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A quest for knowledge [Travel Balbadd - Reim]

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Ariella smiled as she loaded on to the boat. In her fingers was clutched a small piece of paper, her brother’s writing scrawled across it with a list of several magicians she might visit for different lessons. Her trip to Balbadd had been fairly uneventful, but the town was a nice place to take off from, regardless. Her next stop was Reim. She knew the city was often boasted as having the greatest technological advancements without magic and she was interested to see how it measured up to Magnostadt. The list from Adius included several magicians or people that researched magic in Reim and she had high hopes.

The ship ride to Reim was fairly uneventful and when she arrived in Reim, she was glad to have her feet on solid ground again. Traveling by boat never bothered her overly much, but there was something about being on stable ground that just made her feel a bit safer. Her pack was fairly light, so she declined the offer from a man to carry her things. She had opted for fairly conservative clothing, but her looks alone tended to draw attention, especially from men. Arriving in the capital city, she wasted no time in locating an inn and paying for several weeks. Tomorrow, she would begin her quest to learn all she could about her gift. The first magician on the list was Figuro, a lightning mage like herself. For tonight, she would rest in a real bed on solid ground. She collapsed on the bed, her wand safely tucked up her sleeve as she passed out.

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A quest for knowledge [Travel Balbadd - Reim] Ari%20Sigs_zpsn7c2bhju

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