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The Vault of Natalia Greyfield.

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The Vault of Natalia Greyfield.  Aja_sa10
   Name: Natalia Greyfield (Azrael)
   Country Affiliation: Heliohapt
   Race: Imuchakk
   Tier: D-tier
   Specialization: Body Manipulation
   Age + Birthdate: 19, June 15
   Gender: Female
   Sexuality: Heterosexual
   Personality:Natalia's outward personality is best summed up as a ditzy bimbo. She has a bubbly demeanor, generally acts politely towards everyone, proclaims trivial “accomplishments” with near exorbitant amounts of self-satisfaction, and is likely to give people “cutesy” nicknames. She overreacts to minor things, seems to have notably less common sense than normal and talks informally rarely using complicated words. If one were to look slightly further in they would find that she not bothered by many things that happen in life such as and including slavery which hints towards her actual mindset. Her outward personality is partially a ruse, since past events have left her hollow inside the best she can do to feel “alive” is essentially go through the motions with a bubbly personality. Natalia’s true self is much more taciturn and sensible which is marked by a different style of speech. She is able to accept other views as valid, internalize those opinions, and still be able to reject them. She tries to avoid methods she considers dishonest or objectionable but is not above using them. She has unique moral compass and as a result can commit many “atrocities” and vile acts without batting an eye since she considers few things to be inhumane. She is capable of working with people who oppose her views fairly easily for as long as the situation necessitates and does make a note of not making promises she won’t keep unless she can find a loophole out of it. While Natalia is mostly hollow emotionally, she can experience fragments of them in day to day situations and very strongly in spectacular situations. Natalia also has a personality that appears when she use too much of her powers or get really excited about killing something. This “persona” acts erratically and obsessively towards a target in such a manner that could be considered a twisted mix of love, desire, and lust.
   Likes: :Learning: She had access to many medical writings and fairy tales but never a formal education.
   Fact checking things she learned: It helps to sort information and keeps her mind sharp.
   Climatic life and death battles: Death is one of the most definite ends on this plane of existence. A “climatic finale” is one of things she can truly still enjoy.
   Her hair: She was complimented for it by someone important to her.
   Jackals: While she is fond of canines in particular, she loves the visual appearance of jackals.
   Puns and anyone who has especially bad ones: The first book she got from her mentor was filled with bad puns.
   Dislikes: “Herself”: Natalia is generally weary of the personality that appears if she gets to excited about killing or uses too much of her abilities. The true reason for disliking the personality is complex having to do with rejection, a mother’s love, and the concept of humanity.

   The Afterlife: While Natalia has no way of knowing of the great white flow, if she found out she would be repulsed. She would think being happy with loved ones for an eternity cheapens the value of the life and all those who had and had been affected by it. She would rather be alone in a void until her soul fades away to truly have an end.
   Aspirations: Due to circumstances in her past Natalia’s rukh is predominantly black. Her goal is to find out if the cycle the world has its self in is truly good. She wonders if good and bad things happening to people followed by their eventual death perpetuating is actually wonderful or just a pattern that reduce the value of each of those experiences each time it continues. Depending on what answer she finds she may try and “end” the world by find a way to stop the cycle.

 A constant side goal of hers is to go on romantic adventures. Slaying monsters, defeating “evil” cults, finding lost treasure, and beating large game bare handed are things she tries to look out for and she will travel the globe in search of them if she has nothing else to do.

