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Vodarara's Storage (Invite Only, Semi-plot/Personal Place)

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Weeks later from Vodarara’s slaying of the Queen

It seemed to these caverns themselves some calm had returned a slow movement of waters both hot and cold that rose to the surface in secluded isolated and somewhat hidden spots on the mountainside became slightly larger as well as the change of how the water was that was passing through the mountain, Vodarara himself had begun setting up somewhat of a small base of operations in the mountain itself in the secluded section itself, setting himself up a somewhat makeshift camp, it would likely never be perfect but he didn’t need perfect he rarely stayed in one place for a long time this was just allowing him a place to be able to stockpile resources that he didn’t want to risk leaving in the cache’s he had been replacing over imuchakk that were wiped out during the avalanche.

This place at least allowed him the ability to wash in waters that he wouldn’t really need to spend time heating or to brave the cold to clean himself, it was somewhat more different that rubbing yourself down with damp cloths to clean yourself when you could feel the light temperature slowly penetrating into your muscles.

His little rabbit wolf still seemed to be hanging around him most likely for the food, however the huntsman could not feel at ease, he could never feel at ease, there seemed to still be tension in the air and it seemed that whatever was lurking in the darkness was not over in the very least, the wilds, the nature, the lay lines still all had some sort of disturbance affecting their normal flow which was becoming more and more evident, though it still averted his eyes and there was very little he could do other than trying to find any trace he could, but he constantly found himself at dead ends or bad leads.

He would need to find time to visit The Forest Groves to at least meditate on what he was thinking, maybe that would bring him some information or aid to at least bring one closer to the spirits of the wilds that have a greater eye for such things than a mere human could.


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