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Aulus (Finished)

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Aulus (Finished) AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Aulus (Doesn't use the last name of the family that adopted him)
Tier: D
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: Around 20, January 10th
Nationality: Reim
Race: Fanalis
Specialization: Strength

Aulus (Finished) JudalTab_zpsa330a902

Personality:Aulus, from how he was brought up, has a bit of a complex personality being he acts mostly like his adoptive mother wanted, no, insisted him be like, but now he is coming into his own after being on his own. As a child his adoptive mother insisted he acted in an always presentable way and show respect to everyone he comes across, no matter who they are. Also that he should always take sometime out of the day,or even a whole day, to relax and not get over stressed. From those few teaching he was given he is always respectable to those he meets, even enemies.But that doesn't mean he won't get angry at his enemies, so his respect for others should not be seen as a weakness. She also would tell him constantly to always take sometime to relax he and he did just that; no matter where he was and due to that he comes off as lazy. Mainly because his meaning of relaxing is eating or sleeping. Eating  large amount of foods and able to fall into a deep sleep in a matter of seconds, only ways for him to awake being a head slam he would lass out at who every did it, but he won't hold a grudge about it. His adoptive mother also told him one thing that she thinks is the most important. That he should always express how he really feels and it's never good to hold in his emotions. Aulus took this to heart and always shows how he really feels about things that happen around him, mainly in a way that didn't offend others. But after the death of his adoptive parents and he got older he started to gain many negative attributes such as drinking a lot, smoking, gambling, and spending most of his time and money on prostitutes. But even with those negatives he comes off as a really friendly individual with a bad temper; but he doesn't  having many friends because of not wanting to be hurt again, not wanting losing someone close to him.

Likes: Food/Drinking/Smoking/Gambling/and Women: Aulus doesn't really like,meaning he could live without doing it, since this has just become a habit he does when he is out and about. Since he does this like many other when they indulge in sinful acts with prostitutes. He also goes for anyone women not caring how she looks, but the sole fact that she is a women. But to Aulus he believes food is more important than all of that.

Dislikes: Aulus doesn't dislike many thing, but everyone has something they don't like. Aulus doesn't likes those who hide their true feelings on things; mainly because he had it drilled into him not to hold in how he truly feels about things. But other than that Aulus only main dislike is the unfair treatment of others,such as having slave or treating someone poorly because they are in poverty.

Phobias: Aulus is afraid of losing someone close to him like he lost his adoptive parents to the cruel mistress death. Also he has this weird thing dealing with animals that are a weird color, such as pink bird or even a animal with multiple colors.And if he spots one he would do everything in his power to get away from it, fearing for some reason if he interacts with it it would change him some how.

Aspirations: All Aulus wants is to find someone to fill the void his adoptive parents left, this being a friend love or a new family he could call his own. He just wants something and until he finds that he will continue to look for it even if it means leaving the place he grew up, Reim. And when he finds that he will cherish it and let nothing come to harm what he holds dear.That is what Aulus seeks in this life.  

Aulus (Finished) ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6

Face-Claim: Mikoto Suoh-Project K
Weight: 190
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Red
Height: 6'2
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Traits: none
Appearance: Aulus is a tall, muscular man with red hair and amber eyes. His red hair is kept short, ruffled, and spiked, with two strands of hair near the opposite sides of his head falling over his face, as well as distinct sideburns. He wears  a silver ring that belonged to his adoptive father, and a star-shaped necklace that belong to his adoptive mother. He also has a piercing in his left ear, which also belonged to his mother. He also has another piercing located under his bottom lip.He wears a tunic with a dark colored sash over his left shoulder, metal epaulets, a metal skirt, metal shin guards, and sandals.

Aulus (Finished) YunanTab_zpsba28a063
Aulus was found by a traveling merchant and his wife on their way to Reim. When they found the young Fanalis he was on the verge of death, they quickly felt sorrow for the boy and took him under their care as their son. At that time the young and weak Aulus appeared around the age of four but due an illness he contracted, when they found him in the western front, he was in a coma and couldn't tell them anything about himself. After a few days they couldn't do much for the boy and the boy's adoptive father wanted to get rid of him, believing he would die soon.But the mother thought other wise; she believed the boy only needed to be given a bit more time and care and he would be back to normal. And a few days later her words proved to be true as Aulus would awake and would be embraced by the woman. She hadn't left his side from the time they had found the boy. Shortly after he had awaken they wanted to know everything about the boy, but he didn't know anything. So the adoptive mother decided to name him in memory of her late grandfather.

After Aulus had awaken he lived a happy life with the couple and for years they faced no hardships, but that like all happiness wouldn't last. During this time Aulus was now twelve and stayed at home with his adoptive mother mostly while his adoptive father worked. Aulus would stay with his adoptive mother and she taught  him how to read and different things. One of those things being  her purpose ,soon to be his, in life. The adoptive mother purpose for this is to mold him into what she imagined her son, if she had one, would be like. On one night that seemed the same to Aulus he awoke,to lay in the bed his adoptive parents were in, to find out both of them had pasted.But he didn't find this out until the next morning when they didn't awake when he tried to get them up. Aulus didn't know that he was the cause of this; he had unknowingly given them the illness he had suffered when they had fund him, them being the only two to contract it.  

Currently Aulus is now around twenty and stays in the house that his adoptive parents raised him in. Just recently after finally figuring out a way to honor them for saving him and taking care of him he decided to make the day he would normally celebrate his birthday to the day he gave celebrate the memories he had with his adoptive parents.

Role-Play Sample: The Fanalis lay in his be a look of pure fear on his face. He was dreaming a horrible dream a dream that he thought was reality and that he wasn't able to escape it. As he lay their switching an turning he suddenly sits up soaked in sweet,"...I-it was just a dream.."He says to himself fear in his voice as he puts both his hands over his face.He slowly removes them and lays back down. The dream he was having was him having to look at the bodies of his dead parents,and he wasn't able to turn or close his eyes. He lay there forcing himself from falling back to sleep,afraid of the possibility of dreaming about that tragic moment.

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In likes when you say this "Since this has just become a happened " do you mean habit?

In dislikes you have a double space( "him not")

Try putting spaces after all your commas please!

Your missing the appearance section I think.

Other then those few things look good.

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