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The Eighth Dungeon: Eligos [Overview]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Eligos -The 8th Dungeon

The Eighth Dungeon: Eligos [Overview] TJoVvnt

~The Djinn of Lava [Heat & Strength]~


The Gate
The Eighth Dungeon: Eligos [Overview] 33jZaLx

After a recent volcanic explosion, a massive crater was left. In this crater, a rocky path weaves through the active lava flow, guarded by massive stone figures that watch each contender pass by them to access the Gate.

The Main Hall
The Eighth Dungeon: Eligos [Overview] QpljMEe

Upon entering the Gate, the Main Hall appears are a burnt wasteland of singed rock and destroyed structures. There are no set paths to the portal on the other end of the wasteland, approximately 200 meters away.


  • Lava Frog
  • Lava Wyrm
  • Lava Beak

The Midway
The Eighth Dungeon: Eligos [Overview] 61xk9vm

By crossing a thin stone bridge, mountainous ranges can be seen. The massive area is covered in lava and stone, just as desolate as the Main Hall. Over the river of lava and through the rocky terrain, the portal to the Necropolis can be found embedded in the side of an enormous stone.


  • Lava Bat
  • Guard and Lava Hound
  • Lava Thingy
  • Lava Toad

The Necropolis
The Eighth Dungeon: Eligos [Overview] KsDpaMs

Upon entry to the Necropolis, one is transported to the lava-covered ruins of a once great city. At one end of the city, the portal to the Chamber can be found.


  • Guardians

The Chamber
The Eighth Dungeon: Eligos [Overview] BO0prri

Once entering the Chamber, the scenery seems more civilized, the room covered with runes glowing with lava, massive piles of gold along the walls, some of it melting due to the high temperatures.


  • Lava Boss

Dungeon-Beast Transformations

  • Stone and Lava Construct

    • Perks:

      • Takes half melee damage.
      • Stone Claws: B-tier natural weapons
      • Loses any racial downsides to strength, speed or magoi.

    • Downsides:

      • Loses all racial perks to strength, speed or magoi.
      • FC must resemble whatever beast is being used
      • Sprints at a maximum of 6 m/s.

  • Lava Beast

    • Perks:

      • Loses any racial downsides to strength, speed or magoi.
      • Sprints at 15 m/s
      • All body-based attacks inflict passive C-tier burn damage on top of the regular damage from the attack.

    • Downsides:

      • Loses all racial perks to strength, speed or magoi.
      • FC must resemble whatever beast is being used
      • Takes double damage from Water/Ice based attacks.


  • You must post within 48 hours from when it has become your turn. If you do not, you are subject to being hit directly by one of the enemies or some other form of punishment.
  • If an enemy does not post within 48 hours, you are free to presume that your hit went through and killed it.
  • Only 4 groups can enter the dungeon at once. Groups can be no larger than 2 people. So it's a race to get into the dungeon first. A large amount of people can join The Gate topic, but only those with tickets may enter. If it is discovered that you did not want to enter the dungeon but you bought a ticket to block others, you will have your warning bar docked.

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