   Phobias/fears: Judging in Cooking Contests: Every time Natalia has been asked to judge a something spectacular has happened. Due to her unique body Natalia can tell nutritional value, taste profile and value of anything from a bite however she does not have a value of taste so all food “tastes” the same. As a result she has a near impossible time which food “tastes” better to her. The first time she was asked to judge ended up in her parent’s death, the second resulted in the death of a family friend and her enslavement, and the third resulted in the death of her mentor. As a result whenever she is asked to judge in a cooking contest of any scale she starts sweating profusely and will start doing increasingly crazy acts to get out of it. Eventually she will run away at max speed screaming bloody murder.
   Face-Claim: Aja Salisbury (Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm)
   Hair Color: Golden Blonde
   Eye Color: Dark Brown
   Height: 173 cm (68 inches)
   Weight: 64.5 kg (142 pounds)
   Appearance: Natalia is a girl of fairly above average height who wears leather sandals, baggy beige desert pants, and a tan poncho that reaches her pelvis. Under the poncho is a sleeveless black top that reaches the top of her abdomen. Her most stand out feature is her slightly wavy golden blonde hair which reaches thighs when bound by her giant green ribbon with a large singular bang hanging down her face. Natalia has a figure that could very curvy but slightly slim as a result of seemingly miraculous fat distribution.She has a hourglass shape with a small waistline, wide hips, full shapely thighs, slim shoulders and smooth skin that is free from imperfections. Her long eyelashes shelter large dark brown eyes which belong to a face that could be described as sharp yet soft with full cheeks, a wonderful jaw and jawline, and small full lips with a pink hue. Natalia also has a extremely large bust that somehow has very little effect on her overall mobility.Her normal persona is very expressive and things like flailing arms and shocked poses are commonplace while her true personality is more static unless emotionally started.
   Rukh Alignment: Black(Unstable)
   Special Traits: Due to her mother cycling large amounts of magoi through her body into her womb for the year she was pregnant, Natalia was born with naturally golden blonde hair and a dark complexion.

