage- El Drago (B)
Temporary damage till heal Lagi (B rank, shattered leg)

1B and omega damage before death


Dragonic parry- 5 posts
Vertigo inducement- 7 posts
Snap shockwave- 7 posts
Angelic bow basic shot- 1
Drago Estique-Cleared for use
Lightning god blast- 4
Duality- Post 5

Abilities used
By paying 15 magoi, the next attack of the blade heals a target for B-tier damage over three posts. This ability has a five-post cooldown.


Eligos: Main Hall [Merrze/Lagi KILL VIABLE] - Page 2 CrChE3t

Eligos: Main Hall [Merrze/Lagi KILL VIABLE] - Page 2 LBbFjDO

Lagi's Vault


The fanalis bite her lip and cursed herself under her breath, she knew Lagi might have been hiding it but of course they had to feel some sort of anger at her for messing up like that. She couldn't beat herself up about it though, she would have to be more careful from now on, she would have to stay more focused when she fights so she wouldn't accidentally hurt them again, She put on a straight face and addressed the King as the two of them would start to walk forward following the rock creatures on their way to the exit. She thought she should at least apologize to him, it was on accident but if the white haired girl didn't apologize for such a simple mistake it might eat at her later.

"Lagi I'm sorry that hit you, I truly am. I'm an idiot for making such a simple mistake like that, especially in a combat situation. I know you might be mad or something, so after we finish this all and get out of here you can yell at me all you want, curse me or whatever helps"

She just continued to walk and spoke to the Lavatoms, she would touch the portal if she could then move on to the next area. Merrze wondered what would be ahead of them after this. She could only assume that things of course would only get more dangerous. She took deep breaths as she walked closer, the fear of death would only grow stronger as they progressed through this literal hell hole but so would the sense of excitement she felt. Her natural sense for adventure only made her want to dive further in the dangerous place knowing that she was only getting closer to the end of it. Before leaving she would joke with the lava toms hoping to ease the atmosphere a bit.

"Just so you know guys, I'd make an excellent wife, I can cook good food and kick ass. Granite you haven't seen it yet you might in the next area."

Fluffy- B-tier damage taken
Magoi: 135/250
Cooldowns: Earthen force- 5 posts


Eligos: Main Hall [Merrze/Lagi KILL VIABLE] - Page 2 BB2kzwq
Eligos: Main Hall [Merrze/Lagi KILL VIABLE] - Page 2 TXTx1qB
Merrze's Vault of Wonders

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
You may proceed to post in the Necropolis

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