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[job] My Anaconda dont

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Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa
job description:

Job Name: The Displaced Pt. II/III [Chain]
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Western Front
Job Rewards: 7,000 Huang, 100 XP
Job Prerequisites: The Displaced Pt. I/III
Job Overview:
One of the species you had discovered while documenting the new creatures that had come down from the mountains has been reported to be under attack before full documentation on its abilities could be taken down. They're requesting your assistance in defeating the beast that has come down to prey upon it, so that they may finish determining the capabilities of the new creature.


Enemy Name: Baby World Snake
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: This snake is 8 meters in length and 1 meter in diameter. It has a gluttonous hunger and a piercing stare from its yellow eyes. The creature moves deceptively fast for its size, able to burst to its full speed at a moments notice.
Baby World Snake moves at 15 m/s.
Baby World Snake's bite pierces skin, dealing C-Tier damage through its bite.
Swallowed Whole: This attack swallows the opponent whole, moving it four meters down its gullet at 15 m/s. Once per post, the player stuck within this beast's stomach suffers from C-Tier damage due to digestive fluids dissolving their body.
Snake's Poisonous Bite: This bite imparts a potent poison throughout its opponent's body, causing the bit opponent to move at half speed while doubling reaction time for 2 posts.

Jahangir was busy finishing his report on the animals, the small lizard like creature to be exact. It was awfully redundant but his employers wanted more information on this species, which had to be in his opinion the most boring of them all. I mean other than its aesthetics, it being huge and all their was nothing special to this beast. He wished that the animal could breath fire or sprout wings and fly. The lizard lazily walked around the wasteland in search of food, from what Jahangir could tell he ate just about everything, even other lizards from the same species. 

They didnt seem to be the brightest animals either, they were oddly clumsy and would bump into each other often, some of the younger and smaller ones wold fall into cracks only to scurry out of them later. It was a bit cute however in nature it was less than ideal. It was a surprise these guys hadn't gone extinct, then again for all Jahan knew they could be poisonous. He was actually interested in whether or not he should test this out he could easily just feed the animal to something else. If it dies than the animal is poisoned if not then these guys have the devil's luck. Evolution must have been really kind to them.

The sun was beginning to set and Jahangir was thinking of other animals that he had met today he really wanted to get his hand on the bird that he saw, or that other thing. He couldn't actually put a name to the beast he had saw, the horse-dragon was amazing and fierce and he was attracted to the creature, however what could you simply name it? Jahan shook his head as he continued to write down information about the lizards, he was more so doodling little depictions of the salamander than writing about it. However her figured he would have things his way once again have things his own way regardless of how his employers may take his work ethics.

Jahan was suddenly tipped off by the a sudden rumbling sound in the brush. He peered up stopping his observations and preparing for a fight. It was a brush about 10 meters away from  him . He eyed the bush daringly, he felt something ominous about the sound, and he fingered his sword at the ready to strike at any moment. The inhabitants of the bush were a large and new species of snake called a "world snake" this one happened to be a baby. Jahangir however didnt know a thing about this snake or what it was capable of, or even that it was what lie in wake for him in the brush. He simply knew that he wouldn't  want whatever was in that brush to kill him, not that it could or anything. Jahan had utmost confidence in his invulnerability, he had survived many more situations than he was likely capable of living through. Not to mention the boys blatant disregard for his life, he would rather dive head in to a dangerous situation just for the laughs and thrill then to take careful precautions. 

However thats not to say Jahan is completely foolish with his decisions, in battle he had proven to be rather skilled. However he was young and still advancing in skill.

Jahangir kept his eyes in the brush and soon the animal made itself aware. The Large snake slithered out of the brush and Jahan wondered how anything that large could be considered a "baby". The snake itself was likely preying on the Lizard that Jahan had discovered, which now that he thought about it meant he could name the species. Moving entirely off of track Jahan began thinking of different names for the lizard. Maybe "The great reptile of Jahan" or "Spotted Nikator" or even possibly "Nikomander" yea he was really feeling the "Nicomander" he would write that down in his report. As jahan finished scribbling about the Nikomander his newly discovered species he looked up to the see the idiotic creature just mere meters from the baby world snake. 

"This idiot"

Jahan soon sprang into action leaping for the  Nikomander. The world snake launched at the lizard at the same time, however Jahan was just a second faster and managed to grab the animal a second before it became lunch. He looked at the large lizard it was no joke that these things were probably the most idiotic creature he had ever met. Maybe it wasnt such a good idea to name it after yourself? Yea he would definitely name it something like the "Ludicrisagator". Wait no that sounded way to cool.

The world snake however was far less than pleased and it stared down Jahangir maliciously. Jahan stared back  as the snake began to hiss at him.  At which Jahangir began to laugh to himself. "This guy" Jahan thought, he couldn't believe that the snake had stood up to him. Then again that was the animal kingdom for you, full of entities that were fearless, but this earth worm was sadly mistaken if it thought it could intimidate Jahangir. 

"Sorry you little garden snake. This guy here's mine you should scram before I make a new pair of shoes."

The snake obviously didn't have a clue what Jahangir was saying to him. It responded with a hiss simply flicking its tongue out at Jahan. Jahan smirked before sticking his tongue out. 

"Alright be that way, come get split into two"

The snake lunged at Jahan who ended up throwing his lizard companion in order to avoid the strike. "The snakes poisonous bite" grazed Jahangirs skin however and dealt C rank damage to his chest, while infecting him with a deadly venom. Jahan could feel the poisons effect almost immediately as his vision began to blur. The Snake however was far from finished, knowing its own ability it lunged again attempting to swallow Jahangir whole. However Jahan wouldnt allow it, his speed seemed to have doubled from the adrenaline pumping through his body. Jahan  swung his sword quickly cutting deeply into the snake 4 times, each slash dealing C rank damage and a total of A rank damage.

Jahan panted scratching his head, the poisoned certainly hurt and he had grown tired of his job, he made the trek back to the nearest city to get some anti-venom and a meal.

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