Natalia was born to two wandering Imuchakks. During her father’s hunt of the rampaging unicorn her mother, who was still pregnant with her at the time, came into the line of fire. Not wasting a moment dived in front of her took the full brunt of a rampaging unicorn horn as result. Gravely injured but determined, he asked his future wife to charge his harpoon with as much magoi as possible. They then performed a magoi charged harpoon throw defeating the beast and shattering its horn. Due to confusion on how the Unicorn was killed her father was exiled and her mother followed.
 Natalia mother was pregnant for a full year and during which she manipulated her magoi daily keep up her health and skills. Through this action, the extended pregnancy, or a combination of the two, Natalia looked nothing like a typical imuchakk when she was born. Unfazed by their child’s appearance Natalia was raised with love and care in the outskirts of the Imuchakk nation. When she was still a toddler, she and her parents had met a wandering bard who was enchanted by their story and ended up traveling with them. On her seventh birthday both of her parents decided to make her a dessert and turned it into a competition. The resulting hullabaloo over Natalia inability to decide whose dessert she liked better resulted in the rousing of a stray rampaging unicorn while everyone was unarmed. Her parents were able to defeat it at the cost of her father’s life and her mother sustaining mortal injuries. Her mother asked the bard to watch of Natalia and passed on.
After burying her parents, Natalia left the region with the bard. The two wandered together for some time with bard teaching Natalia literary skills and the basics of survival. When Natalia turned eight her unique physiology had started to show become active. The bard had noticed that even though they hadn’t eaten properly in weeks Natalia looked no worse for wear and was actually surprisingly healthy. This came to a head sometime later when she was severely bitten by a large fanged animal. The bard killed the beast, treated the girl’s wounds as best he could, and set up camp for the night hoping that such a sustaining such an injury out in the wild didn’t cripple the girl for life. The morning after the girl could move without much pain and 7 days later the wound had healed without a trace. Thankful for her recovery, the two continued on their travels. Roughly a year later, they had made it to the Plains where they had found a small village at which they had decided to stay indefinitely.She eventually made friends with the children of the villagers and enjoyed the stability of community. When her ninth birthday rolled around all of the friends she had made in the village decided to throw her a party in a nearby cove. All of them had spent the past week preparing a banquet and each expected a review of their labor. Again unable to determine which tastes she preferred she walked outside the cove right into a group of traveling slavers. Though a child, she was an imuchakk and was able to delay the band enough to allow most of the children to escape back to the village preventing the slavers from making an easy haul. Still being a child she was unable to seriously injure any one of them and was enslaved along with a single girl from her village. Being children, they were spared from most atrocities that could happen to newly captured slaves; however they were quickly exposed to many of the world’s horrors as the caravan made its way to Heliophapt. In the deserts outskirts of the deserts near Heliophapt, they encountered a rival slave company which killed their original owners and took them as their own.
 It was in that slave company that Natalia met her mentor, a “doctor” named Stasis whose job was to manage the health and obedience of the slaves. He was a young man who seemed to be descended from Kou linage. Their first interaction could be summed up as him shoving an experimental concoction into her mouth, watching her suffer, and leaving her for dead. When he spotted her in the roll call the next day it was the start of their “partnership”. The first year was less of partnership and more of Stasis experimenting with Natalia physiology while taking notes and as such she endured things like flaying, being burnt alive, bones being shattered and dislocated, impalement and being stabbed, partially disemboweled, etc. continuously. She healed perfectly after each transgression given enough time astounding the man in the beginning. Through these experiments he found out that she was an Imuchakk and that decapitation, grave wounds, strong poisons, and the like would be lethal to her. During one instance of experimentation, the doctor was about to be assaulted an enraged slave. Natalia got up mid “operation” and attacked the assailant, knocking him out, and walked back to Stasis without a word. When he asked her why she had saved him she remarked that she didn’t have to worry about being sold when she was with him and she wondered why she always had a sad look on his face. He formally asked for her name and told her she could have a favor. Her request was to read his notes occasionally, an action which signaled a turning point in their relationship and Natalia’s status in general.
 The next year was easier for Natalia, as Stasis had given her special privileges by informally declaring her his personal slave. Even though he still experimented on her, he was gentler by comparison, doctored her wounds when applicable, and even brought her books when he came back from town. While only Stasis held the knowledge of the girl’s ancestry, the other slavers formed the idea that she was unique in general and as such decided to put her physical strength and vitality to use. Pushing her luck, she agreed to do extra work on the condition that she could take care of menial tasks like cleaning the slaves. While the slavers agreed, Natalia came to question her choices as she got to see the results of the slavers methods up close. Even so she actually came to accept the various slavers silently sympathizing with the life events that led them to this career.
 By the time Natalia was eleven, she had had started doing some of the company’s cooking and bandaged the wounds if she was nearby as the slavers had come to allow small freedoms for her. In a strange turn of events a collaboration of slave groups tried to take down the company she was in. In an effort to stop the dissolution of the band, Stasis suggested pitting their slaves against each other in death battles until a company could not bear the losses and would be absorbed by the winners with the heads of the old company being killed if desired. This idea was accepted easily by the opposing bands as collectively their abled body slaves outnumbered her band’s 5 to 1 as well as having Fanalis.
