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Updated sheet for Hyperion

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     Reim · Black Spiders
 · Kogata · ??? ·
· Noir · Julius · ??? ·
     Hyperion Tol Baelsar· Eight


     Ex Fanalis · Ex Ooze Overlord · Zombie Lord
     6'2" · 188 cm
     121 lbs · 55 kg


🧟 Posterior Scars · A cluster of scars along his back that looks like a spider web.
🧟 Chest Scars · Various knife-sized wounds, with matching cauterization.
🧟 Leg Scar · Scar around his right thigh, as if to form a stump.
🧟 Rotten Flesh · Skin is discolored, and constantly in the early stages of decay, with a matching odor.


A once Reim-native, then twice reborn and now a Zombie lord. His once tan and muscular body becoming a fragment of what it once was. His tan long-faded, now featuring pallid flesh over an ever emaciated and rotting frame. The sides of his scalp trimmed to form an undercut with short length of polished obsidian hair. Beneath his hair was a crafted porcelain mask. Flawless in his visage for the exception of his petite and sallow lips. Abyssal pools for eyes with no end to their depth but still glimmered with vitality, resting over bags of insomnia.

Hyperion would adorn his shoulders in a mantle, typically made of luxurious leathers, feathers or furs that would wrap around him like an aura. Next to his body is a silk obi that wraps around his frail and gaunt torso from his chest to his waist. Draped over his body is a full length, leather coat that would seemingly melt into the shadow. The coat would come with a matching set of pants of different cuts to match his style, followed with a single tooth geta, as a tribute to his time in Kina.



🧟 Noir · A women he has seen at every turn. Initially, a person that was his opposite, unable to be understood. Eventually, admiring her kindness and intelligence watching actions in the plains, Kina and their communications. However, he felt his bond and interest deepen as she guided him through Ipos.
🧟 Kina · Shogi, Kogata, Fashion. A country he had invaded with his allies to see the most he could gain. However, he felt almost at home within the Kogata. As well as exploring and unifying as many of the clans as he could. Understanding the culture of Kina in the process, finally getting to flex his taste for political strife.
🧟 Politics · Laws, Debating, Ruling. Hyperion was keen, always trying to understand every aspect of everything, and man-made rules held a special place in his heart. How he was able to use them to enforce or circumvent social ettiquette, able to flaunt his understanding of laws and using his savvy of words to put himself in a place to manipulate others. To strengthen the word of the law, he would have to display his obedience whenever possible.
🧟 Domination · Sex, slavery, games. Young Hyperion only understood the receiving end of domination, seeing it as the better option. He had slowly climbed from his servitude to Imhotep, gathering his own slaves under his masters name, and finally escaping and making a name for himself. He sought domination through his various slaves. He has started to seek out that domination in his intimacy.
🧟 Mathematics · Academia, Application, Accounting. Naturally gifted but only recently beginning a self-taught study of the fields. He found the applications and natural order of the world could be quantified. It seemed that there was a certain trait shared; the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake.
🧟 Artistry · Stories, Paintings, Sculptures, Music, Jewelry, Theater. Always having an interest in all types of creative pursuits. Growing a small collection and taking inspiration from all types and styles of effort.


🧟 Fanalis · Parents, Fanalis Corp, Dalia. Once a Fanalis himself, now being a Zombie Lord, he has found it easier to hate Fanalis. He has not found a single one he likes. Blaming his parents for his fate as a slave, blaming the Fanalis Corp for putting his family in that situation. Then his betrayal and disrespect from Fanalis won't be soon forgotten.
🧟 Reim · Colosseum, The Corps, the goverment. A home to many traumatic memories. The Colosseum, a home where he had been neglected for some time only to be throne into a worse situation. Then not being saved by the heroes of the country. The way the country was handled, not offering more support... pretty much every step of the way, Reim has failed him.
🧟 Rukh · Fate. How could he accept the destiny brought to him? Surely it was not meant for anyone to suffer as he had or worse. He will make sure no one will believe in fate anymore to break the cycle of Rukh.



