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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy



Magnostadt is the City of Magicians. It doesn't reign over much territory, in fact, it is but a single large walled-off city. But is known as one of the strongest countries due to the ability of every one of its citizens to manipulate Magoi. Because of this, their influence is widespread outside their city. The only non-magical persons allowed within the city are immediate family members of a citizen or those allowed access based on diplomatic or Merchantile status. Ephraim's one and only goal is this: "I wish to create a land for Magicians and Magicians alone. Gone are the times where we aren't appreciated, where we're spat on and considered abominations." His only motive is to sustain a land filled with Magicians, where they won't be discriminated against and treated as mere tools for combat. And so the country itself is not currently worrying about expanding or war with any other civilizations.


Everything in Magnostadt revolves around the usage of magic and rukh. Almost every utility is powered by magic, including those pertaining to agriculture, architecture, and even smithing. The heart of Magnostadt is the Academy, an institute that instructs magicians in the arcane arts. Once one graduates they can take on one of the higher roles within the city. The standard fashion being that of robed clothing, sandals, and hats of all shapes and sizes. With some of the recent elite wearing blouses and blazers.Those born in Magnostadt have Hebrew-Styled names and are all magicians. While Goi (non-magicians) are discriminated against in the upper rings the first ring holds those who have snuck their way in during the cities recent economic boom.

The first ring specifically is for those permitted into the city on business means and is the market area for magic inventors and chemists alike. The Second Ring 3rd Kodor mages, the third is for 2nd Kodor mages, then the school for all, and the inner chambers for 1st Kodor magicians only. With a densely packed city, they also support farm life outside the city to keep the nation fed.

The City itself acts as the only governing power of the nation, despite this it covers a vast majority of the land. Most of the buildings being of reinforced marble, with metal roofing and ornamentation. The people are innovative, and interested in information about the outside world. That doesn't however prevent a strong presence of xenophobia amongst the populace.

The Academy is split up into 3 "Kodors", which are basically clearance levels for the students as well as descriptors of their magical capabilities. The Kodors and their requirements are as follows:

  • 1st Kodor: This Kodor belongs to the top students (A-Tier and above). They are practically master magicians and easily go on to become Professors or Army Generals. They can access every level of the city with ease, but are still forbidden from entering Ephraim's Labyrinth.
  • 2nd Kodor: Mid-Tier magicians belong to this Kodor (C-Tier and B-Tier). They simply go on with their studies in hopes of advancing to the next Kodor. They cannot access the Chancellor's Labyrinth, but they can enter the Library of Merlin.
  • 3rd Kodor: The lowest rank of Magicians at the Academy (D-Tier). They don't know much about Magic and how to use it. It is for that reason that within 3 months they must partake in the Iktiyar Exam. If they pass they can go up to the 2nd Kodor, but if they fail they are automatically expelled from the Academy. These members cannot enter the Labyrinth, nor the Library of Merlin.


Magnostadt's original creation dates back about 50 years, back when the Chancellor was a young man.

He was born in the Mainland and raised there under the tutelage of several farm folk and his parents. Soon after his birth, everyone would realize that Ephraim had an amazing ability: he was a magician!

However, when it came to his 15th birthday, everything went wrong. Before life simply went by and he aided his various neighbors and family members in their day-to-day chores. But Ephraim lost control of his abilities. He burnt down the entire farmland, and those who he originally thought were his friends were the very ones who attempted to hunt him down.

Long story short, Ephraim escaped, but at a cost. His parents were slaughtered for giving birth to a "Spawn of the Demon".

From there all he could do was travel from place to place, and what he saw in the various countries horrified him, even to this day. Only 50 years in the past Magicians were being used as slaves, as pawns in battles and wars. They would turn the tides of battles only to be treated like dogs once the war was over. Ephraim witnessed this all first-hand, and it was only when he saw an entire village of Magicians wiped out that he took action.

He created his own country, a place where Magicians ruled overall, and where they could live in peace. In those 50 years, he expanded the city to the point where it now houses hundreds of thousands of magicians.  

