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Alexander Hadrianus (wip)

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Name: Birth name: Rulf Gravinxix, renamed as Alexander Hadrianus.  
Tier: D
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Alexander has been ''trained'' to be attracted to both genders.
Age + Birthdate: 16 years old, born on 12 July
Nationality: The Reim empire.
Race: Human
Specialization: Strength

Personality: As a former slave Alexander has been trained to present himself as a meek, soft spoken boy who will always put others before himself. Even his freedom did not manage to distance Alexander from his self limiting upbringing. Four years after being released into the high society of Reim and Alexander still believes himself to be the lesser of anyone he meets. Alexander is shy, often not even daring to look other people in the eyes, his self confidence hasn't been developed fully.

Alexander's second, much more loving upbringing left him a very cultured boy. Music, art, knowledge and the finer things in life are very appreciated by Alexander and his default demeanor is meek and polite. This is very much the case of nurture over nature however and traces of his barbarian heritage still remain. Upon seeing things that greatly distress or anger him Alexander can lose control of his well mannered front and turn into a much fiercer and braver yet also more violent boy.

The life, status and freedom Alexander enjoys are all thanks to his beloved second master turned father so Alexander is very devoted to his adopted family, he adores his late master and will fiercely defend his name and fight for the things he believed in. This has made him quite the Reim patriot despite it not being his homeland.


Slaves: Alexander neither wants nor owns slaves himself but he finds himself strongly drawn to people who share his past. Alexander will try to help slaves whenever possible, convincing masters to overlook the ''offence'' of their lesser's or buying and then freeing slaves owned by particularly cruel masters.

The generous: Alexander has nothing but admiration for generous benefactors traveling the world to do good. He owes a great deal to men like that and those honest and pure are quick to gain his loyalty.

Abusive masters: Alexander has lived through the nightmare of having his monstrous owner himself and knows the terror well enough never to wish it to anyone, not even his worst enemies.

Those that slander the Hadrianus name: Alexander owes everything to his adoptive father and lost him to the slander of his rivals. Alexander will NOT stand for anyone talking down to his name. A reasonable boy in almost all other situation's Alexander will accept no excuses when it comes to this, he will not rationalize or wonder whether the culprit is mean spirited or just misguided, he will immediately start attack anyone daring to insult his master.

Alexanders earliest years in slavery had been one living nightmare after another and anything reminding Alexander of that name will shake him greatly. Chains and whips make Alexander very uncomfortable and a certain punishment he received left him with severe claustrophobic.

Aspirations: Alexanders greatest motivation is to honor the wishes of his adoptive father for a better world, and a stronger Reim. Alexander wants to prepare himself for his future as a senator so that he can continue his fathers work to make the world a better place. Fighting poverty, making lives easier for slaves and spreading the value's of the empire are all matters Alexander strives to fight for once he becomes a senator. This also means he will need to fight the corruption his father fought against, as well as the corruption that drove his original father to war and death.

Face-Claim: Alexander Hadrianus (wip) 001~41
Emil Castagnier, Tales of Symphonia (You all just have to imagine him wearing a toga rather then the blue outfit)
Weight: 55 kg
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'6
Rukh: white
Special Traits: Can remember anything with perfect detail, no matter how far in the past.

Appearance: Alexander is a very thin boy standing at medium height. He doesn't have any visual muscle mass and as such relies for more on speed then brute strength when in combat. Alexander's hairs is blond and in a relatively normal style with only a small ''antenna'' sticking out in order to make his haircut stand out more

Alexander's appearance betray his heritage not lying in the empire he associate himself with. His skin is much more tanned then that of the average citizen of Reim and the shade of light green in his eyes is one not seen in many other inhabited of the empire.

For clothing Alexander wears a white Toga with golden lines and a dark blue belt. He does not wear the standard gold armor used by his fellow soldiers as it interferes with his speed.

Alexander caries himself in a regal manner, moving around gracefully with light steps and a raised head(which he immediately lowers when speaking with others)

In combat Alexander only dodges with grace but the rest of his style is far more aggressive. He uses his speed, charging forward slashing with his Gladius without giving his opponent time to respond. Alexander prefers not to deliver wound's that draw to much blood however, he finds such a thing uncultured, that and blood makes him slightly uncomfortable.

Rulf Gravinxix was born to the chieftain of the Auli clan, a barbarian horde living on Reim's northern border. They were not a peaceful people, raids, honour duels to the death and the drunken brawls were common occurrences.

Yet they weren't particular violent either, even rather tame as for as savages went. The Auli preferred to trade with Reim rather then raid them and eagerly imported all kinds of cultured goods from their neighbor. The relation between the Auli and the empire was good, excellent even and talks between the peoples immensely benefited both.

