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Safiya al Thalia

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Safiya al Thalia

Safiya al Thalia
Name: Safiya al Thalia
Tier: D-Tier [Novice].
Gender: Female?
Sexuality:  Bisexual
Age + Birthdate: 21 ~ 10/24
Nationality: Wanderer
Race: Half Fanalis
Specialization: Strength

Personality: Safiya al Thalia is a young woman that is wandering performer mainly, who does belly dancing. Dextrous, flexible, Charismatic and wise in her young age Safiya isn't necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed. Sometimes appearing naive at times she still gets the gist of everyday ideas. Growing up mainly in a traveling Gypsy Tribe she still lives as if that is her life. Tending not to stay in more place long than she sees fit. Usually appearing cheery but serious Safiya is very honest as well not seeing much of a need to hide things unless told explicitly. Also very inquisitive she is seen many times asking lots of questions about the things in the world she yet understands. This makes her appear annoying but most people take it as her being a airhead so they either oblige or shoo her off. This may make her seem naive but honestly far from it, she is what most people would call simple not asking for much from others. She is also very feisty in the sense that once her goal is set she very much sticks to it, this many a time will get her in to trouble. This is what, in bleak and dire circumstances keeps, her going even when others will not. Let's not forget her relativity short fuse that is known to embarrass her and get her into trouble

Likes: Alcohol. Or nectar of the gods is what Safiya will sometimes call it, as she finds liquor to be a quick way to a good time.
Sweets. Sugar is what keeps this fiery woman going, though she understands it's bad in excess it's still her favorite snack.
Fruit. Is her favorite of the food groups meaning that yes this fits into the category
Dancing. this is a talent and one her favorite thing to do as those she sees as close are greatly entertained by it. also is her income source.
Boobies. Because in being a dancer and being raised mainly by women Safiya has grown to love the female form.

Dislikes: Stagnation. This taking the form of staying in one place for too long, mainly when there is no good reason.
Useless people. People that can not help her after she helps them,in way this is wrong but how she was raised.

Phobias: Claustrophobia- Fear of confined spaces. This stems from my characters back story where she was forced to stay in a basket while flowing down river. She starts to break down, screaming and crying when paced into a place she considers claustrophobic.
Nyctophobia- Fear of the dark or of night. This also stems from her back story where in that basket was so dark that she couldn't see, nor control her situation. When in complete darkness Safiya finds herself moving slower and somethimes not moving at all.
Contreltophobia- Fear of sexual abuse. This is because a few times she has been raped and now fears it happening again. She now reacts violently to this as she is no ones property.

Aspirations: Safiya's goal is simple yet complex, she wishes that her fanalis tribesmen were free and had a nation to call their own. She may only be half fanalis but she feels like she would have a family again if she could create a place where pure and half blooded fanalis could live happily. She plans on starting with the Fanalis Corps in Reim. If she could free them and get them on her side they would be happy with her idea. Also if before that she could either clear a dungeon or find someone that she could fund this idea of a country for her tribesmen.

Safiya al Thalia Tumblr_lt6diqWmc01qjuqpco1_500

Face-Claim: Nabooru - Legend of Zelda
Weight: 147 lbs
Hair Color: Dark red
Eye Color: Golden
Height: 5'7"
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh.
Special Traits: Safiya has 3 earrings in her right ear and 2 in the left. a bellybutton ring and left nostril piercing. Safiya has a celtic knot tattoo that starts on her back and spans to her hands and feet.
Appearance: Safiya is a bronze tan, 5 foot 5 inches, woman with dark red hair and black roots that is usually in a ponytail as well as eagle gold eyes. Safiya wears dark makeup and lipstick to complement her tan skin. Her piercings are all a silver steel color. Her tattoo is in a light black ink, close to a hena ink color. She fights with a combination of dancing and martial arts, usually choosing to counter or block attacks. She wear either a short white dress with a ribbon as a belt and silver bracers and anklets or she wears a belly dancers outfit that is a purple with gold trim.

History: It all started with her mother Talia al Thalia who when fleeing death from her own country, Heliohapt, ran into a young fanalis slave named Gaius who was also feeling possible death in the arena in Reim. The two help one another through the wilderness until they happened upon a small traveling group of gypsies. The pair pleaded to join the caravan and after proving both had beneficiary, Gaius his strength and hunting, Talia her cloth working and dancing. The two after a while were considered family to the gypsies and experienced a happy life working for and living with these gypsies, now family. After a few years Talia gave birth to a half fanalis child that Gaius named Safiya al Thalia. As Safiya grew up she began dancing with the other girls, though not good at first she eventually got the hang of it. Safiya was also taught the stories and fighting style of people by her father. On a winter when Safiya was eight years old their tribe as attacked by a group of bandits that tried to kidnap her. Gaius raced after them and saved Safiya, killed all the bandits and gave his life. Safiya learned two things that day: one, that the poeple she loved are not invincible and she needs to protect what's percious; two, that the fanalis are an incredible group of fighters. A few years later Safiya was thirteen years old and once again her tribe was attacked this time it was during the spring when her Caravan stopped by the river for water and food. she was going to fight but her mother told Safiya to hide in a basket the was coated with tar on its inside so it could hold water. Talia thought that if she pleaded with these bandits who were killing her men and taking her women but the sadistic bandit killed her as he begged. Safiya let out a huge moan and cry for the death of her mother. The bandits heard this but instead of taking her they threw the basket in to the raging river. Safiya was later "saved" by a group of slavers that took her in as a slave. Safiya suffered sexual abuse and physical torture for 5 long years before the opportunity to leave this horrid group presented itself in the form of a young lord. He was looking for a new handmaiden and Safiya made sure to display not only her strength but her beauty and dancing skill. The young lord chose her, and after a year when the lord took over for his father he asked Safiya what she wished for and she answered freedom. After some deliberation the lord decided she could go free and since then Safiya has been a hapless dancer that travels from place to place.

Role-Play Sample: Safiya's tears stopped momentarily as she held the only survivor of this onslaught in her hands. A young boy that she had looked after before this attack. Boy hugged Safiya about the neck and cried happily, Safiya finally felt like fighting for something good was worth it.
"That's cute" a voice sarcastically hissed as Safiya felt the boy go limp in her arms.
"S-safiya... Thank you..." The boy said coughing his final breath as blood dipped out of his mouth. Safiya cried hard and loud as she held him close hoping to feel a faint beat, but this was for naught.
"Oh you thought you could save them didn't you half blood?" The Man in dark clothing's voice was like acid on the air, his wand still pointed at Safiya.
"Y-you bastard!" Safiya yelled a s she dropped the boy and bolted for the man as she dodged spell after spell. Her fist came flying forth as she hoped to make contact with his face but alas her fist met his borg.
"Ha!" the man snickered. "You aren't strong enough are you?"
"Raaaahhhh!!" She roared as she continued swing punch after punch, her fists bleed but Safiya continued.

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Safiya al Thalia

Safiya al Thalia
Bump For Completion

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There are a few edits you'll need to make before this app can be approved. Please bare with us =3

-You are literally just a couple words short on this and that is only because the "listed" words such as "claustrophobia" don't really count. An easy way to get all the words you need would be to humor me with my next request.
-You explain where your phobias come from, but I could have inferred that from your history. I'd like you to explain how your character reacts when facing these fears and what kind of an impact they have on her.

Just make these minor adjustments and we'll get you approved and on your way to rping =3


Thank you all, for everything.

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Safiya al Thalia

Safiya al Thalia
Bump for Completion

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri

Go ahead and make starter abilities and weapons!


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