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Liber Aurelius

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Liber Aurelius 607290_zps08614bc2

Name: Liber "Aure" Aurelius
Tier: D-Tier [Novice].
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age + Birthdate: 25 | July 7th
Country Affiliation: Reim
Race: Fanalis
Specialization: Stealth

Personality: As one might imagine, Liber's personality often shifts and takes on different nuances depending on his surroundings and who he is interacting with. A complicated past has taught him the importance of tact, rational thinking, and "proper" behaviour around those of great power and influence. Yet a gentle heart and a heavy conscience lend a preference towards a more casual nature whenever possible. When meeting with a member of nobility or some other high station Liber is polite and cordial taking time to ensure he acts on all social manner and custom he is aware of despite feeling an inner confliction about this kind of behavior and its nature as a general farce. It is a relief to this former slave to find himself in the part of town where he can be more casual if there is indeed a middle class to be found but even prefers the slums to the fanciful life in upper class districts.

When not bound by expectations of etiquette Liber takes on a warm and welcoming demeanor with a jovial take on things. He has always been quick to help the impoverished and the downtrodden when able, the soft spot in his heart bringing compassion and sympathy as one whose past life was rife with suffering. Whilst interacting with others who have no high standing in society or have otherwise established a familiar relation with him, Liber tries to brighten up their day with cheer and merriment.

This man has another attitude he carries with him that is a darker aspect. A relic left over from his days as an assassin, Liber can channel suppressed resentment towards those that use and abuse others into a rage that blinds his vision and dulls his thoughts with the bludgeon of fury. This smouldering anger can be hidden behind bravado and flourishes of social etiquette for a time, but the limits of his patience are not vast and if possible he would act upon these emotions with prejudice.

Another aspect worth noting is the mindset of a slave. While Liber has been a free man for half a decade, there is no amount of time that can fully heal all the mental scars received during a lifetime of forced servitude. Liber has embraced freedom and tries to live by the values of liberty throughout his daily life. But some part of him can't shake off the young boy curled up in a corner licking the wounds his master had given him. That child rarely shows himself to the world, but if drunk enough or captured and forced to relive the trauma, Liber could potentially revert to his old enslaved self. This Liber is much more quiet, timid, and consigns himself to his own fate lacking the mental strength to dream of anything better. Some part of his mind would believe that he deserves nothing more than slavery and in some cases, that he does not even deserve life.

For all his social skill, hidden rage, and all but forgotten slavery mindset, Liber is a strong hearted man in general. He usually finds himself seeing the world with a silver lining and is not afraid to face adversity in order to accomplish what he has set his mind to. Liber finds strength in giving strength to others and strives to better himself so this can be done.


  • Wine and Good Company - While these two things are both certainly good on their own, Liber finds them enhanced when they come in a pair. The man isn't a big fan of drinking but he also can't deny the good times that can be had when doing it with friends and good hearted strangers.
  • Charity - Be it an act of his own or simply one he is observing in others, Liber appreciates the selflessness of giving to those who have not.
  • Training - Not to be confused with fighting, Liber loves the body he has been granted and treats it as a temple worthy of worship. Sparring with a companion or even just conditioning his body alone can bring this man a clear mind and a sense of peace. It is usually his go-to stress relief.


  • Needless Violence - This includes subtle or "soft" violence such as taking advantage of the poor or otherwise inflicting misery and pain upon others.
  • Empty Romance - Having been forced into sexual interactions in the past, Liber now finds it in poor taste to flirt or tease others around carnal desires. If there is no passion involved that appears to be seated in love, it is hard to draw out this man's lust.
  • Oppression - This could be in the form of slavery or it could be in the form of rules and laws. Anything that stifles Liber's freedom or the freedom of others does not sit well with him.

Phobias: Liber's primary fear is to lose himself and his current beliefs. He is afraid of his former self and the passive acceptance that his life has no meaning beyond doing what he is told. The trigger for this fear is torture. The prospect of being captured into slavery once more is scary, but the idea of being broken once again is more fearsome than anything else in the world for Liber. If faced with being tortured, Liber will react in mind numbing terror fearful that the very concept of freedom could be purged from another night of bloodied feet and peeled fingernails.

Aspirations: Of all the goals in the world, Liber has a simple two. The first is a bit vague and he himself doesn't quite know how to pursue it as of yet. Liber is in pursuit of what it truly means to live one's life free and true. He is often looking for deeper meaning behind the world around him and interactions with others thinking that his own understanding of freedom remains immature and underdeveloped. The second goal is a bit more obtainable but also tied into conflicting feelings. Liber would like to be a father one day, but the only person his heart has ever loved was a man so he fears this goal may never come to fruition.