 A year from that date, the band had been decimated, having fewer than twelve slaves and most of the staff leaving to join the winning companies leaving only the Head slaver and Stasis. As a result, Natalia completely managed the cooking, hunting and other household chores having become adept at them while the other girl from the village participated fought in the last fought for the next few weeks. While the village girl’s talent allowed her to win consecutively, the injuries she sustained eventually made sending her in again a guaranteed loss. With no better alternatives, Natalia was thrust into a life or death battle at the age of twelve. While Stasis’ experiments gave her a monstrous pain tolerance and she had seen plenty of death, violence and brutality in the past years, she herself had not killed a human and had little actual combat experience. Her first opponent was a middle-aged woman incentivized with her child’s freedom if she won. Natalia was quite aware that such a deal was too good to be true; she still could not bring herself to attack the woman and was beaten near death. In half-conscious state she saw Stasis with a sorrowful look on his face. The thought of not being able to his notes caused her to manipulate her body for the first time and impale the women with her hair. In that moment she resolved to live even orphaning a child and snapped the woman’s neck. Her injuries healed quickly after the match, though she was mentally tormented with thoughts of the murder she had just committed. At the same time Stasis had a noticeable change in behavior, rarely experimenting on her and bringing her more expensive books. Eventually they had what could be had an exchange that could actually be called a conversation with Stasis opening up about his life and giving his thoughts about people “twisted” people like himself. When Natalia asked him if it was ok for her to kill that woman he answered with
 “No it was not “okay”, however if you become a vile person, your heart still beats and your will still drives you, if you cause pain and suffering wherever you go are living life meaning all things start and end with you. Even if you are a monster hunted far and wide, doing what you think you have is something every being does and will do no matter regardless of what’s “right”. If you truly feel irredeemable, take solace in the fact that as long as you breathe may find salvation be it punishment or absolution”.
 While Natalia took those words to heart, she was still depressed causing Stasis to give the name Azrael, as an “Amazing moniker for a terrible child”, in an attempt to cheer her up. The name eventually grew on her and she decided to keep fighting in the death battles whatever the cost. Luckily, since slaves are rarely combat veterans and no bystanders could tell she was an imuchakk, she was able to barely win the proceeding matches. Eventually they started throwing adult men at her and when that failed they tried fanalis. She suffered heavy injuries in nearly every match but healed fast enough to participate in the next bout. As the opposing slave companies started to be dissolved and absorbed, the rival groups started to send out the elderly, slaves with tragic lives, the weak and crippled, and even children partially because they were running out of battle able slaves and partially to elicit and sympathetic response from her as Natalia had been doing so well the head slaver decided to let her complete all of the matches even when they were back to full force. Each match for hundreds of matches she killed the opposition indiscriminately. By the time she was thirteen all of the opposing companies had been absorbed and she came to be feared by most of the newly added slaves and staff. She herself could hardly be considered a slave at this point basically staying only because she has no place she wanted to go and no reason to leave.
 Three years after those events, the slave company was stronger than ever and Natalia had inadvertently become a valuable asset in the smooth running of the band. She and Stasis had developed a mutual respect and close bond, with Stasis asking for permission whenever he wanted to experiment and Natalia helping him maintain camp health. Natalia had also learned how to control her bodily functions so certain results could be achieved as well as replicated easier. She had become a spectacular chef and cleaner, while also having become proficient in other areas such as decorum and multitude of household tasks like sewing. She had become exceptionally proficient in speaking and comprehending language while also having good grasp on mathematics. She had also become very familiar with concepts such as deception, idealism, pragmatism, and cynicism from all the books she had read as well as her experiences with slavery and people in general. She was often sent into nearby towns by the head slaver to collect information on climates and unpredicted changes. As her looks and figure occasionally attracted attention she did her best defuse situations and slip away to avoid bringing attention to her movements.
 While the slave operation she was in was nothing compared to the big shots they had made a name for themselves in the underground world. The head slaver had decided to give Stasis a day off and so he and Natalia went out to town. There was an ongoing cooking competition between two small restaurants that day so the doctor did not notice he and Natalia were being followed. Through a strange series of events Natalia was made to judge food for the third time and like before was having an extremely difficult time. Feeling down from memories of the last two occasions, she caught the doctor in the crowd chuckling at before being stab when his guard was down. Natalia ran to his side and after exchanging a few words with her he passed away. Though she had made peace with the fact that they could be killed by an avenger a long time ago the words of gratitude the man had said confounded her and eventually made her fall over halfway into depravity. Ignoring the possibility of exacting vengeance on the assailant, she buried his body and went back to the band of slaves.

