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Namir  *Link To Character Image Here*

Namir  AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Namir
Tier: Tier "D"
Gender: Ambiguous (Male)
Sexuality: Asexual
Age + Birthdate: 11 Years of Age, May 18th
Nationality: Wanderer
Race: Fanalis
Specialization: Strength

Namir  JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Personality: Namir's personality is quite straightforward. He's not afraid to say what he wants and ask for it or take it when he wants it. Though he is nice and isn't a bully. He's not afraid to confront others, especially when they're wrong. He doesn't know humility; he only knows how to push forward.

Being the age he is and the given his appearance, he often times is mistaken for being a little girl. He doesn't really mind this, he just looks at the people that think such with brief disdain before shrugging it off. He's a Fanalis and his strength will speak for who and what he is.

Namir has a cat-like nature. His parents named him aptly so, for Namir means Panther or Leopard. He often purrs when in thought or contemplating something. As well as taking a 4 legged seated position much akin to a feline. He's curious like a cat as well, often times finding trouble because he decided to tail an odd acting stranger to his encampment, or peeking through a princess's window. It gets him into a lot of trouble.

Ultimately, as a Fanalis, Namir is strong, courageous, and bold. He's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in, nor will he back down when threatened. He takes everything head-on and keeps pushing forward, thick or thin, do or die!

Finally, being a Fanalis, Namir can have a bit of a hot headed streak. He tends to lose his temper when he sees others being mistreated as though they are lesser beings. He also dislikes when someone tries to push him around just because they are older or bigger than he is. Namir takes no flak from anyone.

Likes: Namir is simple in the things he likes, so much so like the child that he is.

Playing: Being a young Fanalis he like s to play and mess with people especially. Sometimes his pranks or fun can become somewhat rough and end up with someone breaking a few bones or two, but Namir tries to withhold his brute strength as best he can.

Training: Namir, being a Fanalis, daily training comes second nature to him. He doesn't go a day without throwing 2 thousand punches and kicks a day. He also prefers to run everywhere that he travels.

Sweets: Where Namir grew up, he had not known the amazing, tantalizing, mouth watering delicacy that were sweets. When he discovered this secret ambrosia of the world he sought after every type he could get his hands on in the world. When in a new town/city, he often squanders his Huang on said sweets.

Challenges: Namir likes a tough challenge. He believes a person can't get stronger by doing just the bare minimum to get by. They have to take risks to grow and get stronger in this world. Or so his father taught him.

Dislikes: Simply put, there's not much that Namir dislikes, except for the mistreatment of others. He doesn't like to see others looked down upon or treated any different just because of social status. He knows the world is far from being a world of equality, but, he stands up for those mistreated so.

He also dislikes traveling in vehicles such as wagons and carts. He'd rather use his feet. He makes an exception for sea-faring vessels, but still doesn't much like them.

Phobias: Namir has only one fear.

Astraphobia: The fear of Thunder and Lightning. He abhors the sound and it's shape and ferocity as it streaks through the sky brings back bitter memories of when his mother and father were struck down by Madoushi through use of vile lightning magic. So anything that resembles what he saw and heard that day, frightens Namir to his core. It makes him hesitant to act and slightly nervous. He tends to seek shelter immediately during storms to get far away from the elements and noise.

Aspirations: Namir aspires to do one thing, challenge everything that he can in the world until he finds the ultimate challenge of challenges. Little does he know that the ultimate challenge might put him in line to be a King's Candidate. Which would be okay with him, if it's deemed a worthy challenge in his eyes he will achieve his goal at all costs to his physical being. He won't be deterred from completing any challenge he has already set his sights on.

He also aspires to be the strongest Fanalis and most famous at that.

Namir  ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: [To Be Drawn]
Weight: 88.2 lbs / 40 kg
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Bright Red
Height: 4' 6" / 137.2 cm
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh

Special Traits: He has a nub of skin, flesh and cartilage protruding at the end of his tail bone like a little underdeveloped tail. He also displays sharper and more pronounced canines than most and even acts feral in appearance, occasionally thinking deep in thought on all fours or engaging in combat like a pouncing cat. He wears his whip around his waist like it's a tail.

Appearance: Namir has long red flowing hair that flows to the nape of his back, strewn randomly about his hair are braids, 5 in total, hidden in the mess of his loose hair; two of which braids fall in front of each of his ears.

The attribute about Namir that confuses most people is that he appears to be a young girl but could also be mistaken for a boy. His voice doesn't help discern his gender either, as he's young and it is still very high pitched. He has large bright red eyes, youthful long full eyelashes.

