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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy



The Imuchakk are a free-spirited people, making up various clans within the northern continents of the world. They pride themselves on their strength and the powerful warriors they produce. Their loyalty to their people might be their second strongest attribute. Many remain wary of outsiders and do not venture far from the frigid tundra in which they reside.

Notable features of the members of the Imuchakk tribe are their gigantic physique and blue-colored hair. Their rate of growth from birth is much faster than the average person, slowing down near sexual maturity. In accordance to this, Imuchakk children are able to grow up quickly for few months inside their mother's womb before being delivered.

It is said that their skin are similar to that of a whale and that their body hair is capable of creating bubbles, thus reducing friction in the water. The Imuchakk also have eighty percent more protein in their muscles than the average human, making it possible for them to store oxygen in their body and hold their breath for over an hour. Because of these, they are said to be near-invincible in underwater combat.

They are a clan of people that can manipulate Magoi but seem incapable of teaching their techniques as it comes naturally to them. Their most notable technique is one called the First Harpoon.

They can become extremely territorial of their lands despite their seemingly docile demeanors. Any threat to their lands from their own kind or otherwise is often met with physical aggression rather than verbal confrontation.

Due to the recent strides of their national chieftain, they have begun to reach further outside of their borders in search of more land in which they can settle.


Imuchakk is a warrior society, holding high values on strength and a strict honor code. Their culture is rich in ancient legends weaved in the beautiful poetry of the spoken tongue. Such stories are handed down only in word from generation to generation. Only the oldest legends are recorded deep within caverns on stone in runes and caricatures. Ever rarely being recorded in books.

While their language is universal with the rest of the world, they have crafted their own runic alphabet. These runes are used all throughout Imuchakk as a means of quick communication and the sacred marking of burials.

Despite a lack of formal education, they remain a literate culture and are the masters of many crafts that are passed down from master to student. These crafts include blacksmithing, construction, leatherworking, and shipbuilding. They believe in utilizing everything from the beasts they kill to the plants they harvest. Everything found in the arctic is sparse and therefore everything has a semblance of value. There are creatures found only in the lands of Imuchakk that grant them great value and high demand for trade.

Striving in the harsh, frigid temperatures of the arctic, they live within small cabins and longhouses due to the scarcity of wood. While their longships are much smaller than those of other countries, they are said to be the most durable and nearly required to traverse icy waters. They're able to thrive in cold weather without the use of winter clothing.

The horn they wear around their head is of a type of reindeer. When the people of Imuchakk are born, they are given two. The parents keep them until the man gets married and after marriage, keeps one and gives the other to his partner. As primarily monogamous people, it is rare to see an Imuchakk take on multiple partners.

The young children of the Imuchakk tribe are given a childhood name that they will use throughout their childhood. However, upon reaching adult age, they must complete the coming-of-age ceremony and receive an adult name as proof of being an adult. Until the completion of the ceremony, the tribe member will be considered "nameless". In order to complete the ceremony, one must defeat a Rampaging Unicorn on their own.

Traditionally, Imuchakk only uses a standard harpoon to defeat the monster but may use other means they deem necessary. The objective of the test is not to show off one's strength but to prove that one is an adult by achieving victory and that victory can be achieved by a combination of strength and wisdom.

Mahrajan is a traditional festival that is held in the central village that is home to the National Chieftain. It is a naming ceremony for the warriors who passed the coming-of-age ceremony and to show gratitude for the bounties they returned with.


The origins of the Imuchakk dates back hundreds of years. Once they had lived as separate groups, barely able to survive the arctic. This was their way for years and with such a small population, their numbers began to dwindle. They began to fight over the scarce boons that the land provided, causing even more death to occur. In the direst of times, their fortunes were changed little by little.

A woman by the name of Asisiak, a fearless warrior from one of the scavenging clans, stepped up with a dream to unify her people. It had proved difficult as many doubted her abilities to achieve her goal. They believed she lacked the strength to lead their people let alone unify them.