Face-Claim: Dionysus - Kamigami No Asobi
Weight: 176 lbs | 80 kg
Hair Color: Crimson
Eye Color: Magenta
Height: 6'1" | 185 cm
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: Liber's eye's are a vibrant shade of magenta and in the right lighting they might appear to be glowing if one does not know that his eyes simply always look so bright.
Liber's appearance is that of a young fanalis man with a slim frame and has many features one might expect of a full blooded member of the fighter clan. Brilliant red eyes and fiery colored hair to match, what makes him stand out among his peers is his slim frame and supple muscular structure. At first glance, Liber appears to have never trained a day in his life, his body being soft both to touch and on the eyes. It is the body of a eunuch and his long hair falls in alluring spread with the accent of a single braid to compliment the subtle curvature of his face. He looks less like strong man and more like a beautiful specimen born of royalty or divinity.

But for all his outward imperfection, if one looks in the right places they can find blemishes and markings which denote his past as a slave. While he has not been castrated due to the value of a fanalis slave that can breed, there are makings on his genetalia which show that he has been put through torture and made to wear devices which suppress and prevent male orgasms. The soles of his feet are covered in scars left over from punishments received and close inspection of the skin under his nails would reveal a buildup of scar tissue.

Signs of suffering and appearances of handsome looks aside, the man's nature as a fanalis shows itself when he is angered or is flexing his muscles. The beast within then shows himself as his body becomes more defined and the curvature of his muscles intensify. While he does not grow in size much at all, it is clear at a glance  in this state that he possess all the power one would expect from his race.


Liber was born into slavery but not born of slaves. His parents were both free fanalis, though he would never know this, and they lived in the far east in the unclaimed lands between Zou and Magnostadt. There, in the great plains, his kin lived peacefully and began starting a family. Alas, shortly after Liber's birth, bandits raided their home in the night. Humans are no match for a fanalis...except of course if the latter is fast asleep. The men looted what few belongings the family had and took the newly born baby fanalis to Balbadd looking to sell him for a profit as the corrupt royalty that still existed at the time allowed the trafficking of lives.

There was high demand for a pure uninfluenced fanalis and the bandits sold Liber off at a high price before retiring to lives of luxury. The woman who ultimately purchased Liber was a wealthy noble from Reim who had been in Balbadd to inspect one of her places of business. This particular woman inherited her fortune, but she maintained it by running houses of questionable morals.

This mistress hired a wet nurse and swiftly returned to Reim where Liber was raised as a slave. The first ten years of Liber's life were spent as a servant tending to his mistresses needs and receiving an education most slaves could only dream of obtaining. However once he began showing signs of puberty his treatment began to shift. He'd always been informed regularly of his lacking in rights and that his worth as a living being was less than livestock. However his mistress began subjecting him to short but constant torture sessions to break his spirit and ensure that he remained subservient not only to herself, but to others.

For the next few years Liber's days were spent learning instruction on how to be a male whore of sorts. His fingers and tongue were forbidden from continuing a study of words and the world to instead focus all of their time studying the bodies of men and women alike. When Liber was 14 his mistress deemed him old enough to begin working her most prominent house of carnal desires in Reim. There, Liber serviced many customers and fell in love with a much older fellow male slave named Yhamin who had been a soldier in Heliohapt during the last conflict between the desert country and Reim but was sold into slavery upon being captured during a mission behind enemy lines.

These days of Liber's life were simple but filled with both passion and pain making it hard to say they were the best of his life. When Liber was 16, Yhamin began teaching him how to fight in secret but this training could only last a few months before the mistress found out and separated them. Yhamin was sent out of the city to Balbadd and Liber received an extended session of torture as punishment for doing anything in secret.

With his lover gone and no reason for life, Liber's days began to melt into a blur as he pleasured one customer after another and drowned any thought on the matter in fine wines and good food. This obscure existence did not end until one night a customer ordered his services but did not partake in them. This customer was a young man named Zafar Mushtaq. He'd claimed to be investigating rumors of a powerful fanalis having been reduced to a mere sex slave and was rather appalled that they turned out to be true. Zafar became a regular and overtime he explained to Liber the nature of his race and their world famous power.

