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Kára Fox [The Slave Trade]

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Kára Fox

Kára Fox
Job Overview: The slave trade is only going to continue growing until people take out the leaders of the organization. You've successfully located a Hideout, and it's ironically within Reim city itself. Scout the 2 story building with a basement out and bring this branch of the trafficking to an end.

Kara has been on a kind of vacation from the real world, writing inside of a book about another world, another life and got so focused she ended up isolating everyone she knew in this world, though today as she decided to got for a stroll looking for inspiration, she finally wakes up from her loss of life and remembers she is a fighter not a writer. She decides to get herself a job in a local fight club. After interview she ends up falling out of a window, sliding down a poll leading into the next building where she finds something of utter disgust about 90 people looking like they are about to die of exhaustion. The room she was in was dark lit only by a small candle on each wall, the only window was the one she came through which was blocked out, their was blood, guts , brains dead bodies, people completely sweating ranging from ages 6-50 the room smelled of sweet, death and blood.

Not knowing what to do Kara froze and started to panic, even more so after realizing she was now also locked in with the group with no way out since the window she came in had been designed to stop all attempts from getting out but didn't stop people from getting in.

an old woman of the age of 46 who was about to die, asked Kara to save these people giving her information of the building based of what she had worked out in her 30 years of working here, before giving Kara a chance to reply  she started praying and died on the spot which caused Karas emotion to go on fire deciding to help them but not sure how to do so.
[Sits down and starts thinking]

If me posting job overview counts

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Kára Fox

Kára Fox
after 3 hours of thinking, inside the room with the slave trader would show himself to call them for work instantly Kara had taking a sprint pose similar to the start of a sprint race at the Olympic. The door started to open slightly and Kara sprinted forward in order to launch a full strength kick into his face forcing him onto the floor where she would stamp on his skull 3 times killing him.

at this moment their would be a scream from down the hall from what would appear to be the onsite boss, who had just ordered his guards to attack Kara though Kara simply picked up the skull of the warden ripping it of his body cracking it into 3 pieces and would use her foot to shoot them at the guards like guns, killing them all very quickly.

she would continue to walk down the hallway towards the on site bosses room with a scary looking face fulled my anger from what she had saw in the room behind her and was going to enjoy killing him painfully though the boss had decided to kill himself by slitting his own throat knowing the only person who was going show him mercy was himself.  

in the follow moments Kara would slowly come to terms with her anger and vent it out, in a kind of moaning at the boss for killing himself and would continue to free the slaves and telling them to report to the local inn for help.


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