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A merchant in need is a friend indeed [Solo/request]

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Farah felt he was now ready for a job that gave him more of a challenge. The past simple tasks he had taken had been... interesting, yet boring in a sense. The red haired adventurer was one for dangers, fighting and excitement. His past errands hadn't been exactly.... thrilling to be honest. Either way, he didn't regret taking them, since he really felt he needed a small break from all the fighting he had done in the Coliseum. That day he had woken up early, making sure his scimitar Kaysir Al-Fiqar was polished and sharp. He had come to admire the beauty of the embroidery and metalwork. It was indeed a masterpiece, but he knew its true potential was still locked. As he walked through the streets wondering where he could find a job that would present more of a challenge, a traveling merchant, thing he could guess from the garbs he wore, approached the red haired man. "Thank the gods! I've been looking desperately for someone of your caliber ser" Farah was startled by the sudden approach of the merchant, and rising an eyebrow he replied. "Erhmm.. can I help you?" The light in the merchant's face lightened with this words as his eyes widened in relief. "Yes! Oh gods yes! I desperately need a man that protects me and my cargo... Some thieves have been tailing me for a time, waiting for a chance to steal from me! However, with the protection of the of the mighty Fanalis I'm sure they'll never see the break of day once again!" Farah chuckled at the excitement of the man. He was indeed a weird dude, but the job offer he gave was too tempting to restist. "All right... As long as you can promise me there will be fighting I'll protect that silly stuff of yours"

Both men left the place towards the destination after loading up the goods. Farah walked besides the caravan as the merchant rode his camel. The red haired man wondered how long it would take for the thieves to come out. Thanks to heavens he didn't have to wait for much. Over the horizon, the travelers devised a small mountain, and as they approached the merchant looked towards Farah nodding. The redling knew what was up, and readied his hand in his blade, hoping this enemies were strong and would give him an enjoyable time. As soon as they closed in, five men armed with small knifes jumped out of their hideout. Farah knew what he had to do, and immediately dashed towards them with his superior speed. The thieves were startled and shocked by the instant approach, and two of them were unlucky enough to be caught in Farah's first attack. With both arms readied, he reached the first two thieves grappling their necks between them. The momentum of the speed was enough to zap their necks as their lifeless body flipped in the air. The other three thieves readied their guard, but Farah was now over them. He dashed with a knee kick at the first's stomatch, throwing a chop at his neck as he lowered trying to catch up some air. The fourth thieve attacked the red haired man, while Farah caught the attackers arm with ease, forcing him to move towards the fifth thieve that now attempted to stab him. The unwilling arm of the fourth reached its mark, moved by Farah's strength, stabbing the fifth firectly in the throat. Not letting him go, he readied his other hand and threw a powerful punch to his face as he desperately tried to free the strong grip on his arm. The five thieves were done almost as fast as they appeared.

The merchant reluctantly and surprised gave Farah the sack of money. Not bad for a warm up huh?


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