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Azix Niraj

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Azix Niraj

Azix Niraj
Azix Niraj Re___by_PaLM_NoI

Azix Early Years:
Face Claim: Shun Aonuma (Shinsekai Yori) Azix Niraj Aonuma.Shun.240.1557538
Azix Niraj Aonuma.Shun.240.1435447
Azix Niraj Shinsekaiyorie135439820

Name: Azix Niraj
Tier: D-Tier [Novice].
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Uninterested
Age + Birthdate: 19 (August 12)
Nationality: Zou
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence

Personality: Symbolic of his aptitude in light magic, Azix is a man of many masks. Growing up around the nobility of Zou, it was a natural defense for him. Being shunned from the Zou nobility, he watched from afar as his emotions smouldered being a wooden mask and he swore that he would never be like them. He grew to despise having to bow to anyone who looked down at other people because they were born to some self-imposed standard through force and deceit. Around most people Azix keeps a tight mask, appearing as a jovial young man, full of life and dedicated to the Zou Empire. Inwardly, he is a man that yearns to change the world to his ideal standard of man serving the betterment of his fellow man.

Azix is most at piece behind a book curled up next to a fire. He judges people on several factors before and tests them before opening up due to trust issues. He values anyone who devotes themselves selflessly to their fellow man, anyone strong enough to protect their ideals, or individuals who hold themselves to a high moral code and dedicate their lives trying to better the world. He immediately closes up around people displaying self-import or a disrespect for life.

Likes: Heliohapt Culture – As Azix grew up and studied the Heliohaptan culture, he fell in love with the history, the lore and their clothes. He began to incorporate it into his own fashion, especially if it happened to annoy the nobility that he refused to wear the traditional garbs.

Masks – An avid fan of hiding his true face from the world, Azix collects masks. Whether scary, festive, or based on animals, he will wear them all.

Dislikes: Caste System – Azix attests Zou's nobility and any other who uses social standing to raise their living standards above their fellow man. A firm belief that man is obligated to help others when they have the means drives this.

Vulnerability – From years of being the nobles' dog, Azix developed his social mask to appear how he wanted, and can't stand being seen through.

Don't look down at me – No one person is better or more important than the rest and Diego vows to wipe the self-satisfied smirk off anyone's face.

Phobias: Forgotten in the Sands of Time – Azix yearns to be a force that is remembered throughout the rest of history and fears not leaving behind a monument to his achievements. To be forgotten and discarded would be the greatest personal dishonor.

Body fluids – Azix doesn't hate humans, he values the human spirit, but he can't stand what they are made of. Blood, sweat, tears, saliva, or mucus, it sends a shiver up his spine and vomit welling in the back of his throat.

Aspirations: Change – Vowing at an early age to be the force upon the winds that carves his ideals into the face of the world, Azix strives to destroy the old system and rebuild it into a utopia where all can live equally.

Knowledge – Azix thirsts for knowledge and searches for all of life's mysteries, demanding they reveal their secrets to suit his purposes. He especially values knowledge of magic and Heliohapt.

Loyalty – Change can not occur from the whims of a single man and Azix recognizes this tenet of truth. During his journey, he hopes to find an army of loyal servants that would die to see his world realized.

Face-Claim: Face Claim: Lelouch (Code Geass)((Credit to the artist
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Naturally Green, but with magic are now Purple.
Height: 6'1"
Rukh Alignment: Black
Special Traits: Azix's left iris fractured and filled up his eye with an explosion of purple. With strong magic, his right iris appears purple.
Appearance: Azix believes that clothes make a man and serve as a reflection of a man's soul. He has a fine and select wardrobe that he carefully crafted to refine his image. For large social gatherings or when he's outside in the full authority of the Zou Empire, he wears a long white robe with gold embelishments over a black and white suit lined in gold. The suit opens up to reveal a high-colored silk shirt with a purple eye in Heliohapt fashion at his chest. Adorned on his head is a white and gold hat with a similar styled eye that stares ceaselessly.

Another of his favorites is a long black coat with gold trim that stretches to the ground. The collar flairs outward and upward around his head. Underneath is a matching black and gold suit and matching boots. Under the neckline of the suit, he keeps a black cloth that he pulls around the bottom half of his face. If he is neither of those outfits, he can be seen in the typical fashion of Zou.