 Three years later when her housekeeping skills had peaked and her body fully matured. While she was depraved she still had a fair amount of white rukh in her giving her a desire to explore the world. With regards from the head slaver she left the band and began her journey to observe more aspects of life.
   Role-Play Sample: Johnus Smithus was in near of a tree on a windy day. In front of him was a worn wooden figure. As he raised the knife he gripped in his right hand level with the face of the training dummy he thought to himself Center yourself… Use your entire body to propel the knife into your target. In one swift motion the young man had swung his knife diagonally across the figure’s center of mass. …sigh I suppose I've improved somewhat. The figure, still standing, had gained a black streak across its torso. Tossing aside his recently deformed wooden blade, the boy started walking towards a homely cottage nearby.

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  • Primary - Manipulation
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -


Primary Profession
Related Specialization: Body Manipulator
Profession Title: Performing Artist
Description: Singing,dancing,and acting are respectable professions but being proficient in all three leads to new options as a performer.While not any more skilled than the average man at creating songs,routines,and plays their aptitude at the actual performing of the arts is a helpful boon to realizing any creator's vision
Profession Perks:

  • Moving Dancer-Natalia's dances can cause the average person to feel any specific emotion out of a whole range of feelings depending on her skill.Dedicated word count required for activation per use depending on perk level.
    Perk levels:
    D-tier:Dance moves are perfectly executed.(250 words)
    C-tier:Dances can make the audience feel weak emotions.(500 words)
    B-tier:Dances can make the audience feel moderate emotions.(750 words)
    A-tier:Dances can make the audience feel strong and complex emotions.(1000 words)
    Ω-tier:Regardless of what the audience feels Natalia's movements while dancing are captivating.(1250 words)

  • Voice Control-Natalia's modal register has an expanded range allowing her to talk and sing in a variety of tones and tempos with ease depending on her skill.Dedicated word count required for activation per use depending on perk level.
    Perk levels:
    D-tier:Natalia's singing is smooth and in tone.(250 words)
    C-tier:Can talk and sing in all notes from C-B starting in the first octave and and ending at the tail of the sixth octave.(500 words)
    B-tier:Can talk and sing anywhere from three times slower to three times faster than the average person.(750 words)
    A-tier:Can easily change tone to compensate for echo and acoustics.(1000 words)
    Ω-tier:Anything sung or hummed in Natalia's natural voice sounds amazing.(1250 words)

  • Convincing Actor- Through an increased awareness of her self and others, Natalia is able to put on convincing acts depending on her skill.Dedicated word count required for activation per use depending on perk level.
    Perk levels:
    D-tier:Can convincingly emulate any emotion.(250 words)
    C-tier:Can speak the "part" perfectly and and control the meaning her words convey.(500 words)
    B-tier: Natalia can finely control her body language to support what she is acting.(750 words)
    A-tier: Is still convincing with mild evidence pointing to it being an act.(1000 words)
    Ω-tier:Her rukh/the rukh around her goes along with what she is acting.(can not fool anyone into thinking it is white or black rukh on its own.) (1250 words)

Secondary Profession
Profession Title: Hypnotist
Description: A Hypnotist uses a variety of tools such as suggestion, subliminal messages, meditation, loaded words, etc. to induce hypnotic states in susceptible subjects.
Profession Perks:

  • Trance- Natalia can use hypnosis on herself allowing her to temporarily enter a state of hyper-astuteness. While she is in this state she can consume and process information at accelerated speeds depending on her skill. Dedicated word count per use depending on level required for activation. The trance cannot be entered in normal combat and is immediately broken as soon as she is involved in a conflict.
    Perk levels:
    D-tier: Can fully read and understand text the size of a novel in 30 minutes.(250 words)
         C-tier:  Can form mildly detailed mental image of a scene in a single viewing.(500 words)
         B-tier: Can perfectly remember a sequence of information with 21 “units” by the unit after one exposure. (750 words)
         A-tier: Can create a precise mental breakdown of what is happening in a situation, which core concepts she understands, in real time. (1000 words)
         Ω-tier: Can fully understand a two year daily report on a phenomena in a day.(1250 words)

  • Power of Suggestion- Natalia can hold dedicated sessions to hypnotize susceptible individuals. This can occur above or at the subliminal level. The extent she is able to affect said individuals depends on a multitude of factors such as time, the number of individuals, their mental “rhythms”, their desires and her skill. Successfully hypnotized individuals are able to separate themselves from their preconceived notions and better focus on their current actions allowing them perform at peak efficiency in the current situation, helping them accomplish feasible goals easier.(Allows for D-tier NPCs and willing PCs to be hypnotized through staff approved jobs/chains. Cannot be used in non-dedicated threads, job tier and or chain length varies depending on what is trying to be accomplished and staff regulations.)    

