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A New Adventure (Personal Plot|Solo)

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Marsun Vajra

Marsun Vajra
A familiar swath of red locks blew serenely in the gentle breeze that passed through the city of Reim. Standing atop one of the many roofs that composed the city's skyline, Marsun's ruby red eyes gazed with determination across the landscape below him. It was the first time he had been to any city outside of Balbadd and it was definitely a new experience for him. Standing above the city, Marsun began to remember just a few days earlier when his parents had first approached him with the task of venturing out into the world. They had told him that he wouldn't be able to learn anything by simply staying in Balbadd. He would have to go out and experience what the world had to offer. That, however, had only been what his mother had asked of him. His father, on the other hand...his request was a bit more lofty. He had been ordered to go out and make the Vajra Spearfighting Style known around the world and, if possible, to join a magician's household in order to accomplish this goal. But where would he be able to find a magician? As far as either he or his parents knew, there weren't any living magicians currently, so accomplishing that part of the task would be rather problematic. And even if he did in fact find a magician, there was no guarantee that said magician would have use for a bodyguard. Even still, Marsun was determined to carry out his tasks and see them through to the end. While Marsun had no real issue with the tasks he had been given, he knew that they would take quite a bit of time to accomplish. This was also due to his own personal goals he wished to bring to fruition. Tightening his grip slightly on the spear shaft that was planted in the ground at his side, Marsun gave a slight nod then removed the spear from the ground.

"Mother, father...I'll make you both proud!" He spoke in a hushed tone before leaping down from the building and making the first steps on his journey.


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