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Simple Diplomacy Pt. 1 | D-Tier Mission | Solo

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Job Name: Simple Diplomacy: Part I
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Your assistance is requested; they need you to go to The Crown and help work out a trading program with a small fishing village near Balbadd. All that the village chief wants in return for loads of fish is a guarantee that his village will get military support in the future.

After quickly and efficiently defeating her last opponent for her mission she figured she could do another one, and get twice the work done, it wasn’t anything too important though.  Cherilyn was just on her way to meet up with a client she had set some business up with, it was about noon and she had finished her first mission beating up that old rough pervert. She smiled, it was funny to see him fall down, he fell like such a dork. She was on her way to set up a trading program between the kingdom of Balbadd and a small fishing village on the outskirts of the kingdom. Hoping that everything would go according to her plan, she could go in and out, and mission done and she could retrieve her reward.

She had walked down the dirt road that was suppose to lead her right into the fishing village, she heard the women talking. “Alise, did you hear how they are sending someone from Balbadd, if we don’t give fish they might attack?!” Alise, known as the other woman gasped. “Yea! I heard the person they sent is taking it by force if we even try to resist! Should we hide, with Narin?” The women’s conversation was nothing but lies and rumors, she clenched her fist, in her kingdom rumors never passed around, and if they did they never last for more than a few mere seconds. “Humans…” She whispered to herself, they all just seem to love to cause trouble and lies, well every living creature did, just humans more than others.

Cherilyn walked into the village meeting with the chief. “Hello, my name is Cherilyn Rosethorn. I am speaking on behalf of Balba-” The chief rudely intercepted. “Yes. I know who you are, no villager dresses in a dress that screams riches.” She sighed. “So you do understand that you’ve set up a meeting for this day then right?” The man nodded slowly. “Well yes, but now we’ve been given the attention we needed, that we requested months ago!” She nodded, hearing the man out. “We need to be ensured that we have the Kingdom’s protection we want militiamen stationed here to make sure our village doesn’t get attacked!”

Cherilyn nodded and had a small hum. “Hermm. Well then. What do you have to offer in trade for your request.” The man looked her in the eyes. “We have tons of fish to give, extra. We could supply the kingdom with our fish.” Cherilyn smiled. “Perfect! That’s actually what I was sent here for, we’ve been needing fish, so in return I promise sir you will get your promised protection, we’ll send militiamen on a daily basis to make sure the village is in no harm.” They shook hands and smiled at one and another and went their separate ways. The women waved her bye, happy that the rumor was just a fib, Cherilyn went to go cash in for her reward, and ready for a break, maybe a nap.

Word Count: 504/500
Abilities Used: None

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