🧟 Destruction · Eight wants all the money in the world. Some people say gold can't buy you happiness, but you can buy that and more as long as you're creative. Everything in life requires wealth.
🧟 Torment · Eight wants to spread slavery across the world, making it the global standard. Feeling that he has benefited from the institution, perhaps with some changes. To him it was better than imprisonment.
🧟 Understanding · Being unable to trust anyone thanks to his pessimism and traumatic past of lies, pain and deceit, Eight is trying to find someone he can trust for the first time, perhaps experience what his parents. Experienced.


🧟 Sadistic · Hyperion has a tendency to hurt people maliciously for his own pleasure and satisfaction. He will go out of his way to spend time torturing someone, permanently disfiguring someone, or even sacrificing a victory for someones pain. He is likely to choose to cause someone elses pain instead receiving a reward.
🧟 Suicidal · Hyperion has slowly lost the sensation and fear of death. Especially without the pain and suffering he had grown with, he began utilizing self harm in a weak attempt to bring something familiar that he could understand. His self-harm has been a sort of coping mechanism for the emotionally-stunted slaver.
🧟 PTSD · When being forced to remember his time as a slavery outside of his personal self-harm, he suffers even more, able to even feel phantom pain that he normally wouldn't. Reliving his past has been the worst pain and can leave him paralyzed.


Hyperion is self-assured in his identity and ability. However, when it comes to judging others, he assumes the worsts because that is how he would act under the circumstances, and believing the worst in others, filled with doubt.

Hardworking and honest in every public situation, unless something is at stake or a goal is within his grasp. Hyperion has a knack for waiting until the veey last moment. When it's for his survival or something he truly desires, he will do whatever it takes.

Regardless of the situation, Hyperion always has a plan, always observing, always seeking a sliver of an advantage. Unable to trust peoples words or even their actions. As he carefully plans and protects himself, he puts on the facade of a daredevil, making use of his plans and his imortality.

Hyperion goes out of his way to respect everyone he meets. Making them feel like important individuals, but only to establish rapport, for the sake of turning them into his pawns to be used at a future date. But when he is alone, not that he considers slaves people, his default is to be cold, quiet and ruthless.

This slaver is a bit kore eccentric and sticks out whereever he goes. Whether it be his mannerisms, his attire or his course of actions from his plans, he always seems to keep other people guessing. Except for one thing, when it comes to followijg the laws, that's one of the few dependable things. Then there is also one more exception, Noir. All of his fake behaviors seem to feel honest when he's around her, something he doesn't understand.


      Named Hyperion, Eight was born to two Fanalis Corp members. They were initially slaves who had grown up to become prominent fighters in the Colosseum. Eventually sold to Reim and subsequently freed. His father, Uranus, and his mother, Gaia, names they decided to assimilate into Reim. However, there were still some lingering side effects. His father was traumatized completely and suffered from PTSD, being forced to gruesomely kill other slaves as a warning, having to kill his brother who let him do it. His mother was frequently poisoned and became a substance abuser, and it affected her mind.

      Eventually during a sortie of the Fanalis Corp, an expert slaver managed to capture the father. Then as Eight's mother went to rescue him, she was also captured and they vanished off the face of the planet. They became property of Imhotep, but because of their enormous strength the parents weren't allowed any tasks, they were just imprisoned in cells, to some, a fate worse than slavery. Imohtep had bred a Fanalis from them to have a fresh start to be able to train a legendary Fanalis from scratch.

     Imhotep had planned to make Hyperion work for him from the start, naming him Eight because he would be the eighth slaver to work under him. From years of every kind of abuse imaginable, and just enough kindness and respect, Eight had become one of his most prominent slavers, treating other slaves just as he was treated. Eventually, Eight was shown his parents and would be responsible for them.

     Seeing his parents as slaves broke him, Eight struggled with his emotions and his identity. But he had to learn more, learning about Reim and his real name. However, still not quite up to par, Imhotep had sent Eight on a mission to Imuchakk to capture some. However, without dealing with the issue, Eight had decided to simply not return, he's still a slave at heart, but it's something he simply ignores.

    In the black markets of Reim, he had met some alchemists that were offering him power at no cost. They just wished to experiment. However, the broken Eight was willing to do anything, not even caring if it was all a lie and just a way to kill him for experiments. Hyperion became an Ooze Overlord, as it was described, the chaotic potential of his emotions, and his ability to keep it all under control despite all that had happened in his life.


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