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Giving Freedom [Job/Solo]

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Mikazuki Tenma

Mikazuki Tenma

Job Name: Master and Slaves
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 100 XP / 7,000 Huang
Job Overview: Several slaves ran away from their master! Now the master is asking you to chase the slaves and bring them back to him, as he plans on teaching them a lesson.

Capture the slaves and bring them back for a reward, or assist in their escape and be approached by them later to be rewarded for your assistance.

If you choose to let the slaves go away, you will face the slave master’s rage

Enemy Name:Slave Master (x1)
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: Slave Master can sprint at up to 9 m/s or fly at 5 m/s through Gravity Lift, the spell.
Firewall – Slave master can cast a wall of fire which is 5 meters long and can move up to 10 m/s up to 10 meters away. It will deal B-Tier damage if hit.
Fireball – Slave master cast 4 fireballs which is 5 meters in diameter that will move up to 20m/s up to 15 meters away and deal B-Tier damage.

Or if you choose to chase the slaves.

Enemy Name: Slaves (x4)
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Slaves can sprint at 7 m/s
Punch – Slaves can send a powerful punch at 10m/s and deal C-Tier damage
Kick – Slaves can send a powerful kick at 10m/s and deal C-Tier damage

Bored… Tenma thought to himself, lazily laying his own body on the bed after taking off his coat and shirt. He could feel the smooth fabric on his skin and it felt good, he always like a new clean bed sheet, smelling the soap’s smell and the clean feeling from it made him calm. This was what he liked to do when he was a kid, running to the clean pile of bed sheets and trying to snuggle to the sheets. Tenma put his palm to his forehead, slowly using the hand to move down and covered his eyes while feeling a slight pain in his heart. I wonder for how long I can hold myself… he gritted his teeth and turned to lay his stomach on the bed, Little sister… save me…before I really fall…

Suddenly, his room door was forced open and surprised him. He instantly sat up while carefully gripping his wakizashi that was hidden under his coat that was placed beside him, he watched as a man entered his room with a frown showing from his face. Acting surprised, the man asked, “W-what is going on?” He was eyeing every move the man’s made as he walked to approach the one eyed man and observing the room. “Tell me, Sir. Have you seen 4 slaves around here? Or possibly hiding my slaves in your room?” The man took out his staff and pointed it to Tenma, “Answer it, Sir. Or I’ll burn you.”

With a smile, Tenma stood up, not showing a fear towards the man and casually said, “I haven’t see anyone as I’m just planning to have a good rest until you barged in…but I suppose I can help you to find your slaves.” He paused and laughed, “That… if you want my help.”

I should try to find the slave… maybe she’s there… The swordsman murmured to himself and readying himself after the slave master agreed to use his help. After the slave master gave him some information about where possibly the slaves go, Tenma headed out and started his search. “Alleyways, eh..?” Tenma spoke to himself before he exited the inn, watching as the rain came down hard to the ground and night embarked in while memorizing the clue from the slave masters and also his rescuing mission with Kaveh at the other day. But no, he wouldn’t torture anyone today… or tomorrow, it would make his human side weaker and if his dark side managed to overthrown it, he wouldn’t be able to find his little sister… forever. He wouldn’t want it. And with that, he walked through, letting the rain wetting himself and faded into the dark passage.

The one eyed man slowly walked, observing each alleyways to find the slaves which were quiet easy to find. He spotted several people trying to find a shelter behind a pile of trash bags, hiding themselves from any danger that might bring them harm. After plastering his friendly smile on his face, he slowly approached the slaves and carefully said, “Excuse me…I--” in instant, a slave jumped and attempted to send him a kick before the swordsman could finish his words. Already predicted the incoming attack, Tenma used his wakizashi to defend himself and redirect the kick and catch the feet. He was not letting the feet go no matter how the slave struggled to release his feet from the black haired man grip. “I’m not here to bring you back to your master…” He paused, giving icy cold glance to the slaves and released the slave’s feet. He observed the slaves still being on guard, not willing to trust the swordsman that easily. Tenma sighed and gazed at each slaves, he saw the man who sent him the kick, behind him was a woman with brown hair and nice body feature, beside the woman was a boy, probably was 17 years old and the last person hid him/herself by wearing a hooded coat. The black haired man raised an eyebrow and asked, “Can you open your hood…?”

“W-what the heck?!” The protective man from before yelled at Tenma and quickly protected the hooded person. The swordsman escaped a sigh again and explained himself, “I’m looking for a girl… with wavy black hair and has eyes that were slightly tilted upwards at the ends.” The slaves raised their eyebrows and revealing the person inside the hood. The swordsman eye twitched as he saw the figure to have the same features as his little sister, who had the slightly tilted upwards eyes, a black wavy hair but when he wanted to said something, he noticed the different eye color and stopped himself. It’s not her…

“W-what do you want with my little sister?!” The man hugged his sister and yelled at Tenma, he was glaring at the swordsman but it was normal, very normal if the older brother was that protective to his little sister, just like Tenma. But something disturbed Tenma’s time to answer, “So… all of you are here… It’s time to go back to your master, you filthy dog!”

The slaves were ready to protect themselves but stepped back as the slave masters pointed his staff, “Come here or I’ll kill you in instant!” He threatened the slaves and tried to cast Firewall.  The spell failed as a quick figure sent two diagonal cuts  to the slave master, making him drop his staff to the ground and then proceeded to send another blow as Tenma sent two front kicks to the man. He watched as the slave master hit the wall and unconscious before turning his back to the slaves, “All of you have to go… I would suggest all of you to move to another country right now.”

“W-why did you want to do this for us? We are…just a lowly slave.” The black haired girl nervously spoke to Tenma, tears began to flow down from her eyes. “If you find a girl who looks like you… and have this golden eyes that sometimes will change into a ruby colored one, please protect her and tell her to stay right there.” After that, without wasting any time, the one eyed man picked up the slave master and walked away. No he didn't plan to torture the slave master, he would just throw him away somewhere and leave right away without even planning to interrogate the man. He felt tired and need some peace… so maybe playing one or two songs by his flute will be calming.

After he threw the slave masters to the sea of garbage, several cloaked figures approached him and calling him, “S-sir, we would like to thank you before we left the country. So here’s a little penny for you…” The black haired girl timidly approached Tenma and pulls his hand to her, placing a small bag on his palm. “It’s his money though… but please consider it as a reward… and…and… I’ll help you to find that girl…” The swordsman smiled and ruffles the girl’s hair carefully, but stopped himself when the girl asked if they could be his slave instead. “I won’t make you guys as my slave… but if you need anything, you can always ask me.” The man approached Tenma as well and asked, “Can you tell us your name, Sir?”

As the moonlight shone, Tenma smirks and anwered, “Mikazuki Tenma… the crescent moon demon. Nice too meet you all…”

WC: 1089/1000
Stamina : 140/200

Abilities Used:

Name: Kesagiri II
Tier: C-Tier
Cost:20 | 10 sustained
Weapon Type: Katana
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 3 posts or Sustain+1
Description: The user performs 2 downward diagonal cuts to the target at 15m/s, each slash inflicting D-Tier Damage.

Name: Parry
Tier: C-Tier
Cost: 20 | 10 Sustained
Weapon Type: Katana
Class: Defensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 3 posts or Sustain+1
Description: The user is able to redirect up to B-tier attacks with their katana at 15 m/s.

Name: Nidan Geri
Tier: C
Cost: 20 | 10
Weapon Type: Foot
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 3 posts or sustain+1
Description: The user will send 2 front kicks to the target at 15m/s, each slash dealing D-Tier damage.


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