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Simple Concentration... [Training;Solo]

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Asha's training had been extraordinarily intensive this past week. While the other spells and subjects have been going well, there has been one goal she had for this week that's stumped her outright--trying to master a spell that 'tracks' a person's life signature. Having come into her own with life magic and starting to understand the intricacies of using magoi and communicating with the rukh, her studies have been going much more smoothly compared to her first day at Magnostadt.

First, Asha hit the books, learning everything there is to possibly know, at this level of schooling, about creating small deposits of magoi and transferring them to tangible entities to "find" them using her skills as a purple magician. She read that deposits of magoi require great concentration, and the ability to only release a small amount of energy in order to complete the task, rather than Asha's usual method of throwing the full force of all her energy into every spell in some dramatic fashion. If by focusing her magoi she could better control her magical powers, it would help her both cast her new spell and better suit her future endeavors in creating, executing, and controlling magic. With all the knowledge she's gained from just a little bit of light reading, she decided to practice on unsuspecting students to see if she could actually perform the deed. Asha waited by the entrance of a very busy walkway, and spying suitable candidates for her work, let out tiny discharges of magoi, and trying to get them to stick to people around her. Unfortunately, magoi wasn't quite as adhesive as she'd hoped, so she'd have to implement some sort of tool in her magic to actually have something to track.

As the passersby walked around, Asha focused her energy, discretely of course, before giving commands to the rukh, holding her fingers around her mouth as if she was blowing a dart, and shot concentrated magoi at an unsuspecting student. When she could sense the magoi moving, in tandem with the student she had just marked, she finally completed her task! The spell Shukah Mnarah has finally been learned!



Ability Learned:

Name: Shukah Mnarah
Tier: D
Cost: 10 | 5
Element: Life
Class: Supplementary
Range: 10m
Cool-Down: 2 posts or sustain+1
Description: A single thorn of about 1cm thickness shoots an enemy at 10 m/s, leaving a small ball of magoi that allows Asha to track the life signature of the opponent within a range of up to 10m. For how ever long the spell is sustained, it will track the opponent. The thorn can be removed by any means, however.


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