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Mari Whildhelm

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Mari Whildhelm AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Mari Whildhelm
Tier: D
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age/Birthdate: 21 / August 22nd
Nationality: Reim
Race: Human
Specialization: Strength

Mari Whildhelm JudalTab_zpsa330a902
- Mari portrays herself as a loyal and honest individual, a defender of the weak and poor, the halberd that brings down those who misuse their strength and the mentality of a king themselves. Upon encountering new travelers, Mari can be very timid at first but more for the protection of their beliefs other then dark and deathly deeds. After a few encounters or long time traveling, she can become more and more open with herself, friendly and compassionate. Though whether she's open or not, she's not one to hold back her emotions during a brawl, fighting for her friends, civilians or just anyone that needs it.

She's a real team player when it comes to fighting. Likes to use the teams best qualities and specializations, using her team mates to the best of their abilities to safely get through a battle without much disasters. When fighting alone she's at her best, no one else to worry about and therefore she gives it her all to take down her enemies, without thinking much about herself.

She's is proud for her country and what they have accomplished throughout the years of hardship and struggles, she's honored to be one of them. Always astounded by the Fanalis race and their fighting capabilities, though she doesn't like to think much of them for their battle crazed personalities.

- Honor - Description: Those who uphold their honor whether in battle or casually are people Mari looks up to with great respect.

- Sweets - Description: Her favorite type of thing to eat, her stomach always has a hankering for anything sweet, tasty and delicious. She probably likes it so much that she'd leave her friends to do battle while she finishes both her and their share~

- Untruthful Individuals - Description: It churns her stomach to witness that smirk on their face when using others weaknesses to their advantage. Using others against their will, or to use them to do their own handy work.

- Smelly things- Descriptions: Once you see that scrunched expression on her face, you can tell that she doesn't like to be in this anywhere near the stench. Probably would walk in the other direction.

- Amphibians - Description: Gross, slimey, crawly. These are the words that consume her thoughts from just a touch of any amphibian creature. The more the worse the situation and could possibly hinder her battle capabilities. In the past, where a foolish merchant attempting to capture the eyes of the civilians in purchasing from his stall he'd open a large basket filled with different kinds of amphibian animals. Unable to hold it properly the basket would fall upon Mari at a young age, around the age of eleven. Consumed by the feeling of gross and crawling animals, as if they were going to consume her whole, dropping on her knees frozen in fear, wide eyed. Ever since then just standing near those creatures could freeze her up.

- Renown - Description: She wants to be known across the land for her accomplishments, her battles, the positions she's gained and the people who think highly of even her, where she believes she doesn't deserve such treatment. This was born when she first saw the emperor at a young age, as they were taking a stroll. Of course unable to clearly see them because of the crowd, but the crowd. Dozens upon hundreds came to just witness this one person of great magnitude, with sparkles in her eyes, she wanted them to witness her with the same eyes.

Mari Whildhelm ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Fate/Extra Saber
Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Greens
Height: 5'5"
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Traits: N/A
Appearance: Mari is fairly short women for her age and stands at a approximate height of 5"5' with a weight of 110lbs, with with a soft white skin tone that radiates her her curvacious features throughout her different postures. She has quite a slim build, with thin arms, biceps and petite hands, with small shoulder's and a thin neck. With her small waist her curves are more visible around her hips, thighs, and breasts. She has quite plum thighs that are quite soft and squishy and thin tight  legs caused by training her leg muscles, with petite feet. Her build is kept in shape through small and yet elongated exercises that would keep her fit and thin throughout her years within the family, such as fencing and dance. Some would call her an omnipotent candidate for a emotional/physical relationship.

Some would assume from first appearances that she herself was born and raised through a traditional royal family, breed from royal blood. Her charisma gained from her pure blooded family, her gorgeous and prosperously endowed mother through her slim and curvacious figure and her astounding father's lawful and loyal aura through their facial features, though many wouldn't believe the resemblance.

She has rich blonde hair that reaches her shoulders when removing her red bow from her bun, with a slim braid that travels around it. She has bright green eyes, that radiate within the bright sunlight. She's a women so she does have breasts, her size is a C-cup and she's proud of it. She doesn't slouch when she's out an about, nor when she's just sitting around she stands straight with her head held high, when she walks, talks or sits down.

Mari Whildhelm YunanTab_zpsba28a063

The family of Whildhelm, a royal blood line filled with wealthy princes and goddess like princesses, each with specifically chosen mates to keep the blood line pure and prosperous. Owning a large piece of land and heavily invested in merchant caravans, they live in a large castle like structure within the inner most parts of Reim. Having given birth to dozens of children, both Herald and Sophia could only imagine what the sword swinging daughter of theirs would uphold.

Around the age of Twelve, Mari was a law abiding citizen and student learning from a public education building rather then private tutors like her other siblings. She believed that both knowledge and experience would make her the better person. Having gone through many hardships, such as being swindled by trickster or bullied by a group older and stronger students, or even witnessing a dozen of armed men either dashing through the masses of to protect the kingdom, or a dozen men wrecking havoc within. The only thing that she notice that brought peace even for a moment was when the emperor took his rounds, and the towns people would gather around tending to his every need.

At the age of Seventeen she has had more and more yearning for battle, though her family wouldn't approve, only allowing her brothers to take action for their country. Taking action, she's decided that she'd run from the family's home and start an adventure of her own, traveling the distant lands and finding treasure, rather than staying her, getting married and live each day with boredom. Though this was the worst time for such actions.

Having such a prestigious name, they would eventually gain a bounty on their head in effort to steal their riches. A band of thugs, carefully plot themselves closer into the inner circle of the kingdom before thrashing toward their estate. Minimal guards patrol the area as such actions weren't really taken seriously and left them defenseless. One after another her family would become ripped to shreds, her brothers taken down with ease and her sisters taken as slaves toward their cart, even Mari tied and thrown into the back of the cart would watch her home become burned to ash as they strode off into the unknown territory.

