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A New Chapter [Job/Solo]

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Kaveh Issa

Kaveh Issa
Kaveh awoke slowly this fine morning. His dreams having been tied to his excavation with Hassan the day before. Despite the battle with the creature that guarded the Library... Kaveh was feeling nostalgic about the entire experience. The excitement of being in a room filled with so much knowledge, the adrenaline of going toe to toe with a being that could end your life at any moment, the relief of leaving the ruins with your body still in tact. Who would scorn those feelings all in one adventure?! It served to make Kaveh a more complete man. He could only imagine his mother's reaction to the things that happened... If he ever told her. He knew that she was worried sick about him, so he had yet to bring it up to her. He wasn't sure if he was going to ever tell her what happened below the sands of Heliohapt.

He spent most of the day with his mother, though. He took her out to the Bazzarre with him and watched on as she mingled with old friends and peddlers. Kaveh was glad to see that Heliohapt was slowly becoming the hustle and bustle type of place that it was before the calamity. As they began to leave the Bazzarre, Kaveh accounted the time. He only had five minutes! He grabbed his mother by her hand and turned her to face him, "I'm so sorry. I forgot that I was supposed to go to the Historical Society this afternoon. I need to head that way now." The red magician watched as his mother's face softened. She was really enjoying the time out with him. She began to smile at him. Kaveh could feel his heart soften and his guilt clutch at him. Before his mother could say anything, Kaveh began walking towards the headquarters with his mother in tow. "Y'know what? I think its time you saw them again. Its been what? Almost a month since you've had a conversation with Akmet? C'mon."

Kaveh walked side by side with his mother and into the Historical Society base of operations. He was greeted by Akmet and Hassan, as usual. Kaveh expressed his concerns in Hassan's health and the large man let him know that he was fine. After a few minutes of Kaveh and Hassan reminiscing over their exploit the day before and Kaveh's mother shared a cup of tea with Akmet, Hassan escorted Kaveh's mother home. The red magician was left their with Akmet and the other higher ups in the Society. "Kaveh Issa. It has been made aware to us that you have an insurmountable thirst for knowledge of the ancient ways. We, the council of the Heliohapt Division of the Historical Society, extend membership to you. If you are willing to accept it, say 'I am'." Kaveh nearly jumped on the words, but decided to hold his tongue for a moment. Are there any downsides to joining this society? Probably not... "I am."

Akmet and the other council members gathered closer to Kaveh and gave him a welcoming handshake. "Splendid! Now, first things first, if you are going to explore these ruins and temples, You will have to become a bit more... independent. You can't keep running back to us every time you find something, lad! Therefore, I will teach you the Torran language." Kaveh's eyes widened and he couldn't help himself, but to hug the elderly man before him. The Society saw that as Kaveh's complete acceptance.

The next few days consisted of lectures of the Torran alphabet. Kaveh was almost able to recite them as quickly and clearly as his own tongue's alphabet. Akmet was making sure that the young man was quite thorough with the language. The last thing they wanted to do was report false information. The next few days, Kaveh was drilled on simple nouns and verbs. It was only within a few weeks that the young heat magician was reading hole sentences and passages out of the collected tomes.

"Good! I'm proud of you Kaveh. I can officially say that you can be counted among one of our Researchers now. You took to the language pretty quickly." The older archaeologist went over to his desk and grabbed a pendent and presented it to the heat magician. "This is an official pendent of the Historical Society. Present this at the entrance of ruins that may be guarded. It will get you through... most of the time. Unless the nobility have declared it to require a special edict. Go on and make us proud, Kaveh!" The young man smiled as he stared at the pendent. He bowed to Akmet and the other members of the council before leaving to return home.
Word Count: 790/500


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