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2nd Kodor Exam [solo]

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12nd Kodor Exam [solo] Empty 2nd Kodor Exam [solo] on 24/03/15, 10:30 pm


Right after having arrived within the walls of the grand city of Magnostadt, Zadi and a handful of other newcomers, specifically the mages, were told to wait until at least 2 more "handfuls" of magicians came within the walls of Magnostadt or signed up to enter the Academy. It took about a week and in the meantime, with what little Huang that Zadi had left, rented out a small room where both Joa and Zadi could relax and see the sights, Joa excluded. Zadi had noticed that there were zero non-magical people within the city. Someone was using some sort of magic at some point in time throughout Zadi's lonesome yet enjoyable stroll. The air was friendly with magicians flying and waving hello. It reminded Zadi of Balbadd's market street, but with less markets and people. Lots of flying within Magnostadt. All the same, it was a seemingly peaceful environment. A great place to both study about the black rukh in hiding and relax. Unfortunately, Joa knew he would have to keep hidden if he wanted to help.

After a couple more "handfuls" of magicians either passed through the gate or entered by means of literally signing up from within Magnostadt, Zadi and the other handfuls of mages started their Kodor entrance exams. Through the week of exploration, Zadi learned about these tests and how important they were for magicians within Magnostadt. Special access was given to the best, specifically the Library of Magnostadt. Not only that, but a better education about magic came with such a package, with dorm, FREE! Magicians were praised here and Zadi loved it! However, learning more magic skills wasn't the true reason for being here. Because Magnostadt was the most magically proficient country to date, it would be the most likely place to learn about the origins of the black rukh and maybe even teach Zadi how to eradicate them. Why such a thing hasn't been done yet worried Zadi a little, but for now, heshe worried about getting into the proper Kodor, that being the 2nd where one is given access to the library.

Magicians stepped up one at a time, showcasing their skills with magic. Some were confident enough after their initial test that they were given another challenge, that being fighting two other mages of the highest Kodor. Only one mage was successful in defeating this challenge, and Zadi would make sure to keep an eye on him. Zadi could feel and air of conviction about that strong magician that could help Zadi achieve hisher goals. For now though, Zadi stepped up and was asked to showcase his skills. Zadi used his most powerful magic technique, Kthyr Alyzr, piercing all the dummies that there lined up with 10 different lasers.

The proctors seemed to be impressed by the piercing skills that Zadi possessed and asked himher if heshe wished to participate in the ultimate entrance test of the 1st Kodor. Zadi refused as heshe didn't feel powerful enough to take on two high level student mages. The proctors understood and gave Zadi hisher Academy robes. Zadi was then given a dorm room. Joa wouldn't be allowed to enter the Academy so Zadi created an illusory shell of Academy robes around Joa using Zadi's Theatre until they both got to Zadi's dorm.

Entering the room, it looked to be still filled with a few items from the previous owner, specifically a small image that looked to be made from a combination of strength and light magic. The strength magic must have focused a portion of light and frozen it in time as the image was almost three dimensional. Quite a handy trick that Zadi needed to pick up for his research. However, something bothered Zadi about one of the two people within the image, as if he could recognize someone. However, Zadi ignored it and settled into the room with the image tucked away somewhere for studying purposes. Luckily, due to the resent war in Reim with Magnostadt's involvement, Zadi was given the room as his own, leaving a second bed for Joa. Tragic that such a war took so many lives, but it was also rather convenient at the moment.

290 Magoi/Stamina

Name: Kthyr Alyzr
Tier: A
Cost: 40 | 20
Element: Pierce | Strength + Gravity + Light
Class: Offensive
Range: 40 Meters
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 7 posts
Description: Pierce Magic is combining Light Magic and Strength Magic to form solid light particles. The caster does so by condensing the light particles of Light Magic using the pure force from Strength Magic. This in turn stops the now solid light particles from being reflected/deflected by any and all naturally reflective elements such as but not limited to Ice. However, the light particles have only been condensed into a solid form, so the searing that original light particles possessed is still retained. Using Gravity Magic, the caster is able to now lift and direct the flow of gravity around the now solid light particles and change their direction.

Kthyr Alyzr uses Pierce Magic in the form of omnidirectional lasers that are able to be created anywhere around the caster within 2 meters of him/herself. The caster is able to create and direct 20 lasers, which first appear as 1 inch balls of light. By stacking these on top of each other before applying the final effect of Piercing Magic, these balls of light can be grouped as a single laser. After half a second, the balls then shoot forth as the lasers that are 25 meters long and 1 meter in diameter. These lasers deal cutting/cauterizing damage depending on how many hit the same target, traveling at 25 m/s within 40 meters of the caster. When sustained in subsequent posts, the lasers are able to change direction at 180 degree turns or less.

The lasers are able to deal damage either while grouped together or separated in accordance to the below table:

[Number/Total Damage]

  • 1 / D
  • 5 / C
  • 10 / B
  • 20 / A

Name: Zadi's Theatre
Tier: A
Cost: N/A
Element: Solid Illusion | Light + Strength
Class: Social
Range: 40 meters
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 7 posts
Description: The caster can create up to 20 constructs of varying look, size, and even color. The constructs combined scales measure to be 15-25 meters in diameter, and can be moved at 25 m/s. They can each be freely moved by the caster as long as they constructs are within 40 meters of the caster. However, the constructs are unable to make sound as they are just solidified light. The main purpose of this ability is to preform stories either experienced or fantasied by the caster in order to entertain.


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