Namir has a petite figure and even somewhat of feminine mannerisms. He wears a very loose shirt that flows in the wind but reveals his midriff. His pants are baggy and and start at slightly below the waist and extend to his ankles where they are tied off. His clothes are a simple tan color, the clothes of a peasant. He wears brown wool bound around each wrist with taut string.

Despite wearing the clothes of peasants, he wears a gold necklace that belonged to his mother, it has a large red ruby in it, resonating the fiery, ferocious nature of the Fanalis.

Namir  YunanTab_zpsba28a063
History: Namir was born to his two loving Fanalis parents in some remote far-off village on the coast of the Dark Continent. It was there that they raised him to be a strong, self-sufficient Fanalis. He learned to hunt, sew and even build; the essentials of living, all while hiding as a Fanalis in this village. The location of this village was perfect, so much so that traders rarely visited or any outsiders for that matter.

So as Fanalis, it was the perfect location to raise a family and not worry about craved slave-traders, or those looking to abuse the natural born talents of their race. Ideal a location as it may have been, tragedy was around the corner.

A trader so happened to visit the small village, lost and in need of supplies to continue his journey north. He met with a few villagers, trading in any goods they had. It was that day that he had seen Namir, age 8, walking the streets. The man immediately spotted the boy as a Fanalis; rare and indeed evasive. He knew of many collectors who would pay a handsome price for information on any Fanalis.

So without a fuss, he left the village, stocked with the necessary supplies to continue his journey. It was but weeks later that on a calm summer night, the village was suddenly thrown into chaos, the sounds of explosions and the crackle of lightning reverberated through the soil and air. Fires strewn the small village, debris cluttered the sky as it fell in the disruption of the night.

Three flying figures could be seen; the source of the destruction. They pointed staffs and weird instruments as they unleashed a fury of fire and lightning. One shouted with an enormous voice that was nowhere near human octave levels. "Bring us the Fanalis or this whole village will be left in ruin!!!!", he roared, laughing maniacally as they flew over head, searching, scouring the crowds of mayhem they had caused.

The men seemed to enjoy their evil-doings. But Namir's parents knew things were dire. They did not want to be a burden on the people of the village. Together they nodded at each other. There was only one thing to do.

With quick action, Namir's father tore lose the roof to their small humble abode and with a deft powerful spin he launched the missile of wood and branches at the Madoushi. This served as a distraction while Namir's mother took him behind a nearby house, took him close in her arms and told him to swim and the run North once he landed. The young Fanalis was confused at this before his mother quickly put her necklace around his neck and picked and sent him flying briskly through the air like he weighed nothing. His destination was the shore, nearly a mile away. The last thing Namir's saw in his Midnight flight, was the ominous bolt of lightning strike his father down, followed by the deft cry of thunder, moments later. He hadn't realized the sorrow that had been engraved deeply into his heart. The sacrifice his parents made for him was met with a single tear.

Landing safely in the ocean, Namir found his way to land. Where he proceeded North like he was told, not daring to defy his mothers words. He looked only forward. From here-on he knew he had to forge his own path, and so he wandered for years, growing, experiencing, and maturing.

Role-Play Sample: "Oi oi! Lady!" Namir yelled in a whispering tone as he hung outside the ledge of a tall palace window.

The beautiful adorned lady inside who sat upon her silk dressed bed was startled and yelped loudly before covering her mouth. "Who are you!?" she said, only slightly being taken aback from seeing what looked to be a young red headed girl's head popping up in her window.

"I'm Namir! Nice to make you're acquaintance, what's your name?" Namir said with a smile as he worked his way into the window where he propped himself on the window seal like a cat ready to pounce on her next meal.

"Do you not realize that I am the princess of this province?" the beautiful mistress said with a look of disbelief on her face, "I am Your Highness, Princess Samra' and I do believe you will address me as such and tell me why it is you are outside my window!?" the now disclosed identity, Princess Samra' commanded.

Namir yet again smiled and simply nodded his head. He liked this ladies feisty-ness. Sure it was a difficult climb up here. But something bothered him about when he saw her earlier in the day. She was sad, and her expression looked lost. Namir's next actions were totally unexpected as he pounced from the window in a full open-armed hug. He wrapped around the princess in a warm embrace. Who now, up close he could see had been crying. The woman gasped in exasperation before shedding a few tears. Her mouth tried to move but she could not put her thoughts to words.

Namir comforted her with a few simple words, "I'll be your friend..."

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The only thing you need to edit is the hot-headed aspect for your personality. It's required of the finalis race, so please add a sentence or two that goes over Namir's hot-headedness and what kind of things can trigger that quick temper.


Thank you all, for everything.

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Okay edited in the requested revision as a new paragraph to the end of Namir's personality. Hopefully that do.

Bumpity-Bump! ;)


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Thank you all, for everything.

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