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Kneph WxwcAhW
Name: Kneph
Nationality: Heliohapt
Race: Fanalis-Halfling
Tier: D
Specialization: Strength
Age + Birthdate: 26yo | January 1
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Kneph is a simple guy. He likes listening to other people's conversation, but prefers not to give his opinion unless asked in a straightforward way. That also implies that he doesn't like "beating around the bush" or having such a thing done to him. However, he does not mind people not wanting to talk about a certain subject for he too does not talk about stuff when he doesn't feel it is necessary. More specifically, he always avoids talking about his past as a slave. He may feel that being a slave made him stronger physically and mentally, but other than the life lessons, he hates his past. He just can't bring himself to talk about it. So, aside from his social skills, he is a nice guy. He'll help total strangers if he feels their struggle is too great. Fortunately for Kneph, he grew a slave so he did no develop PTSD, even when he set himself free. It was once natural for him to be a slave. Kneph was just used to it until he found out about what the world could be like if one struggled enough for their own well being. So, all in all, Kneph is a warrior with a good heart that does not despise fate nor his past. He is just embarrassed talking about it.

  • Following - Kneph has the skills to be a leader, though he would rather lead while following a greater leader. He likes the feeling of a greater power ruling over himself, guiding him to a better end.
  • Protecting - Kneph gets a high from successfully protecting an individual and an even greater high from successfully protecting a group of people. He doesn't know why, but he just gets very excited from doing so.


  • Tyrants - Kneph prefers to rule himself if the person he thought was "good" as a ruler actually turned out to be "bad" or just plain terrible leader. The kind of leader likely to be overthrown is one that Kneph wishes to overthrow.
  • Politics - Kneph prefers to listen rather than understand. He is more of a "man of war" rather than a "man of exchange". However, Kneph doesn't mind socializing on other topics.

Aspirations: Kneph one and only legitimate aspiration that is not within his immediate reach is to end all slavery. That goal is obviously near impossible for one man to achieve if he is neither influential nor powerful. Kneph knows a little about the existence of Dungeons though he does not know what kind of power they hold. He wishes to free himself of his current weakness and end up taking hold of the powers that a Dungeon supposedly holds which could eventually help Kneph end slavery given enough time. However, he knows that even all the power in the world can't end slavery so he wishes to find friends along his journey that can help him blossom his goals into fruition.
Phobias/fears: Like any sane person in this world, Kneph is afraid to die before accomplishing his goal of ending slavery. However, aside from his natural fear of death, Kneph is fearful of becoming a slave again. He set himself free once, but he doesn't want to do it again. Being a slave a second time would end up being traumatizing for him unlike the first time where he was born into slavery. However, he hopes that he can find a permanent friend that will keep his fears at bay.
Face-Claim: Artwork by bayanghitam
Hair Color: Dark-Crimson
Eye Color: Dark-Yellow
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Appearance: Kneph is tall, muscular, and fast due to his heritage. Being half-fanalis and half-human has its perks. However, due to his lineage, he was forced to be born into slavery where his naturally brown skin became rough to the touch. His eyes are from his human linage while his hair color is a little of both. More so from the fanalis side of the family than the human side. His skin color is also from his human side so at first glance, after putting all the details into focus, Kneph looks rather human for being half-fanalis. A rather amazing outcome from the given combination of genes seeing as the fanalis race is usually dominate in crossbred offspring. As for his attire, Kneph usually wears cloth, rags, leather, and always wears his red, silk scarf given to him during his days as a slave. The scarf reminds him of his past, even though he prefers not to talk about it. Kneph does like to silently remind himself that he is strong for having been a slave.
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: Scars on his back.
History: Kneph's history is a simple yet harsh one. He was barely able to escape from his life as a slave which he was born into. Now, I am sure that anyone reading this would like to know why he was born as a slave rather than a noble. That's right, he could have been a noble if it wasn't for his parents and their complicated relationship. Kneph was the child of a Heliohaptan, human noble of some unknown household. Famous, yes, but Kneph could never figure out which  family so he decided to stick with a single name for his first, last, and even middle name. However, once Kneph knew more about his father, then he might end up adding a couple names to his own. Anyway, with Kneph's father being a human, the only race left for his mother to be is fanalis. His mother was, at one point, a personal slave to Kneph's father. With her strength, she endured the harshest of punishments and even saved Kneph's father's life, but only due to her fear of punishment. However, Kneph's father ended up falling in love with Kneph's mother. And believe it or not, Kneph's mother also ended up falling in love with Kneph's father, but only because Kneph's father started to protect Kneph's mother such as blame, punishment, and verbal torture. She didn't have a legitimate reason for having fallen in love with him, but as fate would have things, Kneph was conceived one night. The head of the noble family found out and immediately sent Kneph's mother to the mines to work her to death for her crime while Kneph's father was given semi-permanent house arrest until he learned the error of his ways.

A few months later, with Kneph's mother still slaving in the mines, Kneph was born, killing his mother in the process. Though Kneph's mother's death was a sad event, it was expected. She was both pregnant and a slave in a dirty mine. Kneph was lucky that the family in charge of the mines was in need of more slaves, especially a Huang-free slave. Kneph was given urgent medical attention and sent back into the mines where he grew up knowing nothing but digging and punishment. Kneph would still be a slave if it wasn't for his discovery of the world outside of the mines. At the age of 20, He had been sent to fetch water. Usually the water would be delivered by another type of slave, but an accident happened and Kneph was put in charge of water duties for a week. He was escorted by a slave driver so that Kneph would have a chance to run away, even though his chains were rather heavy. However, after a few days of finding out about the outside world from his water duties, he literally broke free of his rusty chains, using his remaining strength to run as far away into the land of Heliohapt as possible without looking back. His speed and endurance helped him most of the way. So, at the age of 20 and onward, Kneph was no long a slave! The noble family stopped looking for him after a year due to their limited resources. Eventually, Kneph was also forgotten within the minds of the slaves he worked with for all those years. In the present days, Kneph cares for himself by doing mercenary work for the military of Heliohapt. His jobs ranged from raiding to shoe-shining, but it was all worth it as he didn't have to be a slave anymore!
Role-Play Sample: (Zadi) ;D

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Thank you all, for everything.

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