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Haunting Past [Training/Solo]

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Mikazuki Tenma

Mikazuki Tenma
At the garden full of flowers and the wind blows softly through the place, two children were happily playing together. The little girl ran with a cheerful laugh while her older brother chasing her playfully, pretending to be a demon who likes to eat bad children. “You are not going to catch me big brother!” The girl said playfully; keep running straight while using one hand to hold the heat on her head so the wind cannot blow it away. The boy grinned and quickening his pace, “Don’t underestimate your big brother, I’m gonna eat youuuuu.” He let out a grim laugh that similar to a demon’s laugh to the girl which was replied with a cheerful squeal from his little sister. Smile appeared on the boy’s face as he was a little step closer to the girl, and with instant, he jumped and hugged the girl until they both fell into the flower bed. “Uhhh…” The little sister whimpered in her brother’s arm and that made the boy loosening his hug, quickly checking his sister’s condition. “A-Are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere?”

The girl shook his head, “Nooo… I’m okay big brother.” She opened her arms and gave a hug to her beloved older brother. But just when the boy wanted to hug back his sister, a man who had black hair and covered in black colored suit took her away, holding her in a loving manner.

The Father:
Haunting Past [Training/Solo] Qvf4ji

“Awww, father, not fair!” The man chuckled and snuggles his daughter more. The boy whined and stood up, cleaning his cloth from the grass and saw his mother entered the garden. He was a son who was very proud of his beautiful mother, her beauty was fascinating and he admired his mother very much.

The Mother:
Haunting Past [Training/Solo] JDpTf7

In instant, the boy ran to his mother and hugged her waist, simply because he was not tall enough to be able to hug his mother for any more higher than the waist part. “Mother, he stole her from meee. Father is being a meanie today! No fair!” The woman smiled to her son, patted his head and gave him some calming words, “Now now Caine… You can hug your sister as much as you can after we come back home okay?” The boy tilted his head, wondering where his family will go without him today. “Where are you going today? You are not going to take me with you?” The mother laughed at her son and ruffed his hair, “We are just going to take your sister to buy her school uniform, and I promise we’ll come home soon.” As the boy smiled at his family and waved his hand, he turned around but had this kind of weird feeling from behind and turned around again to see his family. But what happened before his eyes was certainly shocking for him; he saw his mother and father being brutally murdered in front of his eyes, their blood splattered and burst from their body. “F-father?! Mother?!” The boy quickly ran to approach his family, but the ground began to crumble and making the boy cannot continue his step. His face was stiff, fear could be seen in his eyes as he saw a man brought his unconscious sister away. “Nooo! Don’t take her!” he panicked and tears began to flow from his eyes, “What’s going on… am I all alone right now…? I… I don’t want to be alon—“ Suddenly the ground under him collapsed and pulled him to enter the darkness, engulfing his screaming sound as he descend into the void.

“Khhhh!” Tenma gasped and quickly stood up, he was sweating a lot and it made his cloth wet. His heart beating fast and his breathing was heavy. The past began to haunt him again, and his loneliness and longing for his family’s presence drove him crazy to the point he could even kill himself. His sister was his only reason for living, even though he didn’t know about her condition at all, he didn’t even know if she was alive or not. I need to be stronger… if I’m strong enough, I can find her. But is she even alive... I…   The swordsman covered his face with both of his hands, letting out a loud mental scream and groaned after that. I need to train… The man walked to the bathroom, he needed  to wash his face with cold water, and when he looked at the mirror he could saw his eyes that always been covered. The crimson color glowed right beside his golden orb and Tenma took his eye patch and wore it, once again covering his red orb.

He headed to the empty lot outside and started to stretch his body. He focused to work out his leg because he wanted to learn a martial arts move today that will require him to use his leg. He ran on the spot for around 100 steps and began to practice a move. He would learn how to attack with Nidan Geri today. He began to send 2 front kicks to invisible target for around 100 times, until he got the hang of it. Thinking that his stance was already good enough, he stopped for a second and thinking to quicken his pace. He did another round and increased his kicking speed into 15 m/s per kick to the invisible target, first kick was done by his right leg and second one was done by his left leg until he finally managed to learn Nidan Geri. The sun was not up when he started his training before, but as he kept trained himself to do the move, the sun was already up there and shone brightly. Well, Tenma would never notice the hour and would keep continue to train himself until he realized that he might overdoing it, that was a real part of the swordsman personality. Back then his parents scolded him a lot for overdoing anything, like he could even spend the whole day to study without even have to eat, drink and doing anything else that he supposed to do. He smiled at the thought, back then it was very peaceful. But he stopped thinking about that, his quest couldn’t be taken so lightly, he had to be stronger.

WC: 1050/1000
Ability Learned:

Name: Nidan Geri
Tier: C
Cost: 20 | 10
Weapon Type: Foot
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 3 posts or sustain+1
Description: The user will send 2 front kicks to the target at 15m/s, each slash dealing D-Tier damage.


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