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Giving Back.... Kinda [Job/Solo]

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Kaveh Issa

Kaveh Issa
Job Details:
Job Name: Rebuilding a Great Nation: Temple
Job Rank:D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP and 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: None
Job Overview: The Great Pharaoh has sent out a call to all able bodied men and women to assist in the reconstruction of the Capitol of Heliohapt. After all, there are only so many slaves and only so much they can do alone. The recent calamity has left half of the city in ruins! Help the volunteers and the slaves make some headway on rebuilding the mysterious Temple.

After three (3) Completions of this job, the temple will be restored to its former condition.

It wasn't long since Kaveh returned from his study of the wildlife near the outskirts of the city. He was greeted with a smile and warm words from his mother. He visited the woman quite often. However, she was starting to get to the age where she could no longer be on her own. Kaveh still sat with her every day of the week, doing small things for her around the house. One afternoon, another messenger from the Pharaoh came to the home. Kaveh held the edict and nearly burned it to a crisp as his eyes changed to a bright amber color. Feeling the hand of his mother on his forearm, Kaveh calmed down and smiled to the woman. "Well. It looks like they'd like some help repairing the temple. I've always wanted to see what it was all about." He folded the parchment and fixed the placement of his cloak.

"Kaveh... don't cause any trouble.." The heat magician laughed softly at the expression of concern from his mother. He wrapped his arms gently around the woman and kissed her forehead. "No worries, mother. I'll be on my best behavior." With a smile and wave, the man walked out of the small building. As soon as the door shut behind him, the smile faded into a scowl as he allowed his irritation to show... only for a moment.

The red magician approached the temple after a pretty lengthy walk. He looked up at the rubble and the parts of the temple that were still in tact. This is the place were they said miracles took place... If that's true, then why did it get destroyed like this? Some miracles.. The man sighed as he walked up to a man with a larger snake wrapped about his shoulder, showing that he was some sort of nobility. Kaveh retrieved the edict from his pocket and presented it to the man. "I'm here to assist with the reconstruction of the temple." The man nodded without looking at the parchment and pointed at a few slaves who were struggling to get a few brick blocks up to where they needed it. "Do something about that, will you?"

Kaveh looked towards the slaves and walked over to them slowly. He took his cloak off, revealing his bare torso, and positioned himself next to the slaves and pushed the ground, using their combined strength (whatever little Kaveh could contribute) to help them move the brick. Kaveh and the other two slaves finally got the brick up to the second tier of the temple. The magician was covered in sweat after that one activity. Geez. Why is this so tiring? What I wouldn't give to be a strength magician right now.. he thought as he huffed and moved to help the next group.

The remainder of the day was the same thing over and over. When the sun was ready to set, the slaves returned to their homes and Kaveh remained. He silently stared up at the temple and slowly put his cloak back over his shoulders. He could feel that his skin was going to tan a bit from standing exposed to the sun. The watchman approached Kaveh and gave him a look that said that he needed to leave the grounds immediately. Kaveh took the silent signal and walked away, heading towards his house until it was time to do something else for the Pharao.
Word Count: 500+/500

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