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Roats Kale [Lagi/Solo]

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Lagi was at the EL Nagi village at first, he was gathering his materials for excavating plants and grass El drago was with him this time around, the old dragon was well rested these past few days since he got to sleep and lounge around when Lagi was off on his unity corps agenda. The future of these results would affect the unity corps too, for the better of course. “Ahhh, I’m all packed up. Is there anything else I need?” Lagi was talking to one of the elders named Gemock. Gemock EL Nagi was a pretty laid back guy who always had his smoking pipe at hand. He was particularly fond of herbs and roots that had distinctive effects on the body, as well as the reaction that it would have when mixed with certain elements, like fire or water. For example, the special ward herbs usually take their effect when they are burned. Gemock made for a good council and he was rather pleased that the head of the clan took more of an interest in another part of the El Nagi Culture. “ Yes, you should have everything that you need for the time being. This is a lot different than tracking animals, every discovery is a learning experience that could potentially shape the future of things, even the way that you currently think. “ Gemock went on as he blew small circles from his pipe. Lagi nodded his head and walked toward El Drago. “Alright, I think I got about the most of what you were trying to tell me. I’ll be back soon and tell you what I find. If my father asks, just tell him I went to the western front “ Walking towards El Drago, the dragon looked up and lowered his tail for Lagi to get on. “Since when was you into plants in the first place?“Lagi smiled as he got on the back of his companion. “First time for everything I suppose. I’ll give you the coordinates that I got from the Elder, lets go.”

About a half an hour of flight, Lagi’s new interest with herbs was something that he didn’t expect from the king. He wanted to learn more, as well as the item that Lagi was setting out into the western front to find.” What exactly are we looking for in the first place? You didn’t say much about it on the way over here.” Lagi closed his eyes as El drago remained stationary. “I think it was something called Roats Kale. One of the village elders of my clan Gemock, you know who I’m taking about right? I was talking to him about wanting to make a health potion, there are many times where I feel as if healing myself or someone else would be too costly when it comes to Magoi, so we should just splash a potion on them. Easier said than done, the damn thing is expensive, even though I can afford it. But why buy what you can make? Get it? So the elder tipped me off on Roats Kale, saying that it had raw healing properties and that the El Nagi grinds it into paste to place on wounds. I want to see if this thing can be used to make a potion as well.”
El drago hummed and then let Lagi down in the particular area that he wanted to go. “Well, here we are. Now for the description of the Roat’s Kale, it had a particular shine to it. Similar to how someone would describe a ghost of some sort, of a specter in the stories. A Palish blend of white and gray. “ Lagi walked over to the plant that had the particular qualifications that he just mentioned and brought out a small gardening tool. “Oh, safety first….” Lagi put on a pair of gardening gloves as well as he went over to the plant and scooped it up. “Hmmm…” Lagi examined the plant, noticing the texture and the gleam shine that the Roats Kale has in the sunlight. “There’s more that seems to be around..” Lagi would look around the area from where he scooped up the roats kale and noticed that there were plenty others. “I see so the el nagi members would usually scale this small mountain if they didn’t have an individual with a pet that could fly. In this case, we have manta nowadays. Afterwards Lagi continued his gathering and examining of the roats kale.


abilities used
Emerald of ashanti- 50% WC reduction to missions

Herbalism: the study or practice of the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants, now especially as a form to discover other herbs and study them. Ever since the El nagi clan started using special herbs for the beasts , such as the herbs with the scent to ward off animals, Lagi’s knowledge of herbalism increased as he started to look more into it with professional value. This gives Lagi the ability to identify specific herbs and plants, as well as the common uses and properties. With this knowledge, he is also able to locate their natural areas of their growth for collection.


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