Liber had been unaware of his own strength all of these years, his anger and power both suppressed by debauchery and a slaves mentality that made lashing out seem as impossible as grasping the moon. In time, Zafar revealed that he worked for an organization of assassins and offered Liber freedom in exchange for taking his own mistress's life. Liber struggled with the idea for a single night, but ultimately made his decision after thinking of how being a slave was what made it possible for Yhamin to be taken away from him. If being free meant he could fight against such pain ever happening again then it would be worth reaching for.

Liber did the deed the next time his mistress came to inspect the house and killed her with his bare hands, strangling the life out of the woman who had both raised and simultaneously enslaved him. With the passing of her life, so too did a weight from Liber's shoulders. He was then smuggled out of the city by Zafar's organization although he would never seen that peculiar red head again. Liber was introduced to the man who had trained Zafar and spent the next few years training under him to become a full fledged assassin as a means to support his new free life. This training took him to Balbadd but he was never able to find any sign of Yhamin there before moving on to Zou and then eventually back to Balbadd once more shortly after Liber turned 23 and began taking on assassination contracts.

Shortly after he began working as an assassin for the organization, Liber was released into the world to operate freely. But soon after all communication from his superiors stopped. Further investigation revealed that the man who trained him along with the other higher up members of the group had all been killed. The work showed whoever had slain them did so with extreme prejudice and brutality, but no attempts ever came on Liber's life leaving him truly free from all obligation.

On hopes that if Yhamin had somehow earned freedom that he would return to his homeland, Liber went to Heliohapt and spent the last two years living there in peace. His life as an assassin for hire was behind Liber, but he still made a living as a bodyguard and a freelance blade for hire believing that this kind of lifestyle would allow him the most freedom.

Once news of Reim's civil conflict reached Heliohapt however, Liber decided to return to what he believed to be his own homeland and now finds himself back in the great nation of Reim once more.

Role-Play Sample: Ahahahahahaha! Click for a link~

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy


  • Primary - Stealth
  • Secondary - N/A
  • Tertiary - N/A


Primary Profession
Related Specialization: Stealth
Profession Title: Phantom Assassin
Description: The Phantom Assassin is a killer for hire who specializes in removing traces of their presence from a crime scene. Their pride is to be able to complete their contracts without anyone ever discovering their identity. A Phantom Assassin's ideal results are that no one even knows an assassination took place but when this is not possible, they will certainly leave no witnesses unless they would be unable to identify the phantom.
Profession Perks:

  • Phantom Presence - Removing evidence of their presence from a crime scene is second nature. With expert skill and attention to detail, the phantom assassin will go to extreme lengths to meticulously ensure they can't be easily linked to the murders they commit.

  • Familiar Flight - When it becomes vital that the phantom flee or disappear, it is important they know the best routes to take. Any city or area the character has spent some time in(3 threads) is mapped out inside the phantom assassin's head. Also effective for pursuing and cutting off running targets, this perk allows the Phantom Assassin to know of any nearby shortcuts including but not limited to, underground passage ways/sewers, rooftop pathways, maze-like slums, and twisting streets.

  • Impeccable Alibi - Knowing the importance of having someone to vouch for you, the Phantom Assassin invests money, time, or other resources into securing a reliable ally who can give them an alibi to defend against suspicion. An entire room of people may vouch for the assassin saying they were with them the whole time when in reality, the phantom was fulfilling a contract on the other side of the city. These people are often of respectable standing in their communities and their loyalty is usually bought with coin or live impacting favors. A Phantom Assassin may establish these contacts after having spent a long time in a single area.(5 threads)

Secondary Profession
Profession Title: Acupuncturist
Description: The acupuncturist is a practitioner of medicine and a user of needles. Thier work is therapeutic in nature and can be used to treat various ailments.
Profession Perks:

  • Vitalize - By pressing needles into certain pressure points, the acupuncturist can treat simple symptoms of natural discomforts. Sore muscles? Stuffy nose? Tense shoulders? Constipation? So long as these symptoms are not the result of an ability or combat damage, the acupuncturist can alleviate them after a short treatment.

  • Godhands - The nature of an acupuncturist job demands they have extensive knowledge of the various pressure points and vital organs found in people and even some common domestic beasts. This knowledge allows the acupuncturist to accurately target these points with their needles or their hands. This can be used to easily elicit various responses from the targets bodies of non-listed NPCs and player characters who accept to it OOC. These responses includes forced relaxation of muscles, the relief of pain, sexual climax, and even incapacitation.

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy


Reaper's Kiss:

Swordsman's Cloth:

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