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1my character Empty my character on 05/12/14, 01:34 pm

Kitten sama

Kitten sama
my character 9k=
Age + Birthdate:age 12 december 13
Sexuality:At age 12 no interest in romance(could change)
Personality:Kitten loves fun and will do much to get it.He is pretty cruel though and it is a type of devilish fun. He gets mad easily and will rage. He admires few because of how stubborn he is. He always wants to be boss around places and brags a good majority of the time.If he doesn't win in arguments he will try to kill
person that he lost to. He is somewhat of a trickster.
He does pranks involving physical pain for his joy.
He goes mildly insane if things involving sugar are in front of him. He defines humans or anyone with little power as "play things" and "punching bags".He has a good
sense of humor. He is relevantly nice and he wouldnt be defined as completely evil. He  has a known  sense of what he is doing. Some believe him to be a friend and others believe him a Pest. Most people agree he is highly annoying. He is highly disrespectful.
He barely has a sense of manners. He is about as smart as a unhumanly smart Gorrilla(less smart than a human)
He is still studying and training so he gets lonely from his work. In a battle scene he is fully raged eyes chaotic,
,creepy smile,Killer intentions and not much time for thinking.
He likes torture for seeing the pain in people punier than him.
He views himself as one of the greatest therefore
making him love himself.
people who win other than himself
He is the best in his own mind don't ruin it
his "punching bags' used by someone else
He should have his things and only him
Aspirations:His aspirations are quite simple.
First is to become a cat. there abilities are amazing to him.Second is to become ruler of the world. Third
is to become strongest person in the world. Fourth is
to torture all the weak people of the world. Fifth is to be dungeon king (me shall rule dem dungeons). Last is the greatest of all of them to him. Get a djinn and metal vessel to become Magi. He really likes power.
Phobias/fears:his fear That he has been scared of impacting him greatly, is a Giant Tiger.He once met a person while he was torturing others who had a Tiger. The tiger was unusually
blue and could speak. He ran as fast away as he could, but it chased after him. Finally it caught him. He looked up at it it knocked him out. The next thing he knew he was on the ground next to a nest of bullet ants. This is why he is scared of it.
Face-Claim:Gaara from Naruto
Hair Color:red
Eye Color:red with black tint
Height:140 cm
Weight:70 kilograms
Appearance:He has a Red jacket that has  demon horns and a kitty tail on it. His skin is a pale gray like a light pebble. His muscles on his arms are the size of footballs
He wears black cloth pants and a red ruby ring he hopes to make a vessel. He wears red sandals that are extremely light. He has small  double rowed teeth used for eating loads of giant meat and other food giant sized.
my character 2Q== the back rows with red teeth.He also has a snake like tongue that stretches 3 inches. He has a six pack fully visible and not hidden.
He barely wears a shirt so most of his features show.
Rukh Alignment:white he has a good fate so it is white
Special Traits:
3 inch snake tongue
double rows of teeth back row red
color of his eyes
History:Kittens history will start from being told at
age 4 and have some time skips

                        Age 4
Kitteh was not enjoying training and getting up early for learning stuff already known, It was time for something new. He went outside the training area making sure nobody knew what he was doing. He ran through a forest seemingly near where he had been, he was too focused on the adventure to know how far he had gone. He ran past new tree's he had never seen until finally he  came to a small cave. He thought it looked slightly suspicious. I wonder what is inside he pondered to himself.
Oh well only one way to find out he found his legs moving on there own he wasn't so sure were he was, but he was about to find out. An old man was sitting at a table near him. He decided to go sit down there with him. "Hello?"
he said. The old man looked up at him. "Child I can see your future would you like me to tell you it?".Kitten was excited,"Yes sir I would". "You shall complete your training
and find yourself powerful friends"He said." Here" he gave Kitten a Ruby red ring. "Capture a djinn in this". Yes sir! Kitteh said.

                        Age 7
"Oh Kitten" a voice said from the hall."Yes master"
Kitten said. Kitten had gone through several adventures in the past years and completed tons of training." Are you ready for your first time in the forest? "His master said".
The adventures had been in secret so nobody knew what he had done. "sure Kitten replied. He tried to act excited.
"we are going to a lake" his master said. Kitten had been to the lake five times already. when they got there Kitten and his master went fishing. suddenly he thought he caught a fish. "Master look". He looked around for his master and found that his master was gone. He looked down at the fish he caught. It had a head sticking out of its mouth.It was his masters head. he pulled his master out. He seemed ok. He thought to himself I have finally surpassed him. it was time to find a new master.

                        Age 12
"bye Kitten" the trainees and masters shouted
after 12 years trainees were to go to see the rest of the world.He was ready his muscles bulged in his Jacket showing that he had trained well. Time to see the world.Role-Play Sample:
Kitten had to fix the toilet. His eyes gone red of rage. "stupid thing".He punched hard at the toilet.
                         2 hours later
His hands couldn't stop moving one by one kept going. His punches slamming themselves into the unusually hard toilet."break stupid thing". He kept punching.Crash!!.it broke and his hands were bloodied. He took the toilet to the side of the house. Punched a hole in the wall and chucked the toilet out." Gaah!!". He then took the pieces of the wall and sculpted them into a bowl and peed in it."good enough".Someone was outside watching. He was so fast the person thought he disappeared. He appeared behind the person. He slammed his fist in there back.  Hahaha. sucker. die for the ages.

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2my character Empty Re: my character on 05/12/14, 02:44 pm

Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Before I continue attempting to grade this Character Application, please run through and fix your grammar, spelling and sentence structure.


my character Ari%20Sigs_zpsn7c2bhju

3my character Empty Re: my character on 05/12/14, 03:02 pm

Kitten sama

Kitten sama
bump I hope?

4my character Empty Re: my character on 05/12/14, 03:11 pm

Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Race: You misspelled Fanalis

Personality: You say he is nice, then follow it up with him being disrespectful and cruel.

Aspirations: You say he wants to be a cat, but then say he is terrified of Giant Tigers.

Phobias: Please reword this, as it is not necessary to say "His big fear of all, he is scared of it."

Height: Needs to be in metric

Appearance: Demon horns, kitty tails, snake tongue and double rows of teeth all need to be listed under special traits, Not in appearance. Appearance is for clothing, hair styles, posture, how he carries himself, etc.

For the entire app, please work on the formatting so sentences are not spaced oddly and difficult to read.


my character Ari%20Sigs_zpsn7c2bhju

5my character Empty Re: my character on 05/12/14, 03:29 pm

Kitten sama

Kitten sama
bump again?

6my character Empty Re: my character on 06/12/14, 01:20 am


We will focus on the last one that Ari requested, first. As a role-play site, the ease of understanding another person's writing is important. You should be following proper writing conventions when you make your posts.

There are several things that are meant by this. The first of which is that you should begin your sentences with a capital letter. You should also have adequate spacing between paragraphs, as if you were writing a book. You should have proper punctuation, in order to make your writing flow in an understandable manner. Your sentences should not have random breaks in them, beginning a new line even when the current line has not yet been filled all the way.

Note the one line spaces between each of my paragraphs in this post. This is the general accepted syntax of writing when you are changing to a new vein of thought. This is the same syntax you would use when showing that a new person is speaking, or a new perspective is being used.

The double space between paragraphs, as evidenced here, shows a change in time or a vast change in setting, generally speaking. Some people may simply use it in order to give the reader an opportunity to collect their thoughts on what was written beforehand.

Once your application has an appropriate level of grammar, we will be ready to grade it in earnest.


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