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  • Code:
    [center][b]Half Moon Strike[/b][/center]
    [b]Tier:[/b] D
    [b]Class:[/b] Manipulation
    [b]Type:[/b] Offensive
    [b]Range:[/b] Close
    [b]Requirements/Drawbacks:[/b] Upper arm must be parallel with the spine. The arm performing the ability can not be manipulated for a single post + the amount of times the ability was scaled.
    [b]Scaling:[/b] Hits
    [b]Sustain:[/b] 0
    [b]Cool Down:[/b] 1
    [b]Cost:[/b] 10 Stamina
    Natalia clenches her hand into a fist and increases the elasticity of the arm performing ability while compressing the muscles in her forearm at angle. She then releases the tension causing the forearm to extend in the shape of semi-circle and retract to its original position swiftly causing D tier damage to anything hit by the fist. The semicircle can have a radius of .5 meters and lower giving the technique a maximum reach of a meter from the fist’s original position. The fist can follow a path of any single possible semi-circle contained within a sphere of identical radius that has a center axis parallel to the fist. Scaling causes the forearm to extend in a semicircular arc again after retracting. Natalia can choose to have the successive hits follow differing paths in the preparation phase. She cannot choose a path for the fist to follow mid execution. This ability is compatible with cestuses, gauntlets and brass knuckles.

  • Code:
    [center][b]Revolver Fist[/b][/center]
    [b]Tier:[/b] D
    [b]Class:[/b] Manipulation
    [b]Type:[/b] Offensive
    [b]Range:[/b] Close
    [b]Requirements/Drawbacks:[/b] Natalia has to roll the shoulder of the arm performing the ability for each scaling increases.Natalia's arm take D-tier damage for each sustained hit of the ability. Must be executed with a fist or open palm.
    [b]Scaling:[/b] Hits
    [b]Sustain:[/b] 0
    [b]Cool Down:[/b] 1
    [b]Cost:[/b] 10 Stamina
    Natalia compresses and tenses the muscles in in one of her arms in such a way that it does not affect normal movement. She can then release the tension as she desires to drive her fist/palm a millimeter forward with massive force in whatever position it was in dealing D-tier impact damage to anything in contact with the hand. Scaling the ability causes her to double the previous tension and fold the muscle in on itself akin to paper allowing for hits that occur almost instantaneously after each other when the tension is released. This ability is compatible with cestuses, gauntlets and brass knuckles and can be used in conjunction with hand based strength abilities.

  • Code:
    [b]Tier:[/b] D
    [b]Class:[/b] Manipulation
    [b]Type:[/b] Supplementary
    [b]Range:[/b] Close
    [b]Requirements/Drawbacks:[/b] D-tier damage is taken for each sustain within the same post.
    [b]Scaling:[/b] Number of applicable wounds
    [b]Sustain:[/b] 0
    [b]Cool Down:[/b] 1
    [b]Cost:[/b] 10
    Natalia skyrockets the blood pressure near a wound anywhere on her body while temporarily increasing the toughness of the tissues immediately surrounding the affected spot causing a small but powerful burst of blood to eject any object that weighs less than .300 kilograms and is not deeply lodged in the injury. This ability can eject poisons and foreign bodies that would enter through the tissues or blood flow of the affected wound if used on the post the user is struck with such an attack.

  • Code:
    [center][b]First Layer[/b][/center]
    [b]Tier:[/b] D
    [b]Class:[/b] Manipulation
    [b]Type:[/b] Defensive
    [b]Range:[/b] Close
    [b]Requirements/Drawbacks:[/b] 70% of the torso must be covered by skin. Has to deeply inhale and exhale before each use.
    [b]Scaling:[/b] Defensive Power
    [b]Sustain:[/b] 0
    [b]Cool Down:[/b] 1
    [b]Cost:[/b] 10 Stamina
    Natalia manipulates all the skin on her torso to take on mechanical properties similar to tough, vulcanized rubber. This allows her skin to absorb kinetic energy by deforming slightly at the impact site before rebounding to its initial form enabling her torso to take up D-tier damage form blunt attacks and projectiles with high contact areas.