Azix exudes an air of nobility and has carefully crafted expressions. His neutral face is honed after years of practice around the nobility and makes him appear regal. His posture reflects his proud nature and even in combat there is a fluid grace about him. The first thing most people would notice around him is his presence. If he has lost himself in a manic fit, the air around him could chill you to the bone.

History: Azix Niraj, was born into the Zou Empire as the fifth heir to the throne. His father was a nephew to the Emperor and had worked endlessly to move up the ranks of nobility, using every kind of tactic and making enemies along the way. He wasn't a heartless man, but determined to make the world and better place and knew the game enough to realize that you had to use your enemies' tactics or be destroyed. His father, Talix Niraj, and his brother, Illian, manipulated events behind the curtain for several years before the other nobles caught them up.

When Azix was five, the world turned black for him. The emperor was sick and Talix had finally managed to remove enough obstacles to succeed the throne if he killed the Emperor. In secret he organized a coup, but it was for naught. The other nobles had spun their web stronger and caught him red-handed trying to assassinate the Emperor. Talix, his wife and two elder daughters were slaughtered in front of their son and Illidan.

Illidan saved himself and the young Azix from their blood-thirst by offering a vow of loyalty to be their dog, in hopes Azix would grow up with his father's dreams. The nobility used the attempted assassination to impose stricter laws and tarnished the Niraj name, reducing Azix to have no claim to the throne, but allowed him to still be a noble. Illidan worked ceaselessly, instilling Azix with his father's virtues and teaching him the lessons he would need to defeat the Zou in the future.

After his parents and sister were killed Azix grew up scared. People would laugh and whisper that he was weak because of his green eyes, the “Niraj eyes”. For years he hid himself behind a white painted wooden mask, ashamed. In secret, he would read books of magic, trying to change his eye color. Illidan had grown tired of Azix's self-loathing and his embarrassing habit of hiding behind masks. In a fit of rage, he cast a powerful spell that changed Azix's eyes purple. He hadn't realized that the boy had already been practicing on his left iris and when the spell hit, the young boy's left iris exploded in color and filled his eye with a bright explosion of purple. After that, he taught Azix how to use magic to change his eyes and didn't say anything when Azix wore masks anymore.

Slowly, Azix's confidence grew and he found a determination to change the world. He began sneaking through hallways at night, to hide outside doors where nobles would gather and whisper secret plots. He would mimic the facial expressions of the court in his room, in front of a mirror for hours. He practiced using his face as a mask and hardened it by not letting his emotions show, even when poked and prodded in court by the sneers of other nobles.

The nobles soon came to realize that Azix was no longer just a doting child, clinging to a mask like his mother's skirts. Worried that he might turn into his father, they tested him, designing elaborate scenarios like an experiment, gathering information. Illidan had been teaching Azix the rules of the 'Game' and he quickly recognized the signs of what they did. Using his carefully crafted social masks, he played along revealing only what he wanted revealed. The games slowly passed and one day he was given an audience with the Emperor. The emperor told Azix that he understood the boy was in love with Heliohapt. He sent him to the desert country to learn and act as an emissary of Zou. It was the first time Azix's mask cracked and pure joy filled his face unbidden. He accepted before anyone hopefully could recognize that his surprise wasn't at being offered a desirable position but that he lost control of his facial muscles.

For the past two years he studied in Heliohapt and immersed himself in the culture, now begins a new chapter.

Role-Play Sample: Azix strode through the halls of the Black Temple in the heart of Heliohapt, idly gazing at the cuniform carved in the black stone walls. He recognized it as the Toran language and while he didn't know it fully, he did recognize bits and pieces. He was interrupted from his daydreams as a young servant ran up.

“Sir Niraj,” the young boy was panting and leaned over with his hands on his knees, “This was just delievered for you.” He pulled a envelope out from within his robes and handed it to Azix.

Azix noted the Zou's seal on the back and quickly tore it open. Inside were instructions from the Emperor commanding him to go to Reim and see this new dungeon that had appeared. The Emperor asked him not to conquer it, but to study it and report about all who visited it. He wanted full details about anyone that was interested in defeating the dungeon. Azix grimaced behind his careful, neutral expression as he realized that these past two years had been a favor of the Emperor before he used him like the dog he was. 'At least you had two years to see the world, boy.' he thought, mimicking the Emperor's deep voice. He turned to the young boy, “Prepare my carriage at once.” His hand collapsed into a fist, “It is time we left here.”

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Thank you all, for everything.

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