Rulf never quite figured out how things managed to sour the way they did. All little Rulf knew was that things changed when a group of dark mages settled with the Auli, teaching them their dark arts and whispering into his fathers ear. Soon the Auli started growing hostile to Reim, at first they just sneered at the imperial ambassadors, then they attack other clans loyal to Reim until they eventually invaded the empire, sacking town after town.

Though as they where the Auli were no match for the empire's military. Once the full military of Reim marched on the invading horde they easily crushed them, then marched into their home and destroyed the Auli. The few survivors were sold on the slave market. Rulf was one of those fortunate enough to survive, yet unfortunate enough to be captured and sold.

The eight year old son of a defeated chief was quite the object of prestige senators could parade around so the bidding turned quite competitive. Eventually the patriarch of the powerful Hadrianus family won out and aquired the boy.

Publius Crasus Hadrianus now owned little Rulf and raised him in what would be the most nightmarish years of his life. The slaves under Crasus were one of the most ill threaten ones in the empire. Beatings, solitary confinement in cages smaller then the slaves and torture were common after only the slightest mistakes. Rulf was spared disfigurement at least because he was deemed ''cute'' enough to be put to work in another Hadrian slave location when he reached an older age, a brothel of course.

That was a nightmare Rulf was spared from however as the special ''training'' could only begin when he was older and to the great cheer of many Crasus was assassinated before Rulf could reach that age.

All of Crasus possessions, including Rulf now fell in the hands of his younger brother Alexandrius Hadrianus who was everything his brother wasn't. The nightmare Rulf had lived through seemed to be behind him as he fell in the care of a much gentle master, kind, patient and supportive of even his lowliest slaves.

Rulf grow to adore this new master who personally thought the traumatized boy to read, wield a weapon and all manners befitting a child of the empire. Soon Rulf's nightmares stopped, he learned how to smile once more and he and his master soon became inseparable.

When he was 12 years old Rulf received news that would shake his world. His chains would be removed, he would receive his freedom that very day and recieve citizenship of the empire. Rulf remembered weeping loudly, first in horror at the thought his master would not need him anymore, then in gratitude when he learned his childless master would not leave him all on his own but would adopt him as his own son. A citizen of the empire, as well as the heir to the Hadrianus family required a name though and Rulf was both unacknowledged by Reim law since he was a slave and unsuited for his new position. As Hadrianus new child that would obviously become his family name, for his first name Rulf also looked to his master and named himself Alexander in his honour.

And so Alexander ended up in the high society of the empire. The other noble children never fully accepted him, sometimes even bullied Alexander but he didn't care, as long as he had his, his fathers approval nothing else mattered.
Alexander learned everything about carrying himself with the grace expected of a noble and he received the training needed to one day succeed his father as a senators.

Alexanders happiest years would seen be tainted by darkness however. Hadrianus was investigating the corruption of a faction of senators who...objected to such activity.
One fateful days news reached the streets that Alexandrian Hadrianus was plotting to overthrow the empire and had risen up in rebellion now that his vile plot had been discovered.
An ambitious officer quickly gathered his battalions and stormed the Hadrian manor in response, slaughtering Alexandrian and his household and Alexander himself soon found himself chained in the slavemarket once more, the son of an enemy of Reim was for sale yet again.

Fate was far kinder for Alexander this time. The emperor was a good man and would not stand for this. He believed in Alexandrian's innocence, punished those responsible for the terrible events and rescued the boy from his sorry fate.

A great shame was felt in the senate for allowing such madness to overtake their actions so the emperor swiftly managed push through Alexander's full inheritance. Alexander was to young to become a senator but his fathers position would be open for him once he reached the right age and all the Hadrian possessions were now his.

Alexander took the step taken by many a senatorial princeling and joined Reim's army. He would help spread the value's of Reim his father had followed and protect his adoptive homeland like he would have wanted.

Role-Play Sample: This is where you get to show us your role playing skills. We're looking for something AT LEAST 100 words long. You can go over that amount as much as you wish! Keep in mind that nothing you put in your rp sample is considered "Canon" meaning it never happen in-character.

2Alexander Hadrianus (wip) Empty Re: Alexander Hadrianus (wip) on 29/08/14, 12:14 am


I like the character so far, and I noted you said comments and advice are welcome.

Just wanted to make sure you were aware that currently Reim's capital is under attack by another faction in an attempt to overthrow them from power. It hasn't played out yet, though. Just keep in mind that you might want to consider what you choose to do in the aftermath. Either way it goes, you'll definitely have the opportunity for a lot of character development.

I'll probably be stalking this thread occasionally, but please bump and remove the WIP when you finish the character so you have minimum wait time ^_^. Double posting is not frowned upon if you post after this, don't finish your WIP, and then post again to bump it to show that your WIP is complete at a later date.


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