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Crimson Garloen

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Job Name: Crimson Garloen
Job Rank: D
Job Location: The Desert of Forgotten Souls
Job Rewards: 50 xp, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: You must search the desert land north of the Desert Guardian's camp for the rare plant that is called the 'Crimson Garloen'. This plant will be necessary for you to participate in the ritual 'Pact of Harmony'.

Kirby had spent the past month learning of the Desert Guardian's ways, how they operated and their beliefs. Though there were things within their group that he did not agree with personally, he respected their way of life and could tell what kind of impact the tribes had on desert life.  He had seen many things in his travels with these people, as they moved from place to place, and Bomani believed Kirby to be ready for the ritual at last. "Truth is, we waited this long because there is a plant that must be retrieved before we can continue with the ritual. It is called the Crimson Garloen, which grows in rarity within the Desert of Forgotten Souls. It is a plant that the younger members of the tribe obtain for their coming of age ceremonies, and is something they must get before they are allowed to participate in any work we may do."

Bomani explained where the plant grew, warning Kirby that there would be dangers along the way through the forces of nature. Providing four days rations to Kirby, the man pointed him out in the direction that Kirby would have to take in order to obtain the plant. The description left no room for confusion with what it would look like when he came across it; a three leaved red plant which bloomed small blue flowers upon the top of the stem. It was very unique in this region, and he wouldn't be able to confuse it with other flora from the area.

Kirby began his trek through the desert, keeping council with himself as he walked. As hours passed, the large crop of stones that he was told of began to come in view. It would be there that the plant was hidden, somewhere in that jagged stone structure. It was large, but not quite large enough to be called a mountain. It was still quite a distance away, but it was a goal, a target that was within Kirby's sight. He imagined it would take another day or so before he managed to get there.

Something was... Bothering him, though. Something that felt off. Kirby couldn't quite place it, but it felt foreboding. He removed the spear from its holster and held it in both hands as he walked forward. The spear's well worn handles offered a calming effect of familiarity. As Kirby continued, night fell. Moving during the day was exhausting, and caused a person to go through twice as much water stores as moving during the cooler parts of the day. He endeavored to continue his movements until early morning, when he set up camp and rested during the hottest part of the day.

Flutter Steps 251/250 Word Count:

When he awoke, he was ready to head out. Gathering his equipment and rolling it back up, Kirby continued heading towards the rather large rocks. He had made great time the previous day, as he had stayed up late until the morning moving. By the time the moon was high above, Kirby was already amongst the rocks, scaling and navigating through its treacherous footholds. There were times Kirby thought he would fall, however he continued his struggle to scale the rock while keeping an eye out for the plant. What surprised him most was the various patches of dirt that looked, well, fertile. "How does it look that way in the desert..?" he had wondered, aloud.

Pausing to rest, Kirby looked about as he drank from his jug of water. "Ah. This cool desert wind really refreshes you..." He smiled as he relaxed, looking up at the moon. As his head moved upward, he caught sight of something red. "Ah! That's it! I see it! Haha." Kirby jumped up from where he was sitting, and began climbing with renewed vigor. Finding purchase within crevices, digging into the stone if necessary. Kirby was careful not to cause any real damage to the rocks, as he was concerned that the stone would crumble beneath his hands and he would fall to his death. Through his movements, Kirby got into a groove where he was able to move at quick bursts, taking into account the structure of what he was climbing as a whole.

When he finally reached his destination a triumphant feeling coursed through him. He dug the plant out of a patch of dirt that was atop the stone as he was taught by Bomani, before wrapping it up securely within a cloth and hanging it by his side.

Grinning, he began to descend. As he descended he felt the desert wind against him once more. What is this ominous feeling? I succeeded, so why is my instincts screaming at me... The grin quickly turned to a frown as Kirby was on a flat surface three quarters the way down. He looked over the land before him and out towards the direction of Bomani's camp. Taking a deep breath, Kirby recognized something that had been bothering him; the air had a lot more moisture than what he was used to in the desert.

It was at this point that a strong gust of wind struck Kirby from behind. His heart sunk as he slowly turned, dreading the expected sight. There were two issues here that Kirby didn't want to be involved with, but he expected he would have to deal with them one at a time. Or perhaps he would be lucky? Surely, the sight of the huge wall of a sandstorm approaching at a fast rate was anything other than lucky.

Kirby quickly covered his mouth and nose with the desert clothing that was for just such a purpose, pouring some of his precious water onto it to dampen the cloth. The sandstorm hit, and Kirby worked hard to cover his eyes from the dangers that came with such a monstrosity of a storm. He worked fast, finding purchase beneath a ledge of stone on the opposite side of the winds. Here, he covered his face completely and began the easiest part of surviving a sandstorm; waiting the thing out.

By the time the sandstorm was over it was already day. Instead of climbing down, Kirby began scaling the giant rocks, grumbling as he did so. When he reached near the top, he looked out across the land again and sighed. "I couldn't really tell very well from ground level. I'll wait here for now." He didn't have a large amount of water leftover, but he was not very concerned about that. He fell asleep in the shade of a rock during the day, waiting for what he knew was only a matter of time for the second piece of bad news to come by...

Kirby awoke to water drops hitting his face. Opening his eyes, he looked out to see the damage. There was a flash flood occurring, a dangerous thing to be caught in, had he not made it far enough away from the giant rock. The moisture in the air had tipped him off, though there were other things that made it apparent that this place had a strange amount of rainfall. The desert land itself was particularly bad with absorbing water, so flash floods were something that one could expect when in a valley; another thing that was difficult to note from the ground. The slope was so slight that Kirby hadn't even realized it. Using the rainfall to his advantage, he filled his water back up and waited out the storm before making his way back to camp; the Desert Guardians were likely aware that Kirby was going to go through trouble to get this.

He would have to see what it was all about when he got there. But for now, he had what he needed, and completed his hunt for the plant.

70/80 Stamina
1000/500 Word Count


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