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The Sixth Dungeon: Cimeies - An Overview

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

The Sixth Dungeon: Cimeies - An Overview UTNjHS2

~The Djinn of Plague and Pestilence~

The Gate

The Sixth Dungeon: Cimeies - An Overview 6e7djF5

An avalanche rent the earth apart when the Dungeon rose, leaving a thin zig-zagging path over an immense cavern. The path is slippery from water dripping off of stalagmites on the cavern ceiling. Following the icy path leads you deep underground, until a giant door can be seen in the distance. A small gate at the end of the path leads you to a platform at the base of the Dungeon's Entrance.

The Main Hall

The Sixth Dungeon: Cimeies - An Overview Swamp_by_blinck-d2xmqep

Don’t wade through the murky waters of the Main Hall, creatures lurk within the poisonous waters. Stay on the path or risk taking damage. Giant trees loom over head, homes built into the side of them with raised platforms connecting them together. At the end of the swamp there is a tent sitting on a raised platform. Enter to find the door to The Midway.


  • Pesky Flies
  • Anaconda
  • Gloomy Owl

The Midway

The Sixth Dungeon: Cimeies - An Overview Forest_temple_by_richarddorran-d52ck1z

Opening the tent flap, another world is found inside. A small creek winds down over a massive cliff, falling into a dark abyss. In the center, a massive island with wildly colored vines and mushrooms, hung suspended in the air. Several large vines grasped onto the two rock cliffs on either side of it. Within the vines, the glimmering outline of doors pulsated around the trunk of the plant island. Each of these doors leads you deeper into the dungeon. But which one leads to the Necropolis that you seek?


  • Plague Mosquitos
  • Ratwings
  • Tendril Growth
  • Matured Tendril Growth

The Necropolis

The Sixth Dungeon: Cimeies - An Overview EYmBWu9

A remnant of Alma Toran, a dead city in ruins. Make your way carefully to the Chamber Entrance in the middle, as the ground is not stable and you may be ambushed by the plagued ghosts of the town or by fellow dungeon contenders.


  • Plagued Ghost

The Chamber

The Sixth Dungeon: Cimeies - An Overview Tower_in_the_swamp_by_elifsiebenpfeiffer-d7ihfsj

The Chamber is a desolate desert wasteland, with large bones and partial buildings protruding from the dunes. A wicked wind that reeks of death streaks across the desert. To the north, a sickly green light pierces into the heavens above through the roof of a small building. If one were to open the door, they would find a table made of bones with a dagger radiating the green light.


  • Venomous Hydra

Dungeon Beast Transformations

Plague Rat –

  • Can register three abilities to use Plague magic up to B-Tier.
  • Can use claws, fangs and tail as natural C-tier weapons. Can repair like an item but it will require a prosthetic replacement.


  • Heat magic abilities deal damage one tier higher.
  • FC must resemble a rat.

Plague Walker –

  • Gaseous Form: Immune to physical attacks, abilities with magoi still damage you. Gives flight up to 10 m/s.
  • Can register three Plague magic abilities up to B-Tier.


  • Heat and Ice based magic deals a tier higher in damage.
  • FC must resemble a gaseous form.

The Djinn


  • Would prefer to be the only Djinn in possession of the King Candidate, though if dedication to his use if proven, this may be avoided.
  • Desires a specific goal to be used for
  • Demands loyalty, as a disloyal friend may abandon or abuse the Djinn

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Some time ago…

Saranya shivered as she moved through the blustering cold winds. She did not know why the rukh wanted her to come here for this, but where the rukh directed, she listened. She had not been fully prepared for the wintry tundra of Imuchakk, but she found a small outcropping of rocks and used a heat spell to start a fire to warm her hands by. Her teeth chattered as a gust of wind nearly tore off the warm cloak she was wearing. When she could feel her fingers again, she trudged back on her way. It was only a bit farther…

Arriving at the entrance to the cave that had been uncovered by a recent, small avalanche, she made her way inside. Using light magic, she hid herself from the view of all the random creatures that used the cave as a source of shelter, having no desire to disturb their homes. The deeper into the cave she went, the colder it got, until she finally arrived at the end of a small tunnel that opened up into a large chasm. On the other side of the chasm was a large platform of ice, perfect for what she intended. She hummed softly as she directed the rukh fluttering around her to begin laying out a sturdy ice path across the chasm. The ice winded around the chasm in a curved path that changed directions every few meters.

The path was about two meters wide and a little slippery, but a person would not be in danger of falling if they were careful. As it wound down to the massive outcropping of ice on the other side of the chasm, she alighted carefully and looked back at her handiwork. The bridge looked stable enough, so she was content. Turning back to the true task at hand, she moved further into the open area. The dungeon she was to raise would be for Cimeies, the djinn of Plague and Pestilence. She asked the rukh for guidance on what this djinn might find appealing for a King Candidate, and through the icy cave, she heard the faintest of echoes as the rukh responded.

“Loyalty. A true goal. Partnership.”

Saranya nodded and then used her magoi and that around her to pull the massive creation from the other dimension. The ground shook and she could hear ice cracking as the structure was raised and created out of the materials of the mountain itself. The shiver that passed through her this time had nothing to do with the cold. Pure magoi flowed from her as her task was being completed. She pulled from the magoi of everything around her as she tired, rejuvenating her efforts. Once she completed her job, she stood back to admire her handiwork. Yes, this would do nicely. The resonating sound of rumbling and groaning ice around her made her eyes widen. Perhaps she should have given more thought to the side effects of raising a dungeon under a mountain.

She could hear the rush and grumble of snow through the stone and ice around her. Using gravity to lift herself into the air, she flew herself out of the cave quickly, just in time to see a massive avalanche that dwarfed the smaller one of a week ago. It seemed as though an entire part of the mountain were falling, rushing towards the Imuchakk villages below. She gave a wince, but made no move to stop the flood of snow and rock. The rukh had directed her to raise the dungeon there, it must have known what would happen. So she allowed fate to play its hand, though she gave a sad sigh at the loss of life that would occur. Fate must have its reasons.

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