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I Was Once In Your Shoes Kinda...(Job)

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Daisuke Yuu

Daisuke Yuu
It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Helio and Axel was up early as he was out doing some odd jobs around the city so that he could get some money. Ever since him and his team had arrived he felt like he had gotten lazy as all he did for the most part was lay around besides for the few times a a week he would go and train out in the old building he found. So early morning Axel had got a job to go out the city and take notes about plants and animals outside the city. The job was really easy but at the same time it didnt pay very much either. It was now a few hours into the afternoon and Axel was on his way to his second job. This job was at a orphanage, the task was for Axel to spend some time with the little kids and possibly cheer them up and what not.

Axel loved kids, hell he loved people but that was mostly his customer service skills as a mercenary talking for the most part, however he really did like kids. He especially liked orphans because he himself was kinda close to being a orphan back in his childhood. Axel arrived at the orphanage and saw many orphans and many other people also doing the same job as him, so many people came here to cheer these orphans up the fact that they were being paid was a whole different subject but nothing in life is truly free. Once he was settled in Axel had to sign in so that he could receive his payment at the end of the day and what not, and then they assigned him a single orphan to watch after for the day. The little boy's name was Roxas.

He was a very handsome young man who appeared to be around 10 or 11. Axel introduced himself to the boy and said "Hey im Axel. You can just call me A though. And you are Roxas, so how about I just call you Rox?" The boy smiled and nodded almost as if he had never been this happy before. Axel then picked the boy up and put him on his shoulders. Axel would then take the boy all around the city. The first place the two went was to the outside of the palace. After that they went out to a fancy diner which was having a special free day due to all the orphans being out. Then after the diner they went to Axel's old abandoned training building where Roxas watched Axel train. Before Axel took the boy back to the orphanage he gave him a small dagger with the quote "Beauty in the struggle" engraved on the hilt. The boy cried as he hugged Axel goodbye as he thought it would be the last time he saw him.

As a way for Axel to remember Roxas, he gave Axel a necklace that was all that he had left of his father. The necklace had a silver chain and a pendant of a rather large weapon, that appeared to be a sword. The two then said their final goodbyes and Axel left to go home for the day. "Goodbye Axel..." Roxas said under his breathe.



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