Now a decade ago Magnostadt was attacked by the Kou Empire. The majority of the country fell, and even the Chancellor's own heir disappeared in thin air; thankfully Ephraim managed to battle away Gao Zu and his armies somehow.

The country had been rebuilt only weeks after, but many were reluctant to join the academy's staff. As it rebuilt mages have come and gone. From professors to prodigies and even a Magi. Influential magicians and inventors have allowed foreigners to enter their city. With the city having unlocked the secret to magic tools the city changes. The city shifts as Ephraim mostly stays silent, but desperation and recent stirrings pose a change.

Government and Citizenship


Lead by the chancellor of the school and the nation the country acts as one with its academy. With citizens being ranked by their Kodor ranks which show off their magical prowess. Those of lower ranks often being commanded or being treated as lesser by those of higher power. With the laws of the nation being rather free for the most part magicians live freely within the nation. Professors help instruct the youth along with helping keep order in the city. They act as guardians and guards, overlooking the city to push to chancellors agenda. With this, the city and management are split into four rings, one for each Kodor with the Academy in the center, and the outer ring near the wall holding merchants, and visitors, most of the visiting Goi.  

The Chancellor - Ephraim Alharizi

Kind, calm, sagely, and overall an amazing elderly leader. Ephraim simply wants to make the lives of all magicians better. However, he also has a darker side which he only displays when around non-magicians, especially those belonging to the Kou and Reim Empires. He shares some views with Ramses of Heliohapt in the sense that they both despise discrimination.


The Professors are those who teach at the Magnostadt Academy. They are Masters of Magic, and can easily crush a foe with their Magoi Manipulation Feats. These members are also in close relationships with the Chancellor, doubling as his advisers. Ever since the invasion of Kou, there has been a lack in professors. Ephraim has called out to any willing magicians to teach courses at the academy, and any person over the age of 25 is able to teach. Recently qualified youth have been allowed to take the position as Junior/Assistant Proffesors

Kodor Testing
Magicians joining the academy are automatically sorted into the 3rd Kodor. At C or B tier, a magician may test into the 2nd Kodor. At A-tier, a magician may begin the preparations to test into the 1st Kodor. During the Kodor test, a magician must fight two other magicians of equal tier to them. These opponents may be other PC in the Academy or NPCs.

City Services

The Academy of Magnostadt- The school which leads the education of all magicians within the country. Using it as a way to categorize and train magicians it acts as more than just an education facility. As a way for power and control of those in the city, those employed in its ways have access to hidden information, and the counsel of Ephraim. With this, it is their duty to guide and watch the youth within the city.

The Librarians of Merlin- A recent faction growing within the city using their influence to aid citizens. Many of its members being the leading faces behind the magic tool influx from their great city. Believing it the duty of all magicians to explore, and innovate with magic to make the world even greater, to bring more prosperity to life. With its current head unknown, plenty can find their aid by seeking a book at the Library.


For the news and other going-ons of Magnostadt, follow this link.



In order to even enter the City of Magnostadt a person must display that they possess a borg. A man wielding a hammer will attack you in order to see if a borg activates or not. In order to become a citizen and join the academy they must be an actual Magician. If one wished to join the academy they would simply speak to one of the administration members at the front of the building. If one wishes to abandon the country, they will be generally disliked, but overall suffer no overt consequences. Citizens of Magnostadt have the capability of utilizing their magic knowledge to use and register combo magic of 4 or more.

1st Kodor mages may also learn the secret of making A-tier magic tools and weapons which they can only ever own one of each for themselves, and can only be made once a year.
Omega Challenge

In order for someone from Magnostadt to advance to Ω-Tier, they would first have to participate in the Academy's Battle Examinations and be part of the 1st Kodor. The battle usually consists of two actual 1st Kodor students, however, it can be played out by NPCs. In order to advance to Ω-Tier you must be the winner, triumphing using magical spells primarily. No beasts are permitted to join this battle.

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