  • Code:
    [center][b](Law) But It Was Eye[/b][/center]
    [b]Tier:[/b] C
    [b]Class:[/b] Manipulation
    [b]Type:[/b] Offensive/Supplementary
    [b]Range:[/b] Short
    [b]Requirements/Drawbacks:[/b] Vision in the eye that performed the technique becomes blurry for 1 post starting after the post it was last used. The duration of blurry vision increases by one post for every scaling increase. The eye takes D-tier damage each time the ability is sustained in the same post.
    [b]Scaling:[/b] Damage
    [b]Sustain:[/b] 0
    [b]Cool Down:[/b] 2
    [b]Cost:[/b] 20 Stamina
    [b]Description:[/b] Natalia increases the salinity of the aqueous humor in one of her eyes before sealing off and increasing the pressure in the anterior chamber by manipulating the muscles near the eye while also opening a hole in the cornea to match the pupil in size. This causes a pressurized stream of fluid 5 millimeters in diameter and 6 centimeters in length to be ejected up to 2 meters from the pupil in a straight line. This stream causes D-tier piercing damage and if it breaks the skin of a living organism the salinity of the fluid will cause the nerve endings to register a burning pain that will linger with the organism for a single post. The cornea stays open when sustained in a single post; otherwise it is sealed when the stream leaves the eye.



[center][b]First Harpoon[/b][/center]
[b]Tier:[/b] A
[b]Specialization:[/b] Imuchakk Racial
[b]Type:[/b] Offensive
[b]Range:[/b] Medium(5m)
[b]Requirements/Drawbacks:[/b] For every tier the user is below A-tier, add one post charge up time required before use. Stance must be held while charging and if broken, the charging time resets.
[b]Scaling:[/b] Range
[b]Sustain:[/b] -
[b]Cool Down:[/b] 4 posts
[b]Cost:[/b] -
This ability can be used with a thrown weapon or the Imuchakk's hand. First, the Imuchakk takes a stance where their weapon or hand is pulled back. Then, they focus magoi onto the medium of attack before unleashing a powerful throw/thrust. The resulting attack has the benefits of magoi manipulation abilities.


Natalia's Traits

Imuchakk Physiology:

Trait Name: Imuchakk Physiology
Trait Tier: -
Trait Requirement: Imuchakk Race
Trait Description: Those of the Imuchakk are natural born swimmers, hardy against the cold, and incredibly powerful. While their strength does not match the power of a full grown fanalis, they mature to their maximum potential much faster.
Trait Effect:[list]
[*]Can deal B-tier damage with their bare hands.
[*]Their large bodies make them capable of taking more damage than the other races. B-tier damage and under received is reduced in severity by one tier.(Does not stack with other traits.)
[*]All cold/ice damage taken is reduced by 1 tier.(Does not stack with other traits.)
[*]Unique whale-like skin allows an Imuchakk to gain better traction underwater. While underwater their speed equals that of a fanalis of the same tier.
[*]Can hold their breath for 8 posts.(The average character with no related traits can only hold their breath for 2 posts.)
[*]Access to a single Magoi Manipulation racial ability known as "First Harpoon" upon reaching C-tier.

Trait Name: Enhanced Vitality
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Must have Manipulation as a primary class.
Trait Description: The character is replete with vigor and heals perfectly from wounds usually considered lost causes.Aging,sickness,poor health,as well as the wear and tear of daily life are all but unknown.
Trait Effect: On the third consecutive post of rest, the character can focus to recover from wounds on her person totalling up to B-tier damage once per normal thread. This does not allow them to regenerate missing limbs,digits,or organs. The character can recover multiple times a thread if a re-energizing 24 period has passed between rests or they have had time to properly digest multiple meals.

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The Vault of Natalia Greyfield.  HREQtj1
Description: A shard of crystallized fate. When broken, it allows the will of the user to somehow influence their fate. Please see the Shard Systems Page for more information.
Amount: 1

The Vault of Natalia Greyfield.  ZEHsZlC
Name: Onigiri
Tier: D
Description Small snack food.
Effect: Recover 50 Magoi while resting.

The Vault of Natalia Greyfield.  4Dul6P7WRLOvU3mOAFPQ0A
   Name: Dune Rider
   Tier: D
   Type: Magic Item - Hoverboard
   Magic Type: Wind
   Appearance: The item is made completely of a lightweight orange tinted metal. There are black decals around certain areas and two fans on each end. The magic circle is located in the middle of one of the fans.

  • Lift Off - Feeding magoi into the hoverboard will cause the fans to suddenly start spinning and emit a white light. As long as the magic tool is active, the user is able to hover a maximum of 1m above the ground at an equivalent to D tier exceptional speed. 10 magoi to cast | 5 to sustain



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