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Crimson Court [lb]

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Crimson Court [lb] Ccad_zps9ecf9f41

It's 1453, and the city of Littlewood has seen a great tragedy. The vampires of the citadel have murdered the local priest and several dozen citizens, putting them on display like trinkets for all to see on the maypole. The humans of Littlewood so long terrorized by these monsters are beginning to find their fear turn to anger. But if that wasn’t enough, it seems a new werewolf pack is encroaching upon the city…

- Our rating is 3-3-3
- Welcome to all levels of role-players, from beginners to advanced.
- You can play a werewolf, a vampire, a human, or even a faerie.
- The main plot is character-driven.
- There are plenty of random events to keep you on your toes.
- Loads of adoptables to choose from.

~Rules ~Guide ~Races ~Ranks ~Plot ~

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