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Updated Character Sheet

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     Reim · Black Spiders
 · Kogata · ??? ·
     Jinx · Dalia 
· Noir · Julius · ??? ·
     Hyperion Tol Baelsar· Eight


     Ex-Fanalis · Ooze Overlord
     6'0" · 183 cm
     120 lbs · 90 kg

🕷Posterior Scar · A cluster of scars along his back that looks like a spider web.
🕷Facial Scar · A pair of cuts from his jaw, half way to his nose. There are stitching scars around them.


Eight is well-groomed middle-aged man with a fair-complexion, dark hair and glowing orange eyes. The sides of his eggplant-colored hair were tapered, with an excess of length draped back on top, usually kept in place with some product. He had a well-established jawline, accentuated with scars, and occasionally facial hair. His eyes were amber in color, but underscored with discolored bags.

Eight kept a variety of garments for occasions. A few formal-wear tops, a few poverty-level tops, and a little in between. His bottom wear selection was a bit simpler, lots of neutral colors in few patterns and materials. Eight also had wooden and leather footwear of different styles and value. But he had a vast variety of accessories, metal, leather, feathers, and more than you could imagine, a collection of the unique and interesting.



🕷Lyres · Passion for the instrument, able to craft and play them.
🕷Mackerel · Fresh Mackerel caught by the fishermen from the Reiman Markets.
🕷Herakles · Eight's favorite play, the great labors each equally amazing.


🕷Heatwaves · Prolonged, sweltering heat was bad before, but as an Ooze Overlord, it agonizes him.
🕷Colosseum · His dislike for the Colosseum doesn't come from for the sport, but repressed past trauma.
🕷Mosquitoes · Bloodsuckers that he could never quite find a use for, something to quickly be rid of.



🕷Wealth · Eight wants all the money in the world. Some people say gold can't buy you happiness, but you can buy that and more as long as you're creative. Everything in life requires wealth.
🕷Slavery · Eight wants to spread slavery across the world, making it the global standard. Feeling that he has benefited from the institution, perhaps with some changes. To him it was better than imprisonment.
🕷Romance · Being unable to trust anyone thanks to his pessimism and traumatic past of lies, pain and deceit, Eight is trying to find someone he can trust for the first time, perhaps experience what his parents did.


🕷Mnemophobia · Even simple dreams or random places and things can become living nightmares for Eight. Recalling a traumatic event gives him a taste of PTSD, making him nigh unpredictable.
🕷Substance Abuse · Eight's mother was a heavy substance abuser growing up and once she was captured again, even during his birth. Eight craves most substances, some might even say needs.
🕷Major Depressive Disorder · While not quite remembering everything that happened to him. Eight has an inner melancholy whose source is a mystery to him. He deals with it, to varying degrees of success. 


     In Eight's mind, he's full of doubt, insecurity and paranoia. The slaver is unsure if imposing slavery across the seas will benefit the world, unsure if people should really have to suffer like he did to become their best selves, unsure if he would still be who he is today without slavery. Unable to trust anyone whether they be normal, greedy people, good people who don't agree with his values, evil who are callous and heartless or his slaves at his beck and call.

      Eight remains open to the world, friendly and caring. He loves to communicate with people, physically, emotionally and more. Usually willing to give people a little leeway in their actions and words before dismissing them. Eight has grown increasingly creative, expressing himself in new ways. Allowing him to think outside the box, it shows in the way he dresses, plays music, his drawings and in the way he battles and socializes.

     Unfortunately, a big source of problems for Eight is his amorality, more like his own personal sense of morality, which is hard for many too digest. Also his intoxication might make him rash and spontaneous, landing him into some serious problems. However, when he's sober, Eight has the composure of a king.


      Named Hyperion, Eight was born to two Fanalis Corp members. They were initially slaves who had grown up to become prominent fighters in the Colosseum. Eventually sold to Reim and subsequently freed. His father, Uranus, and his mother, Gaia, names they decided to assimilate into Reim. However, there were still some lingering side effects. His father was traumatized completely and suffered from PTSD, being forced to gruesomely kill other slaves as a warning, having to kill his brother who let him do it. His mother was frequently poisoned and became a substance abuser, and it affected her mind.

      Eventually during a sortie of the Fanalis Corp, an expert slaver managed to capture the father. Then as Eight's mother went to rescue him, she was also captured and they vanished off the face of the planet. They became property of Imhotep, but because of their enormous strength the parents weren't allowed any tasks, they were just imprisoned in cells, to some, a fate worse than slavery. Imohtep had bred a Fanalis from them to have a fresh start to be able to train a legendary Fanalis from scratch. 

     Imhotep had planned to make Hyperion work for him from the start, naming him Eight because he would be the eighth slaver to work under him. From years of every kind of abuse imaginable, and just enough kindness and respect, Eight had become one of his most prominent slavers, treating other slaves just as he was treated. Eventually, Eight was shown his parents and would be responsible for them. 

     Seeing his parents as slaves broke him, Eight struggled with his emotions and his identity. But he had to learn more, learning about Reim and his real name. However, still not quite up to par, Imhotep had sent Eight on a mission to Imuchakk to capture some. However, without dealing with the issue, Eight had decided to simply not return, he's still a slave at heart, but it's something he simply ignores. 

    In the black markets of Reim, he had met some alchemists that were offering him power at no cost, simply wishing to document the experiment. However, the broken Eight was willing to do anything, not even caring if it was all a lie and just a way to kill him for organs. However, Hyperion became an Ooze Overlord, a sign of the chaotic potential of his emotions and his ability to keep it all under control despite all that had happened in his life. With a warped outlook on life, he continues on.


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