A week had past before they came to a stop, with minimal water and food, they were left exhausted and weak. Their resting stop was more then just a halt but a trade. Another group of bandits had just arrived and it seemed as if they were in good tides. Taking a chance, Mari who's hands were bundled in front of her, unsheathed a blade from a near by bandit before cutting him down by the waist screaming in agony as he bled while the others jump from surprised, wielding their blades before her in a stand off.

Lightning would ripple before the cart filled with the rest of her family members would erupt in fire as one of the newly arrived bandits would strike it a blazed. Dropping to her knees, she was left in agony from her lost. One after another her family would be taken down, with her before them only left to watch. The bandits surrounded her in attempt to land the finishing blow before the sound of galloping would enter the fray, followed by the crushing sound of the earth being shattered by the fanalis's feet landed before the bandits. As the group dwindeled in number, Lucian was met face to face with the Emperor only to view him with lifeless eyes.

A week in his care, Mari would slowly return to her former self with the memories of her family a keep sake. Once again meeting the king himself, she decided that she could not stay any longer. With her parents gone, she is able to continue her plan and travel but this time for the name of her family and the rebirth of their lineage.

Role-Play Sample:
Mari watched as the thunderous roars from his cannon fire striking through the front entrance of the tavern. With his unexpected protective personality striking his heart and unleashing his rage into his own attack that was engraved into the cannon balls that flew into one of the gang member's that hung outside. After the smoke began to clear Heero took this chance to head outside and fight off the rest of the gang members. All that could be heard was the sound of explosions, did they have heavy artillery weapons? Or was it something different, something stronger?

After the explosions came to an end, quietness covered the battle ground with Mari lifting herself from the ground with Garfield in hand before a scream of a dragon rumbled the ground beneath their feet. Garfield acted funny though, struggling for freedom, Mari released him onto the ground before he ventured forward toward one of the holes in the walls and shouting outward and with that the thunderous roar suddenly calming down the place went quiet.

"Aurthur, I think you should stay inside and protect your Beer and Beer recipe. We'll try to hold off as many as we can."

Mari said toward Aurthur wiping the sweat from his face releasing the cannon and leaving it within the wooden rubble beneath it. Mari slowly began to walk toward the entrance with a sudden crash coming from a flying barrel that crashed onto the floor and showered Mari with water and soaked her and her clothing, her sudden face turned from worry to annoyance within a quick second and slowly progressed outside. The extremely large man who she assumed Gargas from their explanation of the Gigantic man being the boss of the gang. The large man began to what she assumed was flirting but it was more aggressive and distrusting it actually displeased her to hear that from his voice. He ordered his men to face toward Heero while he handled Mari alone.

"Hmpf.....Heero lets go along with what he says......I want a chance at him....."

She said in a more serious tone not just removing her removable over coat but ripped it from its latches and tossed it toward the ground. She removed her gauntlets from their shackles and placed them upon her hands before cracking each finger one by one. Mari stared into the eyes of the beast as he removed his own weapon from behind him and struck it into the ground creating a crater within the earth. It seemed that was something that Mari was going to have to get rid of before anything else or else she'd be at a huge disadvantage.

"Well? Bring it on hot stuff, you can't be my wife if ya can't hold your own dammit!"

Mari struck her fists together creating small magic crests upon the top of both her hands before small flames appeared upon the top of her fists before erupting into large tempest flames that circled around her forearms before consuming them whole in fire.

"Flaming Torrent - Arms of Ash!"

She knew that his power was greater then her own but that wasn't going to hold her back, but actually lets her know that she can go all out on this guy. Without the fear of going over the top but even then she thinks she should just from the way she speaks to her. Punching her fists together large ball's of flames engulfed her fists completely.

With a flame on the right hand...
and a flame on the left hand...
When you combine the flames together...
Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!

She shouted jumping forward toward Gargas, placing her fists together, she creates a even larger mass of the balls of fire together and along with her recent spell the ball increased a bit in size and power. Launching the brilliant flame onto Gargas's chest he quickly launched his blade toward the ball of fire, as the connected they caused a large explosion that caused Mari to fly backwards into the tavern itself crashing through the front wall, while Gargas being thrown a few feet back before thrusting his blade into the ground to catch himself.

"Darn Bitch!"

He shouted before lifting his blade from the ground and threw it forward into the tavern as well. Spinning through the air toward Mari's position and continues to cut the ground as the sharp end continues to cut into the ground and throwing gravel and dirt into the air.


A voice suddenly appeared from no where that seemed to be coming from above seemed to be getting closer as it made a swan dive directly above Mari's physical position. Her eyes widened at the surprise of her fellow companion Max had arrived without notifying her, but it seemed he wanted to arrive with a large entrance. Mari sat up, watched the blade come toward her before rolling to the side. What looked like a few seconds Mari having her back toward the ceiling, Max dived through the hole she created and grabbed the back of her sweater and tugged her out of the blade's way as it literally cut through the entire tavern and making it to the other side of the tavern before boomeranging around back toward Gargas.

"MAX! You came!"

She shouted flailing her arms in excitement.

"Hmpf.....I only came to make sure you weren't in to much trouble.......though of assumption was correct and your in over your head."

Max began to speak without looking toward Mari's face, seeing as he actually cared about her well being but didn't want to show it.

"Well at least this even's the odds! Lets go after the big guy!"

Mari said toward Max giving him the thumbs up with a flaming hand.

"Aye Sire!"

Max agreed before striking through the window of the tavern and into the skys.

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Don't forget to make a vault and your starting items/abilities~


Thank you all, for everything.

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