Even so, she departed from her clan alongside three of her most trusted companions. She formed a group she referred to as 'Sabertooth Warriors' with them as her warriors. In order to prove her strength as an individual and her capabilities as a leader, she aimed to gain respect from her people.

With her warriors, she went on a campaign to the icy shores of the continent to hunt a pack of fearsome beasts that migrated there once a year. They are known by the Imuchakk as 'Rampaging Unicorns' for their aggressive nature and large, red horn. With their incredible appetites and durable, coral-covered bodies; they made fishing impossible during the more bountiful times of the year when fish was abundant.

Asisiak and her Sabertooth Warriors fought off many of these creatures, bringing the bounties of their hunt to the scattered tribes across the land. This provided each of them with food and other precious materials to sustain them through the harsh winters. As one of the first to ever hunt these creatures so efficiently, this gained her the respect she sought. Soon enough, they accepted her as a capable leader, little by little placing their trust in her.

To avoid conflict with each other and look towards a better future, the Imuchakk Tribe formed under a federation composed of five autonomous clans to avoid conflict with each other and maintaining peace with Asisiak as their National Chief. As her actions inspire the people of Imuchakk, it eventually became a tradition to hunt the Rampaging Unicorn to prove oneself as a strong warrior and an honorary member of the Imuchakk nation. The title of 'Sabertooth Warrior' had been established as a title of the highest honor, a station held by the three strongest, loyal representatives of their people.

Government and Citizenship


The mainland of Imuchakk is overseen by the National Chieftain, Asisiak. On this land, there are three major tribes that rule over their directional territories under her. In the southern islands, there are two tribes that operate independently in their own lands. All tribes under the National Chieftain operate under their own laws built around those she enforces for her country.

The role of National Chieftain is a position earned by respect and dedication to the nation. Most chieftains that lead the tribes under her follow a similar tradition.

Asisiak handles a stable, fiercely independent leadership when compared to that of other nations but Imuchakk has very limited wants or needs at the current time and has very limited to no foreign policy to enact other than their general outlook towards independence.

City Services

The Sabertooth Warriors- An elite group of warriors sworn to protect the people and interests of Immuchak. Mostly existing as a specially trained guard for the High Chieftan of Immuchak. These powerful warriors know not only how to fight but survive of the land, how to adapt to the struggles around them to best protect the nation's interest.

The South-Isle Vikingr- Men and Woman of the high-seas. Existing as raiders, and adventurers this is a group led by the southern chief Sotamimi. They provide plenty of their services to the high chief, from giving half of all their loot. Wishing for more land of their own, they've shown some discontent and desire to split up as they look to settle new lands.


To be added at a later date.


Those born into the tribes of Imuchakk will always maintain a status of citizenship unless exiled. However, those not of Imuchakk birth can only join the tribe by completing a rite of passage as a warrior. To do this, one must hunt and slay a Rampaging Unicorn. If successfully defeated, the warrior is given a C-tier weapon fashioned from the horn of the beast and given a warrior's name as proof of newfound kinship. The unicorn horn has shield durability. The player obtains an Omega Tier horn upon beating their omega challenge.

Along with this, Immuchak players may take on Viking jobs which are 800-word count jobs that earn B-tier huang and player rank equivalent xp (capping at B-tier). And at A-tier they unlock the capbility to do an A-tier chain to found a settlement.

One may lose their citizenship if they commit treason or other harsh crimes against the people of Imuchakk. While most offenses result in exile, if they are gruesome enough, it may even warrant death.

Omega Challenge

Hunt of the Demolisher Unicorn-In order for someone affiliated with Imuchakk to advance to Ω-Tier, they must prove themselves to be the greatest of their warriors. One must prove their strength by battles, piracy or adventures.

A way to do this is to hunt the rare sub-species of Rampaging Unicorn known as the "Queen Demolisher Unicorn". There are only several spread around the waters of the North, all of which are rumored to be the size of palaces and battlefields, if not larger.

These creatures are Ω-Tier and hunting them down comes at the risk of death. Those who wish to begin to pursue this feat must be at least A Tier.

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